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Product: MAC Sheer Mystery Powder in Dark
Use: As a face powder.
Price: $45.00 for a compact; also includes an additional refill
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A+

I got this during my Holiday 2006 MAC frenzy. I haven’t been able to use it until now because the “Dark” shade was too dark for my non-tanned skin color. Now that I’ve got a lil’ bit of color it’s the perfect shade for tanned skin.


I’m not going to lie – it hurt me to pay the $45.00 for this. I may be a cheapo but I’m also a sucker for powder. I figured with the refill (which is included) it would be like buying two powders for about $22.00, which is the normal amount I’d pay for a high-end department store powder.

How I use it
I use MAC Sheer Mystery Powder on days when I’m not in the mood for foundation or when I’m in a hurry and I just need something to even out my skin tone. I have pretty good skin so I can get away with a light dusting of powder to get rid of the redness. I apply with my MAC 182 Buffer Brush.

What I like about it
The biggest plus about this powder is the texture. It’s very fine and sheer, and even if I accidentally apply too much it doesn’t look cakey or heavy on my face. It leaves my face with an even, semi-matte color that looks natural but put together, which is totally my makeup style. This powder also does not break me out. Big plus! The compact is black metal and very heavy, and I know a lot of people don’t like the heavy compact, but I dig it. The metal casing and the weight make me feel like I’m indulging in a little bit of luxury.

What I don’t like it

The price was obviously a big drawback for me, but because I didn’t have any powder with this semi-matte texture and in my collection and because it included a refill I was able to justify the purchase. If there was no refill I would’ve probably passed.

Another issue for me with this is the lack of color choices. I recall there only being four choices (it may have been five). When I purchased this in December, I was in between medium-dark (too chalky) and dark. I have not been able to use it until now but I’m glad I bought it because it’s perfect for no-foundation days.

The dark shade doesn’t have a lot of yellow, which I love because it seems to perfectly blend into my tanned skin. If you have yellow undertones and prefer yellow-based powders this may not be the powder for you.


The final word
If you like heavier coverage you may not like this powder. I don’t think this product is available anymore through the MAC website, but if you have the chance to try it I still highly recommend giving it a go. It’s great for a natural look and it’s so easy to apply – another winner from MAC which I wish would be made permanent part of the line!

My birthday celebration finally wrapped up this weekend. The hubby gave me my last birthday present on Sunday. He took me to a martial arts studio where we both took a Kenpo Karate lesson. The hubs did competative martial arts back in the day and I mentioned to him a few times that I wanted to learn a martial art so he thought a lesson might be a fun thing to do. I was a little nervous when I got there (I had irrational visions of getting the crap kicked out of me), but the instructors made me feel totally comfortable. I learned part of their regular class warm up and a Kata. A Kata is a formal set of postures, movements and techniques designed to teach students the techniques and principles of martial arts. It was kind of like learning a hip hop dance routine, but with punches and chops instead of body rolls and Harlem shakes, lol. I had fun and I think I might go back for more. Chop!

Have a good Monday and a fab week!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. kia says:

    thanks karen for the mac mystery powder review! sounds like you had one heck of a bday!!

  2. Karen says:

    hi kia, the birthday was so much fun! i’m kinda sad that its over. =(

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