Sometimes, Swipe-and-Go MAC Mineralize Concealer Is the Way to Go for Me

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Even when I’m just running a quick errand out to Target for dish soap or to Petco for takeout (Tabs usually orders the Fancy Feast Tuna or Turkey in gravy), I always try to remember to apply at least a smidgen of concealer before I leave the house.


Because you just never know… That friendly person in line at the Starbucks might hold the keys to your dream job; you might even cross paths with that dumb@ss turd-monkey who broke your heart in high school (FYI: you were always way too cute for him).

Because “you never know” is a mantra of mine, I like to keep a couple of different swipe-and-go concealers close. Lately, one of them has been MAC’s new liquid Mineralize Concealer ($19).

It’s perfect whenever I don’t have a lot of time to deal with brushes and buffing, like when I’m in a rush to make it to yoga class or to Starbucks for emergency tea/coffee — basically, times when all I really need/want is a little makeup to take the edge off, so to speak.

And MAC Mineralize is like concealer stretchy pants, and by that I mean it’s comfy. 🙂 It might not last as long, look as formal, or provide as much coverage as MAC Pro Longwear, so it’s not something I wear often to take pics, but I think it’s comfortable, lightweight and brightening, and there are times when those really hit the spot.

If you like MAC Select Moisturecover, that might be another reason to give Mineralize a try. I find them both to have similar formulas — moisturizing, with semi-opaque coverage — but Mineralize seems a tad more concentrated and pigmented to me. Because of that I think it offers a little more coverage and seems to latch on to my skin a bit better.

Just as another point of difference, Mineralize has a brush tip applicator, versus the doe foot that comes with Select Moisturecover.

A few other observations about MAC Mineralize Concealer…

  • I like that it steers clear of my fine lines and doesn’t stand out or appear heavy on my skin
  • I find that I have reapply about halfway through the day, but a little does goes a long way, so this particular tube should last me a few months (more or less)
  • Available in the following 15 shades: NW15, NW20, NW25, NW30, NW35, NW40, NW45, NW50, NC15, NC20, NC30, NC35, NC42, NC45 and NC5

MAC Mineralize Concealer swatches from the elft: NC20, NW25, NC35 and NC42

Yesterday, after I finished organizing my feline overlord’s ribbons, I quickly applied MAC Mineralize Concealer before heading to Off the Grid, that food truck jamboree I’ve mentioned once or twice.

It was already late in the day (and I was starved), so I just wanted a very casual, low-key weekend look.

First, I swept and blended a small amount of Mineralize Concealer in NW25 beneath my eyes to cover my dark circles. Then, I patted a small amount of MAC Studio Sculpt in NC42 to cover a few blemishes on my chin, lightly dusted Tarte Pressed Powder on my forehead, nose and chin to cut down on the shine and swirled MAC Pearlmatte Powder in Flower Fantasy on my cheeks.

For the finishing touches, which only took another minute or two, I filled in my brows, curled my lashes, added a couple of coats of mascara and applied a lip balm.

That’s it. Less than 10 total minutes and I was out the door! 🙂

PRICE: $19
AVAILABILITY: Available now online and coming February 16 to North American MAC counters and stores (internationally some time this month)

And speaking of food trucks…

Behold! ‘Tis Off the Grid.

Here are some of the yummies El Hub and I had yesterday.

El Hub called this a delicious take on Korean bbq — that’s pureed kimchi in there with barbecue beef on a toasted rice bun


I had a vegetarian version of pancit, a Filipino noodle dish…

…And a couple of samosas, a deep fried snack filled with potatoes and veggies from India

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. CrystalCandy says:

    Woah! NC20 looks darker and pinkier than NW25!!

  2. Ariel says:

    These look so nice! I really want to try it!

  3. Caroline says:

    I need to try this new concealer. L

    • Caroline says:

      Oops! Sent message too soon! I love Off the Grid! There are some great trucks. I haven’t been to the Friday one, only the Thursday one because it’s close to my work.

  4. tiffany says:

    yummy! I love cute food trucks!

  5. Ruchita says:

    Thanks for the review! It’s nice to have a concealer handy for quick application.

    Mmm, samosas. I remember when I was young my mom used to make them at home. They were time consuming, but so yummy! 🙂

  6. That food looks sooooo good.
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … Project Swatch #23: Silver Eyeshadow Swatches, Comparison

  7. Heidi says:

    Yum, samosas!

    This concealer sounds like it might work well for me. I appreciate the “steers clear of fine lines” aspect.

    • Karen says:

      You gotta visit Off the Grid one of these days. SO many yummy vegetarian dishes to try!

