Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner Is a Surfer’s Delight

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I love surfing and like to think of myself as a water baby…but I’ve never actually done anything really cool on a surfboard. I’ve never ridden a tube or hanged (hung?) ten, and terms like “double overhead” (a wave twice as tall as the surfer riding it) fill me with far more fear than excitement.


For me, a good surf day involves simply standing up on my board (sometimes in the water) and, if I’m lucky, not colliding with anything or falling too ungracefully into the waves.

Great surf days include all of the aforementioned aspects of good surf days but happen only when I’m able to paddle out without getting my hair wet. As you can probably imagine, those days are few and far between.

I used to surf up here in the Bay Area, but not anymore (never got used to the cold). Now I wait for trips to warmer waters, like the one I hope to take this summer. This time, thanks to Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner ($22 each; available in eight colors), when I fall off my board, all arms, ankles and elbows, at least my eye makeup will look cute. 🙂

With eight bright, shimmery colors, the new line of waterproof, long-wearing liquid liners is just in time for surf days and lounging by the pool.

They’re a breeze to apply. Just shake the tube, open, and swipe. I usually do a single layer along my upper lash lines applied with the sponge-tip applicator, which works well for medium and thick lines, but not for super skinny ones. The product dries in about a minute to a high-shine finish.

Remember the MAC Superslick Liquid Eye Liners from Fabulous Felines (MEOW!)? These are a lot like those.

The eight new shades will join the Stila permanent line…

  • Sequins — a shimmery black
  • Curacao — a shimmery blue
  • Flash — a shimmery green
  • Rock Candy — a shimmery brown
  • Starry — a shimmery gunmetal gray
  • Bora Bora — a shimmery teal
  • Electric — a shimmery green
  • Royal — a shimmery purple

These bright, intensely pigmented liners are like awards shows (they last a very long time). Yesterday morning, I swatched a few on the back of my hand for testing, and even after hella hand washes and a shower, the swatches survived. I finally took care of them with makeup remover.

From left: Rock Candy, Royal, Bora Bora and Sequins

Swatches from left: Sequins, Rock Candy, Royal and Bora Bora

As for the price, how does that song go, “You can’t always get what you want?” I wish Stila would knock about $4 off the price and bring them down to $18, but as the song goes…

PRICE: $22 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Sephora and also online
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A- (they’re a little too expensive)

Quite possibly the raddest chair ever!

We’ve been living here in our condo for a little over a year now, and yet we still have one entirely empty room (the dining room). I know, I know. I’m just not a decorator. I think the only furniture we’ve gotten in that time has been for Tabs. 🙂

In the Open Thread a couple weeks ago, when I asked for Bay Area furniture store recommendations, you suggested Pier 1, which I’d totally forgotten about. I stopped by last night and found this awesome outdoor chair.


It’s called the Outdoor Swingasan — a huge, hanging basket (like a big cradle for adults) with a stand. Sitting in it, my feet don’t touch the ground. It even has built-in nooks on the arm rests for beverages and magazines. COOL!

I spent so much time chillin’ in it that I caught the sales associates giving me the sneaky eye. “What the heck is that girl doing over there?” Haha!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jessi says:

    I love MAC’s SuperSlick eyeliners but always wish they came in more colors. I would die if Stila sold these at MAC prices! But at $22 I don’t think I will use them often enough to make it worth it and I have enough eye liners as it is. Sigh.

    That chair is looks awesome! But i know my dogs would chew it up if I were to actually buy it. Do you ever go to World Market? It’s pretty similar to Pier 1 but i think I like it better.
    Jessi recently posted … MACs Fashion Flower Collection- Ever Hip lipstick

  2. Vijaya says:

    You look great in glasses!
    Vijaya recently posted … Inglot Polish 138

  3. Chris25 says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. I have to own these!

  4. Tavi says:

    Those colors are so vibrant!

  5. i find most eyeliners with sparkle/shimmer in them apply thinly but these look like you could get a good amount of product on the eyelid! sequins and bora bora are my favourites 🙂
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … The Body Shop &amp Philosophy Have Made My April Showers Delightful!

  6. Liz says:

    Whoa, these look so cool! I love the colors so much, but also wish they were a few dollars cheaper, but also sort of don’t care. Haha.
    Liz recently posted … OPI- Teenage Dream over Essie- Need A Vacation

  7. Kimberly says:

    Oh! I didn’t know you were local! I’m signed up to take surfing classes in Pacifica soon! It’s going to be soooooo collllld.

  8. Jessica says:

    A) LOVE the brown one! B) love the glasses on you. Cute! ^_^

  9. Beatrice says:

    Holy guacamole those look super pigmented! (the blue one is stealing my heart but I have to agree, $22 seems a bit like high way robbery)
    Beatrice recently posted … Jessie J Inspired Makeup Tutorial- Making The World Dance!

  10. Amista says:

    OOOhhh i love Royal! And that chair looks freakin awesome!
    Amista recently posted … Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in Peach Petal

  11. Nina says:

    i would like that chair in our deck asap, plz. kthxbai! 😀

    lovely chair and lovely eyeliners!

  12. Crystal says:

    oh wow, i want all of these!
    Crystal recently posted … Mac Fashion Flower Swatches

  13. Elisabeth says:

    Love Bora Bora! If I get the job I want next week, that’s what I’m buying myself to celebrate.

  14. Andrea says:

    pretty like the black one

  15. Jeni says:

    OMG I have to have these eyeliners!!! And I had that chair when I was a kid, except it was a lighter color and it hung from a beam on our deck, instead of having its own stand. You should get it!!
    Jeni recently posted … DHC Deep Cleansing Oil Review

  16. nidhi says:

    OMG all the colours are looking so gorgeous
    nidhi recently posted … Flower Season look 2

  17. Madelon says:

    Rock Candy is lovely <3
    Madelon recently posted … Review- Mac Paint Pot Soft Ochre

  18. Amelda says:

    Ooh….these liners look amazing! *drools*

    Very happy to hear they are long wearing! The MAC Superslick Liners unfortunately didn’t last on me too well.

  19. Charisse says:

    wow these look fantastic! 🙂 the chair looks pretty shnazzy as well!

  20. luv2smilexo says:

    those are tdf!! I might have to grab the brown and blue for summer 🙂
    luv2smilexo recently posted … Le Metier de Beaute Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick and Dualistic Lipliner

  21. auroragyps says:

    Pier 1 used to have an all white wicker papasan chair (which I’ve wanted one of for a long time, for a comfy reading/cat snuggling chair) that I so wanted for my apt., but I don’t know where I’d fit it. They don’t have the white anymore, but I’d be willing to spray paint a brown one if I had someplace to put it.

  22. Issa says:

    the colors are great! love it!

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