Product Review – Sephora FACE Eye Makeup Remover

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Product: Sephora FACE Eye Makeup Remover
Use: To remove eye makeup
Price: $8.00 for a 4.22 oz bottle
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: C

After trying a ton of different eye makeup removers (including Lancome Bi-Facial; Clinque Take The Day Off, Rinse Off and Naturally Gentle eye makeup removers; Nuxe Démaquillante Make-Up Remover and Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover, just to name a few), I finally found my holy grail with Sephora’s FACE Eye Makeup remover. Well, it was my favorite eye makeup remover until Sephora changed the bottle to this new one with the black cap. Not only is the new bottle is smaller than the old one, they’ve also increased the price. Now you pay more of your hard earned money but get less product – boo!


Along with the bottle change came a formula change. I find the new formula doesn’t work as well as the old one at removing long-wearing and waterproof mascaras and eyeliners. With the old formula, it was just a few quick splashes on the cotton ball and everything was off easily. Now, I have to use so much on a cotton ball – I have to practically get it soaking – just to take off regular eye makeup.

Some things haven’t changed – it still doesn’t sting my eyes (a big plus) and it has the same gentle rose smell. However, the bottle that’s sitting in my cabinet will be my last. Back to the drawing board for me!

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  1. Michele DiCola says:

    I was hooked on Makeup Forever makeup remover forever. My daughter bought er me my first bottle. I admit , it did make things easier : less tugging, melted serious mascara like a snap. But because of the price I coveted it and used it sparingly !

    But Hello along came miceller waters . I bought my first one from Amazon. I coveted that too! But it works crazy good. The price was crazy too!
    Now Garnier has one OTC Wow! And with a coupon you can really save !
    So the answer is there is no need to go to bed without taking off your eye makeup !
    Oh , btw I use a baby wipe not a cotton ball it’s seems to be more efficient !
    I hope you are doing well Karen ; third trimester is hard but soon you will be holding that little baby !

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