Suave Daily Exfoliating Body Wash: Clean More, Spend Less

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At $3, Suave Daily Exfoliating Body Wash is cheap, but it’s not cheap in a polyester pants kinda way. It’s the other kind of cheap, the good cheap. You get three products rolled into one gigantic 12-ounce bottle — an exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing beast!


I like gentle exfoliating products, not products that feel like sand paper against my skin, and Daily Exfoliating Body Wash’s teeny bits of crushed apricot seed buff away dirt and excess skin without being abrasive. Matter of fact, it’s so non-abrasive that I can use it on delicate body parts like the pits and the girls.

It lathers into a soft, cushy foam that smells like a coconut and pineapple pina colada. Not only do I think it smells great, but it cleans like the dickens, removing every ounce of dirt, sweat and crusty sunblock.

After rinsing, my skin feels soft and clean but not quite as soft as it feels after using MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Not a problem considering the cost differential between the two products. On an ounce-per-ounce basis, MAC’s exfoliator costs almost 20 times as much, WOWZA!

I may never fully rid myself of these impure thoughts about C. Bale, but at least I can get my dirty birdy bod clean for three bucks.

I almost want to get filthy just so I can wash with this and think about all the money I’m saving by using it.


Suave Daily Exfoliating Body Wash

Price: $3 for a huge 12-oz. bottle
Use: A budget exfoliator and body wash
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A

Look for Suave Daily Exfoliating Body Wash at your favorite drugstore.


I’m in hunter mode now … on the prowl for budget beauty finds. Here are some pretty good ones: Beauty Addict loves Secret Platinum Scent Expressions in Kuku Coco Butter antiperspirant. Bella Sugar shows how to make a cheap, DIY lip exfoliator with ingredients from your kitchen. Tia of Shake Your Beauty digs Kiss My Face Sunswat Waterproof Sunscreen and Natural Insect Repellant.

How’s Wednesday treatin’ ya so far? I woke up this morning feeling very Need. Coffee. Now. because I stayed up late watching Apocalypto on cable. It wasn’t, um, the most relaxing of films.

Today I have a ton of reading to do, but at some point I’d like to hit Walgreens to refresh my supply of moleskin. What’s on your plate today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Tiffany says:

    OMG, you had me at pina colada. I must get this! I hope I can find it at target!

    My Wednesday has been boring and work-filled. But we are going to grill out tonight for dinner, so at least I have yummy food to look forward to!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Oh yah, I think I’ve seen it at House of Tar-Ghay before. 🙂 While you are there you can oogle all of the fab Sonia Kashuk brushes. LOL, at least that’s what I do.

    SWEET! What are ya’ll cooking? I hope grilled corn is up in the mix…

  3. Glosslizard says:

    I love exfoliating washes, my favorite is a coconut one by Sephora that’s now discontinued (boo)! This one sounds great, but lately I’ve been going anti-plastic (trying to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable plastics I pass into the environment) and I recently read (so sorry, I don’t remember which blog 🙁 ) that Olay ribbons exfoliating wash exfoliates with tiny plastic beads which then wash right down the drain and into the world at large! I had no clue! If all the scrubbies in this one are apricot seeds then it’s great, but it does list acrylates copolymer as the 6th ingredient… it sounds like plastic to me, but I couldn’t say for certain that it’s in the form of exfoliating beads…

    I hope this isn’t over-political, I just feel like it’s an important enough issue that everyone should know so they can make their own informed decisions! Thanks! 🙂

  4. Brittany says:

    Suave products have been surprising me a lot lately. I recently bought the Humectant (sp?) shampoo and conditioner from Suave and it was awesome. It smelled like coconut and it made my hair so soft and shiny. It was like waaay beyond the Suave like Green Apple shampoo and conditioner sets I remember from junior high :P. I’ll definitely have to check out this body wash, I love coconut everything.

    Right now, I’m taking a break from writing a philosophy paper. Hopefully I’ll finish that today. Then I’m going out to dinner with my fiance tonight 🙂

  5. Glosslizard says:


    Olay lists Oxidized Polyethylene as the ingredient in question, so the Suave one may be plastic bead free.

    In case you’re interested, the link to the original blog where I found the info is:

  6. Karen says:

    Thanks for the info, Glosslizard!

  7. Tiffany says:

    lol, now I’ll also add the shampoo and condish that Brittany mentioned to my target shopping list, as I am also obsessed with anything coconut!

    ooh, grilled corn does sounds good, I may have to do that one day soon! tonight is grilled chicken and zucchini!

  8. Dao says:

    My roommate uses this body wash. She used to buy Dove exfoliating wash but switched to Suave to save herself some cash. This thing actually works better than Dove and smells better too! Thanks Karen for mentioning it.

