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For the new In Bloom collection, Prescriptives borrowed heavily from one the GREATEST painters of all time: Mother Nature.


To my eye, the palette draws inspiration from sunflowers, marigolds, petunias and lilies. The look itself features sheer eyes, cheeks and a rich, shiny lip.

It brings out my inner spring blossom … and she’s been shy ever since I hit my 30s, LOL! 🙂

The collection includes the limited edition Eye Color Duo eyeshadows ($24 each), Color Duo blushes ($24 each) and Lip Shine lipsticks ($17.50) in a mix of warm and cool shades. I tested three products from the collection: Cheer Color Duo in Warm 01, Eye Color Duo in Marigold and Lipshine in Posy.

Eye Color Duo in Marigold

Think fresh cut spring flowers. That’s what I think of when I see the shimmery gold and coral peach eyeshadow shades in the Marigold Eye Color Duo.

Both colors apply sheer with medium pigmentation because the powder’s finely milled and blends like a dream.

They should work great for semi-responsible occasions, as in work or school, but I’d think twice about using these shades for pictures.

To get the color to show well for this face of the day I had to apply three layers. Luckily, the creamy texture makes it uber easy to layer, which is why I’m keeping this duo close by this spring. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Cheek Color Duo in Warm 01

OOH! Check out the embossed flower design on the Cheek Color Duo. Pretty, yah?

What do you think of the Cheek Color Duo in Warm on my cheeks? It packs a shimmery coral blush on one side and a shimmery golden highlighter on the other. Each shade works when used separately or with its partner for a natural peach flush.

Though the colors themselves in the duo are gorgeous, I don’t think the powders are as finely milled as blush powders by Mac or Nars. Matter of fact, I can see some of the grains sitting on top of my skin, eek! Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Lipshine in Posy

I think I’m in love with Posy’s rosy coral color and her shiny finish… The taste- and fragrance-free formula feels ultra soft and hydrating on my pucker, and it’s an easy to wear shade that I know I’ll reach for often. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A

Swatches from left to right: Posy, Marigold Eye Duo, Warm Cheek Duo

How do you feel about sheer shades this spring?

In how sheer some of the products are, the In Bloom collection reminds me of the Givenchy Sari and Bobbi Brown Blushed Pink collections.


Aren’t sheer washes and transparent colors all over the place right now??

I mean, I don’t mind because I’m not always in the mood to wear loads of color, but a girl expects good pigmentation when a product costs department store prices.

What do you think? Are you down with In Bloom?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Glosslizard says:

    Beautiful colors, but you’re right! At typical department store prices, I expect pigment! I’ve never had a problem applying a highly-pigmented color as a sheer wash (super-soft brushes and fan brushes are ideal for that) but it’s much harder to get rich shading from a sheer! I hate it when a color that’s lovely in the pan doesn’t give me the payoff I want! Ha! Petulant me! 🙂

    Hope your week is starting well! I’m training for my next Aikido promotion and coping with another round of illnesses in the house! *sigh*

  2. Kate says:


    Posy looks gorgeous! I finally found the perfect red for me. The only problem is it that it gets on everything! I paid $16 for it too (for that price, it really should stay on my lips and not on my cup). It’s Jemma Kidd Classic Couture Lip Color (for Target) in Siren. I have a sheerer red from Revlon.

    The marigold duo is pretty too. I don’t mind the blush but I do wish it came in something for cooler tones.

    I don’t mind sheers. I typically wear a sheer color paired with a more pigmented color on the outside corners (ex. The HiP duo Flashy. a sheer vanilla and pigmented teal). Then again, I do buy drugstore.

  3. Marisol says:

    This collection seems kind of bland to me.

    You look gorgeous though!

    Marisol´s last blog post..How do I…

  4. ParisB says:

    I wish we had Prescriptives here – that blush looks amazing!

  5. YadiQ says:

    while you look really pretty with this on i am sooo not feeling these sheer colors

    if my behind is paying top dollar on my makeup i want it to have some serious pigmentation
    you can always create light washes and blend the heck out of highly pigmented colors to give the sheer appeal when its wanted.

    this is the one reason i was so disappointed with smashbox muse – the shadow collection was just not worth the money it came across chalky on the lids and in my opinion just didnt reflect the 48 bucks it costs – the halo powder just looked waaaay grainy like it sit on top of my skin even with the foundation primer on

    i dunno but i am not having luck with smashbox and my package is on its way back to california lol

    have you ever found that smashbox makes you itchy ?

  6. Karen B says:

    You looks so… glowing in that picture. Really really pretty 🙂
    I might just be won over by sheerness…. hehe

    Karen B´s last blog post..a thought

  7. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    You are lucky that you’ve never had a problem doing sheer washes. I remember it was hard for me (so clumsy, LOL).

    Oh no! Are the imps under the weather?

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Kate,

    Oh, I know — those JK lipsticks are pricy. Maybe set it first with a waterproof liner? Make Up For Ever makes one:

    Make Up For Ever Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil

    I know it’s not a drugstore brand but it’s about the same price as the JK lipstick. I have it in Red 8C and plan on testing it this week. 🙂

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    Thanks! 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Paris B.,

    It’s soooo pretty in the pan! It pained me when I had to dig into it and ruin the pattern.

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Yadiq,

    Hmm… not really (knock on wood). I wonder if the texture is specific to the palette. I have a few shadow duos from one of their holiday sets and they were pretty good. Bummer that you weren’t feeling it!

    I have been wearing a powder from Elizabeth that’s similar to Halo called < a href="">Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation. I like it so far!

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    Thanks, hon! Yah, I think sheer can be good sometimes, too. 🙂

    How has your week been?

  13. Glosslizard says:

    Yeah, the wee guys are both down. Again. This has been a really dismal cold season! 🙁

  14. Kate says:

    Oh, I’ll have to check that one out. Thank you for the recommendation.

  15. alice says:

    You look great in the photo with the Marigold eye shadow duo. I actually think you look younger and better without heavily lined eyes or dramatic smoky eyes! Your skin tone takes to gold very well.

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