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It seems that celeb perfumes, like Barney or Paris Hilton, divide people into two distinct camps: either you LOVE THEM or you HATE THEM.
I used to be in the HATE THEM category but after sampling and actually liking Sarah Jessica Parker’s Covet perfume a few weeks ago, I realized that hating all celeb scents purely on principal was terribly unfair. A good scent is a good scent, and I can’t hate on one just because it’s being hocked by B-list singers or actors.

Maybe I’ll find at least one more celeb perfume that doesn’t make me want to throw up, I thought.


And sweet jeebus, did I find one – Britney Spears’ Midnight Fantasy. LOLOLOLZ!

Laugh all you want, ya’ll. I know I did when I first picked up the cheesy purple bottle, which is BeDazzled within an inch of its life.


I expected eau de Cheetoes/Red Bull/bad weave to be thrust into the air when I spritzed it on my wrist. Lo and behold, instead out came a really pretty fruit scent. It might be a touch too sweet for some, but on me I pick up notes of blackberries, vanilla and cherries. Yum!

It’s a fun, flirty, youthful smell. I’d wear it on date night or the weekends but not to work because it can be a lil’ bit too Wet Seal/Forever 21/Limited Too if administered in too heavy a dose.

One 5.5 oz bottle of Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy is $55.00, available on the Web site.

YOU MUST CHOOSE: The Britney Spears Edition

I must confess
That my lonliness
Is killing me now
Don’t you know I still believe?
–Britney Spears

So yeah, her personal life is a mess, and the girl can’t comb that dirty birdy weave to save her life but I gotta come clean. I’m on TEAM BRITNEY. I’ll even fess up to attending one of her concerts, and dammit, it was good!

A few weeks ago you were introduced to one of my fave time wasters, YOU MUST CHOOSE. Can you handle the Britney Spears edition?

The 10th circle of hell opens up…and it doesn’t lead into my closet! Instead, you are forced to work in close proximity as a personal assistant to either Britney Spears (who just shaved her head, is foaming at the mouth and is wielding a very large umbrella) or Rachel Ray (who speaks to you with excessive perkiness and ONLY in code – EVOO! YUM-O! – before you’ve had your morning coffee). And yes, you are on call for twenty four hours a day. YOU MUST CHOOSE!

Britney finally decides to get help, and unfortunately it’s not the mental kind. Instead, she has you choose a weave/wig to wear to court (she’s gotta get those babies back, yo!) to make her look like a model citizen. Blonde? Brunette? Black? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

You have the power to re-write history. You can either erase Kevin Federline from Britney Spears’ life OR Bobby Brown from Whitney’s life (remember “I Will Always Love You?” girlfriend KILLED that song!). Who would you save? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

You get the chance to be a backup dancer in any Britney Video that your lovin’ heart desires. Which one would you star in? YOU MUST CHOOSE!

Aren’t you glad Monday is over? I am. This week should be better work-wise for me so I’ll be back to postings in the mornings once more, whew!

Have a good night…I hope you dream of Manolos.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jane says:

    This Britney post is really funny! 😀

    I have the Fantasy perfume, but I think one of my issues with it, which led to me not buying Midnight Fantasy, was that the spritz cap turned sorta sticky after a while. I think it’s from the excess perfume that gets stuck there or dries up there…. but maybe it’s from the Cheetoes in it? I dunno. 😀

  2. Evil Charity says:

    The first one isn’t even a choice. I love Brit and CAN NOT STAND (yes, I feel that strongly about it) Rachel Ray. She is the most annoying person on TV and I don’t like her food either.

    As for the weave choice…I don’t think the color is the issue. It’s the quality that Miss Brit needs to concern herself with. I see more natural looking weaves at the local mall! She’s rich, she should work it out.

    If I could go back in time I’d save my beloved Whitney from Bobby. He’s an idiot (so is Kevin, but he’s younger so there is still hope) and I can’t wait to hear some of the stuff she is currently recording.

    The video would have to be Toxic. I still can’t get enough of that song.

    That was kinda fun! Happy Tuesday 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Britney – I can make better connections that way, LOL.

    Britney needs to go brunette. She looked a bit more innocent, youthful with brown hair.

    Save Britney over Whitney. I think she trainwrecked worse.

    No clue on the song. I can’t honestly remember what she put out!

  4. Lipglossme says:

    Britney or Rachel Ray?

    My initial response was Britney, but then I thought about traveling all over the world with Rachel Ray and sampling all the good food in all those great places! I think I can channel out all the white noise that comes out of Rachel Ray’s mouth (“EVOO”, “Deelish!”, “Yum-O”) Maybe I can even hook her up with some really nice padded bras. You know girlfriend needs some help in that department. Somehow it went south and landed on her tush.

    Britney blonde or black or brunette? I like Britney blonde.

    Rewrite history: K.Fed and Britney or Bobby Brown and Whitney? Hmm, that’s a toughie. I think I’ll go with Bobby Brown and Whitney for 500.00 please, Alex.

  5. Vanessa says:

    This post had me cracking up! Dear ol’ Britney…I hope she can save herself before she goes trying to save her kids. I wonder who plans on picking up her new CD…I got the Paris Hilton perfume and I actually had to let it grow on me, fruity smell but I love it. Makes me smell like Wrigley’s Fruit Gum….ahhhhh, probably nothing compared to that crayon/play-doh perfume though.

  6. Karen says:

    So, here’s more information that ya’ll probably don’t need to know:

    1. I bought the Britney album (Blackout) and um, IT’S REALLY GREAT!


    2. I’m on board with Ms. Vanessa regarding P.Hilton’s new perfume. It actually smells really good.

    Sweet jeebus, help me! I’m losing my mind.

  7. Megan says:

    Okay…so I always feel behind and late on commenting…dammit…these people need to stop bothering me with work so I can read your blog 😉 ANYWAY…

    Although I am not on team Britney I would pick Britney over Rachael Ray…because I can handle crazy…perky will get slapped in the face on a bad morning and well…then I would lose my job and possibly be charged with assault.

    I would definitely opt for a light brunette shade with some subtle, tasteful hightlights for the weave.

    I would save Whitney…I mean come on…she’s like a million times more talented…because honestly I care more about the song I’m singing along to than the way she shakes her ass.

    As for videos…I don’t think I would want to be in a Britney video…but I guess if I have to choose, I’m going with Oops I did it again…although i wouldn’t wear the red vinyl catsuit…

    One thing I will say is that Britney is not fat…I think all the people who said that after her VMA performance are nuts. Granted she could stand to lose a couple pounds, and I’m sure that she could have made a better wardrobe choice…she’s really not fat. Also I have to admit that I do like one of Paris Hilton’s perfumes…I have never been about to convince myself to buy it though… I think I would feel the same way… like I was losing it 🙂 I do own Baby Phat Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons…if that counts at all…

  8. Karen says:

    Hey Megan,

    I agree. Britney is in no way, shape or form, fat. She’s had two babies, jeez! She should’ve had a different outfit on for that performance, for sure, tho.

    Baby Phat Goddess smells good! Kimora is kinda nuts but I can’t hate on her.

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