Schick Intuition Naturals Sensitive Care Will Take You (Partway) Bare

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For years, every time I’d pass by a display for the Schick Intuition razor I’d hear the commercial with that Jewel song in my head (“In-too-ish-unnnn!”).


Wasn’t a huge fan of that particular Jewel song (I preferred her older stuff)… But seasons change; people change (to quote another tune), and now that I’m in my mid-30s and the hair on my body is growing at a supernatural rate, hair removal has become a higher priority.

Naturals Sensitive Care ($10), the latest version of the familiar Intuition razor, kinda looks eco-friendly, doesn’t it? The mostly cardboard package replaces the old plastic one, which wasn’t eco-friendly at all. About half of the newer package’s cardboard is recycled and a quarter of the plastic, which sounds like a definite improvement to me.

Intiution’s blades are lubricated using something Schick calls a “hypo-allergenic shaving solid,” which looks like white plastic in these pics, but it’s actually a soapy material. When you run the razor head across your skin, the white solid, which contains vitamin E and aloe, creates a foam while the four blades shave the hairs.

The soothing, moisturizing foam supposedly eliminates the need for additional gels, soaps and body washes, shaving a little time off the process of shaving. 🙂

I have a soft spot for tools that nurture my lazy side (Tabs and I are similar that way), especially when it comes to hair removal.

The white part housing the blades is actually the aloe-rich soapy material…

I’ve been using Sensitive Care for about a week, still on the first cartridge (it comes with a spare), and while I think it’s pretty good for a razor, it hasn’t changed my life. I like the shape of the handle, which feels very comfortable in my small hands, and the shaving solid does seem to save me a minute or so in the shower, since I haven’t been using it with shave lotion.


The bulky, awkward shape of the solid surrounding the razor kinda gets on my nerves. I can use the razor to shave my underarms, legs and toes (LOL!) just fine, but it’s hard to maneuver ’round my lady parts, and I can’t seem to get as close a shave with it as I can with a traditional razor.

A great little tool, assuming you don’t plan to use it around your bikini area.

PRICE: $10 (comes with a spare cartridge; 3 refill cartridges for $12.99)
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores, grocery stores and also online

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  1. Vijaya says:

    I use an epilator, so this isn’t for me. However, the review was still worth reading to see you integrate Intuition by Jewel into it. =]
    Vijaya recently posted … MAC Candy Yum-Yum Lipstick

  2. I like these for shaving my armpits because you just need a quick swipe and you’re done. My legs have a lot of um, surface area, and it feels like it runs out to fast if i use it to shave my legs.I can’t even imagine using this massive thingaround your lady parts with all the nooks and crannys. I’m not very dexterous and would probably end up cutting myself badly and having to call the ambulance. That would be the most embarrassing reason to call the paramedics EVER!
    Jessi (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) recently posted … Flaky Jelly Goodness- Barielle Elles Spell Nail Polish

  3. Erica says:

    This is so funny – I bought this two days ago! And I really love it! I mean, I used to use an epilator, but that doesn’t really work for me…. so when I tried this one, it felt so soft and easy to use and I actually like the shape and the idea of the soap bar attached to it. Overall it does a great job and I like it.

  4. Ru says:

    I love Intuition. It saves me so much time, and I agree the underarms are a breeze, with 1-2 swipes (although, I’ve gotten mine lasered, so I don’t really use it for that). I don’t have time for shaving cream, and the drama of it running out when I really need it… so yea- it works great and its non irritating- coming from a person whose got very sensitive skin!

  5. Cass says:

    I love Schick Intuition! I started using it about 8 years ago and still love it. I used to cut myself all the time when shaving. I mean really bad cuts – I still have scars from some of the cuts. I am always running late, so I am normally in a rush when showering. It takes me a long time to get ready so I had to make up time somewhere and missing sleep would make me a grumpy girl!

    I have not cut myself ONCE on the Intuition. It is fantastic! <3

  6. Kate Williamson says:

    I tried the Intuition once and the weirdest thing happened. I got the worst ingrown hairs all up and down my legs. I usually never get ingrowns, but I was digging and tweezing for a week afterwards.