      So, has Diva Miss Thang (aka Missy) been acting out? Tabs is beyond crazy because of the rain.

      • Heidi says:

        Diva Miss Thang is definitely acting out, but it has more to do with the fact that she’s been feeling neglected since I’m spending so much time and energy looking after my sick Mom and not enough time catering to Miss Thang’s every whim.

        • Karen says:

          I wish mom would listen to you and go to the doctor, already. 🙁 Parents can be so stubborn sometimes. I know mine never heed a word I say…

          • Heidi says:

            Being an only child looking after an elderly, frail parent is definitely a challenge some days. I emailed her doctor (I have consent to communicate with him on her medical issues since she’s hearing impaired), and he agrees with my diagnosis that it’s a very bad sinus infection. So, I’ll be picking that up for her tomorrow and hopefully she’ll start to feel better.

            Ooh, Missy’s whining and pacing. I’d best go give her some cuddle time before I go to bed!

  8. Jenn Staz says:

    I’d be interested to give this a shot. I am having a hard time finding an under eye concealer that doesn’t make my crepe-y (sp?) skin look worse.
    Jenn Staz recently posted … NOTW: China Glaze Spontaneous

  9. Dee says:

    Are those Curry Up Now samosas I spy? They’re the best! 😀

  10. Chryztyners says:

    i’m happy to see there’s Filipino foodtruck. food trip!

    • Karen says:

      It’s one of two! The other one that I wanted to try, Senior Sisig, wasn’t there (hopefully next week).

      The pancit itself was pretty good, although I prefer my mom’s! Mom’s pancit is always the best. 🙂

  11. Jennifer S says:

    Its like you’re a mind reader! i just ran out of concealer 😀
    btw karen……
    MAC Mineralize Concealer swatches from the elft: NC20, NW25, NC35 and NC42
    can you catch the error? 🙂 it made me giggle… I thought ” theres a collection called elft?” lol

  12. FOOD TRUCKS (sorry I’m so distracted from the concealers lol)!!! What you had looks absolutely amazing! I do miss being able to get food from everywhere so easily in the US. Here it’s not big (hopefully yet)!

    And a concealer that doesn’t settle into lines? We’re on! Heck, some stuff gives me lines that I never ever knew existed!
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … Vote for Sunny!

  13. The food trucks look SO yum! I really do miss being able to get food from all over the world so easily in the US. It’s not that big here (hopefully yet)!

    An undereye concealer that doesn’t sink into fine lines? We’re on! Heck, lots of stuff sinks into lines that I didn’t even know I have when it comes to this!
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … Vote for Sunny!

  14. Nikoleta says:

    Love MAC’s concealers! especially i use them on problematic skin as they cover very well.

  15. Nina says:

    <3 foodtrucks! 🙂

    im curious about this concealer … must finish up my prolongwear stat!

  16. Katrina says:

    Aaah, this concealer probably wouldn’t do much for me sadly. But I could give it a try!

    Yummy your pictures make me hungry! Funny fact, my husband’s aunt and uncle use to have a simosa cart in San Francisco a long time ago! She makes the best simosas!

  17. Kim says:

    That looks like food truck heaven! We have nothing like that here, of course, but I guess that’s good since I’d probably be hitting them on a daily basis! 🙂

  18. Cj says:

    Will the top/applicator from the moisturecover fit on the mineralize concealer? I heard the mineralize one is rubber and collects dirt like no ones business.

  19. Stèphanie says:

    I need a new concealer, just one that covers my dark circles but doesn’t look cakey.
    Stèphanie recently posted … Tutorial: Drag Marble Hearts for Valentines Day!

  20. Larie says:

    I’ve been interested in these – I think I might give them a try.

    And the food looks amazing!!! I want that burger/sandwich thing. Now.
    Larie recently posted … Snapshot: Valentine’s Edition

  21. Wenz says:

    Doesn’t settle into fine lines! Defo worth a try!
    I finished my moisture cover before I became a prolongwear convert. But this might be good on those lighter days. Two things- How do you like the applicator? and how did you find the staying power? Thanks Karen!

    P.S. <3 food trucks!

  22. Celia says:

    I love Hapa SF! And Seoul on Wheels has the awesome kim chee fried rice. So ono!

  23. Nika says:


    Thanks for the review by the way, very helpful! 🙂

  24. corallista says:

    The concealer sounds fantastic but by the time I came to the end of the post, all I could think of was the delicious food!
    corallista recently posted … Top 10 favorite products of the week 33 and favorite look

  25. Bellegloss says:

    This is really great conceler if you have dry skin, I just recently switched to this from the Prolong Wear because it had drying qualities.

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