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Newest MAC Obsession: Cremestick Liners

Product: MAC Cremestick liners
Use: A long lasting, retractable lip, creamy lip liner
Price: $14.00
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+


MAC Cremestick liners, where have you been all of my lipgloss life?

For many years I thought Subculture was the epitome of all lip liners. Little did I know there were other kinder, gentler options like Pink Treat, Honey B. and Beurre.

Cremestick liners …

– Glide on smoothly
– Don’t tug on my lips
– Are rich and highly pigmented
– Don’t dry out my lips
– Are easy to use and are great for really getting into the lip corners
– Are retractable so they don’t have to be sharpened (“YES!” says the lazy beast beauty blogger!)

Pink Treat, a recommendation from my girl Christine from, is my favorite out of the three, followed by Honey B. next and then Beurre last.

I like combo-ing Pink Treat with Soft & Slow lipglass (a soft rose with gold pearl from the Smoke Signals collection) and have been using this on my lips every day for the last week.

It’s an easy, natural and pretty pink lip for minimum makeup days:

– Line with Pink Treat Cremestick liner, making sure to define the corners of the lips to get good definition
– Soften the line with your fingertip (or a lipbrush, whichever is handy)
– Apply 1 coat of Soft & Slow lipglass
– Run out the door!

I am looking forward to adding more Cremestick liners to my collection. On my wish list right now are:

– Mother Pearl (sheer yellow gold)
– Softwood (coral-brown)
– Gingerroot (flesh pink)

Are you a Cremestick fan? What’s your favorite combo?

Ease My Pain, Please! Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Working with MAC Matte2 Shadows and Mattene

MAC Senior artist and all around makeup p.i.m.p. Louise Zizzo always hooks me up with the best MAC tricks.

After bemoaning my Matte2 application misery she offered the following tips for working with the shadows and Mattene lipsticks. She even offered fave her combos, too. Rock on, Louise. Rock on.

Matte2 101: Louise Saves Me From Myself

What shadow bases can you recommend using with Matte2 shadows which will keep the matte texture (while minimizing glitter/sparkle) on the eye but still give a good base to grab the color?

These Shadows are amazing because they are extremely silky which means they do grab easily to the skin, I have found the paint pots in neutral shades and no frost or simply concealor dusted over with powder.

Many of us who remember matte shadows from the 90s recall having a difficult time blending. Can you please give a few of your favorite blending tips when working with Matte2?

The key is to make sure whenever you are using these shadows or any matte shadows is you need to make sure you have a nice powdery base to put them on, otherwise they will grab patchy. I really recommend using softer brushes to apply these like the #224 and gradually building up to the intensity you desire. Don’t press hard, use a light touch and these look absolutely amazing.

Can you recommend an easy day eye look for makeup novices who want to use Matte2 shadows?

Oh my gosh the best everyday combo…
Base – Blanc Type
Crease – Tete-A-Tint
Liner – Handwritten ( you can also use this to deepen the crease in the corner)

Work that Mattene 101: Louise Breaks it Down

What is your favorite neutral color lip/eye combo with the Mattene and Matte2?

The above shadow combo and then I love, Flattering with spice lip pencil

How about your favorite bright combo lip/eye combo?

I love the cherry red lip and classic eye using…

Lips – Cherry pencil & Classic Dame
Eyes – Blanc Type – Tete-A-Tint and Black Track Fluid Line

Also I have to add my favorite smokey eye combo

Eye Lid- Satin Taupe
Brow Highlight – Blanc Type
Crease – Handwritten and a touch of Typographic in the corner
Smoulder on the inner rim of eye
Lots and Lots of Plush Lash in Black

Do you prep the lips with anything before using Mattene?

No need because they glide on like silk!

If you have problems with bleeding my fool proof and must have product is the clear brow finisher used around the edge of the lips, it works wonders.


There’s something about this season of I LOVE NY 2 that begs for serious print diarrhea.
As usual, my hydrophobic homeboy MIDGET MAC comes through once again. Despite his inability to swim, he managed to survive a brush with death (via a defective frog floatie) and even wins a date with Miss NY!

That dumb-ass Tailor Made!

I gotta admit that he did work it when he brought NY those shoes. I’d be won over by a man bearing a pair of Manolos. I can’t lie; I’m easy that way.


I liked how his ex said that he was a workaholic, because I admire a man with a strong work ethic. However, I can’t stand anyone who would let me trample all over them, and Tailor Made has DOORMAT written all over his moisturizing mask face.

And last but not least, there’s IT. Words cannot express how I feel about this fool. Isn’t his mamma ashamed? RUN, NEW YORK, RUN!


The rain continues on here today and so of course does the boot shopping. I’m still looking for a pair of cute rain boots and the quest hasn’t been easy. Oh Zappos! Be good to me!

Anyway, aren’t you glad it’s Wednesday? We’re that much closer to Friday! How’s your day been so far? Have you been productive? Are ya slacking? Whatever you’re doing I hope that it’s getting you closer to your goals.

Stay dry…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Christine says:

    Yay! I’m so glad Pink Treat is gettin’ some love!!

    It is definitely my liner of choice.

    I’m getting ready to head to school (BOO!) for class at 1:10. How uttery boring! I’d like to think I’ve been productive thus far, though.

  2. Karen says:

    Good girl! Study hard, the law-student-that-could’ve-been that’s inside me will be with you in spirit.

    I’m wearing Pink Treat right now, woo hoo!

  3. kia says:

    great i love ny recap.. oh yeh and that interview with louis too! ahahaha!…thanks for the good info =) “she saved you from yourself”–too funny!

  4. nilla cookie says:

    I’m “taking a break” at the office right now and am SO enjoying this post today!

    You took the words right out of my mouth w/ your I Love NY 2 recap. WTF was It trying to do, claiming those roses for himself – for shame! AND trying to lie his way out of it in fron to Sister Patterson! Ah hell nah!

    I’ll be heading down to Stonestown to do some boot shopping tonight in conjuction with a mad hunt for that DHC kiosk. Wish me luck!

  5. Christine says:

    If only you could be doing half the work… taking the exams, you know, the good stuff 😉

    I wear Pink Treat with EVERYTHING! It’s my go-to liner for nearly every combo. I think I might pass on liner if I go red (lucky me, no bleed lines yet) or really pale/neutral.

  6. Karen says:

    Hey Miss Kia,

    It’s true though! My inner drag queen is my own worst makeup enemy.

    I can’t believe NY gave that fool IT a chain, blech!

  7. Karen says:

    Good luck boot shopping Lilan! I hope you find something cute. Don’t go too crazy at the DHC kiosk, now!

  8. Karen says:

    OMG – if I took your exams I’d get an A+…if I was tested on sarcasm and comedy in print!

    That’s cool that you can Pink Treat for all of your looks! I wish they made Subculture in the cremestick form. That would be dreamy.

  9. Christine says:


    I already have a fnial exam (well, it’s a take home memo, given Friday at noon, due Monday morning) November 9! Semester is starting to feel like it’s flown by. THANK GOD!

    I’m blanking on what Subculture is like, and I’m thinking it’s kind of neutral, and I want to say that Gingerroot is very nude-ish and is a close relative.

  10. Amber says:

    I’m pretty sure Urban Outfitters has some great rain boots in sassy colors. YOu should check it out.

  11. Karen says:

    Subculture is a neutral. It blends right into my lips, very MLBB. The only thing that sucks about it is that it is very drying, yech!

  12. Aswertup says:

    Oh Myyy God!!! I am really addicted to subculture lipliner bwahahahah

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