  7. Nina says:

    i dont really need a razor (hairless legged gal here), but i like the design and the color of this one. it would look cute in my shower. 🙂

  8. I really do not like ot use razors but I guess this one is worth a try.

  9. Siena says:

    I was completely skeptical at first because in a house with four girls, shaving cream is basically gone as soon as you take it off the shelf, so something like this sounds too good to be true! On my next trip to the store for shaving cream, I’ll make sure to get this instead. 😀 Thanks so much, can’t wait to try it out!

  10. nicole says:

    Ha, love the honesty here. My husband thinks I’m crazy for shaving my toes. I think he’s crazy for every taking his socks off and letting those hobbit feet be seen.

  11. Quinctia says:

    Hmm…I got the original one as a free sample back when they came out, and I didn’t feel that it worked properly in replacing shaving gel/cream/what have you. Also, the lotion bar will wear a bit down past the razor head way before you use it up, which makes it hard to continue to use it as advertised.

    They’re still selling them, so there are obviously people who disagreed with me!

    Although the head now has…one more blade than I think it used to, and the formula may have changed with this new natural version, so some of my complaints might not apply to this one. I still wonder about the bar wearing out evenly, though, that’s a pretty big hamper on your time-saving if it doesn’t hit the skin while you shave any more.

  12. Angel says:

    Did you just quote Expose??? LOVE!!!

  13. Shannon says:

    I used these a couple years ago (the non-“natural” one). They are super convenient, but the soap seemed to wear down inconsistently. I would try to use up all the little bits of soap, but it was pretty awkward. I chucked it after a while.

  14. auroragyps says:

    I have hairy legs and I need to soak in the tub when I’m going to shave them from top to bottom, so these are great for in between days. I don’t like to wear shorts, so I only shave up past my knees when I wear capris and these take care of it zip, zip. They’re also great for short trips.

    As for uneven wear of the solid shave creme, if you rub the top edge up and down your legs a few times before you start shaving regularly, you use a bit less of the bottom edge and the wear is more even.

  15. Hana says:

    I’ve been using and loving the regular version of this for years now! I prefer it to traditional razors because I don’t cut myself at all and I rarely get ingrown hairs. I am very hairy too, so it takes me a long time to shave both legs, but this is so easy and hassle free that it cuts down the time and annoyance factor for me. I love that they’ve made it with 4 blades now too!
    Hana recently posted … Dont miss the music of Sikandar 2009

  16. Michele DiCola says:

    I bought a huge am ought at Sam’s our warehouse supply store east coast.
    But I am a Venus fan.


  17. Jenn says:

    “Lady parts”, LOL!! I really love this shaving system, but I seem to fly through the shave bars and they ain’t cheap!! Maybe it’s just me…

  18. Melissa says:

    I’ve used the original Intuition razor since it first came out and I love it. I can’t stand using shaving cream and it takes forever. This thing is quick and glides smooth. It they ever stopped making it, I would cry.

  19. Amy Chamberlain says:

    This is my favorite “bikini area” razor.

    • Lol says:

      For bikini area it sucks I cot razor burn and bumps not ingrown hairs thou but I can go a hole week with out kids calling me hairy legged girls lol

  20. Emily Gilmer says:

    Just tried it for the first time today, and I loved the way it glides. I did notice that the solid seemed to be worn down quite a bit even after just one use, but did any one notice how CLOGGED the razor gets with hair!? The rinsing is a slight issue because it wears the solid down even more, but there is a little compartment behind the blades that sort of “catches” the hair that is nearly impossible to rinse out in the shower! It might be easier in a bath, but oh my god was it frustrating! After a while I could only do one or two swipes before I’d have to rinse again and I found myself violently flicking the razor around in the shower trying to get the hair out, but to no avail. 🙁 Might be switching back to my venus!

  21. lee says:

    I’ve used intuition for so many years I can’t even guess how many. Not as good as using a separate gel/oil but yes, appeals to my need for speed when performing body maintenance tasks. When the soap bar wears down, I usually just hold the razor upside down and rub the top of the bar up and down my legs a few times to get me started, then shave as normal.

    I recently bought the ‘naturals’ replacement razors as any move to be more eco-friendly deserves support. I don’t know if they were sharper or set at a different angle or what, but I ended up taking a layer of skin off my leg on the first swipe. Freaking hurt like hell. I was super careful until the razor went a bit blunt and then it was fine. When I came to replace that blade I’d totally forgotten about that incident and the same thing happened, this time in my armpit. Even worse. So back to the regular moisture blades for me. Ladies, beware!

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