    Also, Makeup and beauty blog is almost NSFW anymore. Girl, next time please give us all a warning before putting a nekkid and glistening C. Bale in all his glory up here 😀

    I’m sick as a puppy and at home today. On top of that I’m hungry! Boo to hump day!

    Daos last blog post..7 Days and 7 Nights of Mineral Makeup: Everyday Minerals

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Brittany,

    Me too. I like that they have some good products at a very affordable price. I have some conditioner from them that I use as a shampoo… I think it’s the coconut one. It smells really good!

    Good luck on your paper. Remember those transitions (that was my eternal issue back in the day, LOL). Are you a philosophy major?

    Have fun at dinner tonight!

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Tiffany,

    Yum, that sounds good. Did you do a marinade?

    I don’t have a grill right now, but I use a Calphalon grill pan on the stove. It’s not nearly satisfying as an outdoor one but it gets the job when I’m desperate for some BBQ!

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    I hope you aren’t feeling too bad. Get some good rest and drink lots of water, etc. etc.

    Oh, and it’s clinically proven that half nekkid pictures of Christian Bale had an instant healing effect on. LOL, okay, maybe not….

  12. jeannie says:

    I’m TOTALLY going to have to try this! Thanks so much for finding such a great deal!

  13. lindsay says:

    ooh, i think i’m gonna try this! i went to ala moana yesterday, and you know how those people that work in the little kiosks always ask you to try stuff..well i was really apprehensive when this guy asked my boyfriend and me to try their product, but we did anyway. well it was this dead sea salt scrub in a lavender vanilla scent (the other scent was called tropical i think, but i’m not too sure) so you put it on your hands like lotion then you wash it off and my hands were SO SOFT, i was so surprised! i usually don’t buy things from those kiosks cause it seems like a scam to me, but this scrub is fantastic!

    but anyway, here’s the link:

  14. Marisol says:

    You seriously need to stop posting pictures of my man on your blog.

    If you are looking for beauty finds, have you used Milani Luminous Blush? It is supposed to be just like Nars Orgasm but better price. I think it is under $5. I actually like it better than Nars.

    Marisols last blog post..Weekend update

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Jeannie,

    You’re welcome. I hope you like it. 🙂

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    I think I actually passed by that kiosk when I was there! How did the salt feel? Was it scratchy?

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    LOL! He needs to stop sending me pictures of himself. That perv…

    Ahhh, so I’ve been dying to try Milani but can’t seem to find it in my usual haunts. I’ve heard the shadows are really fabulous.

  18. Marisol says:

    I have found it at Target or Walgreens. If you really want to try it, I can send you one from the Target by my house. Let me know!

  19. Lucky says:

    I liked the idea of Dove Cream Oil Body wash, but I found a cheaper version in Softsoap, believe it or not. Does Suave have the same type of moisturizing effect?

    Luckys last blog post..Forthcoming!

  20. KK says:

    You ROCK!! thank you so much for keeping my wallet in check!

    Toootallyyy off the subject but I was reading on Kim Kardashians blog about her softer make up look she is trying..I thought you may want to check it out! I have always loved her make up!

    Have a great Thursday sweets! 😉

  21. lindsay says:

    It was okay, not that bad, but not something you would want to use everyday. the texture is worth it though because my hands were SO SOFT after!

  22. Rowena says:

    Karen!!!! that picture of Bale….oh my godddddddddd

  23. Karen says:

    Hi KK,

    Thanks for the link. I *love* Kim’s makeup (although I’d like to see her in something else besides a smokey eye and nude lip) so I will check it out.

    You have a great Thursday, too!

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    That’s so sweet of you! 🙂 No worries, I will do some digging when hit up those stores. I’m probably going to go into the city this weekend so I will go to my fave Walgreens out in the Richmond (uh, yes, I have a favorite Walgreens!).

  25. Karen says:

    Hi Lucky,

    It’s moisturizing, but it’s light. If you have super dry skin you’ll need something afterwards.

    Ha! I’ve been tempted to try Softsoap!

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Lindsay,

    Yeah, I hear ya. Sometimes those exfoliators — especially the salt ones — can be rough. I use those on my elbows and feet, but that’s about it.

  27. Karen says:

    Hi Rowena,

    RIGHT? It’s dirrrrty, but in a good way.

  28. KK says:

    How funny that you said that…because thats just what it is!!


  29. Glosslizard says:

    Ooh, I have to know which is your favorite Walgreens! 😉

  30. Karen says:

    Hi KK,

    I just checked it out and I really like it. The lashes are a bit OTT for daytime but I dig it. In fact, I ended up doing a similar look today for the SJP interview.

    How was your day?

  31. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    Oh, it’s nothing fancy. It’s just the one a few blocks from the Ocean Beach on Geary. I like it more for nostalgic reasons. I used to live in the neighborhood and would go there all the time on the way to the beach.

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