Prepare for Warp Speed, Red Dwarf, Because There’s an Approaching Storm of Daphne Guinness for MAC Pro Longwear Lipcremes

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daphne guinness for mac (1)

I just can’t say no to MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipcremes! — not even when they’re in colors I don’t normally wear, like the cool-toned shades in the new Daphne Guinness for MAC collection. I feel like this batch caters to cooler skin tones, but that doesn’t mean warmer ones can’t try to make ’em work. 🙂


When MAC introduced these long-wearing lipsticks last fall with the Styledriven collection, I fell in lurve! They were everything I wanted, everything and more. Smooth, with a slightly shiny finish and plentiful pigment, they quickly became a favorite of mine.

The Daphne Guinness collection brings four more shades to the Lipcreme line, three of them I’m wearing here — Warp Speed (a light silver), Red Dwarf (a blueish pink) and Approaching Storm (a deep rose). MAC describes the fourth shade, Seasoned Plum, as a mid-tone lavender.

mac approaching storm red dwarf warp speed
MAC Pro Longwear Lipcremes from the left: Approaching Storm, Red Dwarf and Warp Speed

daphne guinness for mac (3)
Red Dwarf

daphne guinness for mac (4)
Warp Speed

daphne guinness for mac (2)
Approaching Storm

I’m worked up for Warp Speed, mostly because it reminds me of a color I wore a lot in the mid ’90s, back when dark purple lip liner and cool frosty lipsticks were all the rage.

Man, I worked that lip look OUT! 🙂 With the dark purple liner, that was my go-to look for house parties.

Good grief… What was I thinking?

PRICE: $17 each
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to North American MAC counters and stores and online December 26; internationally in January

Curl it

My BFF Cindy emailed the other day to say she was thinking about getting a perm, and since she’s one of the lowest maintenance people I know, I was kind of shocked!


Not shocked by the idea of a perm but by a memory from high school… It was 1990, and Cindy played bass in the school jazz band. She had a spiral perm then, and whenever she’d play bass, her hair would hang over her face like Slash from Guns N’ Roses.

It was very rock star. 🙂

Cindy, perm or no perm, I’m there for you, girl.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chris25 says:

    I like Approaching Storm, but it looks kinda dupable. :/ Should I get it anyway?

  2. Valerie says:

    Ha! I remember rocking that purple lip liner and frosty lip stick combo! There are pictures somewhere out there… Yikes!!

    I want Red Dwarf. As for Approaching Storm, I like it but feel like I’ve seen this shade in the past few collections. Maybe I’m wrong though.

  3. Sunny says:

    You really rock vampy shades Karen!

    PS: I got a digital perm 4 months ago and I’m still loving it! I think it’s normal for girls with naturally straight hair to want to get kinky and girls with curly hair to want to go straight. They’ve actually made a lot of improvement in terms of perm technology, so I’m sure Cindy the BFF won’t end up looking the way she did in the 80’s! It’s not very high maintenance either. You just need some kind of curling product and a diffuser 🙂
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  4. Marina says:

    Karen, you look really beautiful on all the photos!!!
    Marina recently posted … Bourjois Paris Fantaisy Christmas 2011 Makeup Collection

  5. Nicola says:

    Karen you rock that hat like nobody’s business. I love love love it!

  6. I love your necklace 🙂
    Beauty and the Scientist recently posted … Tag – Nail Polish Collection/Stash

  7. Nina says:

    so apparently there’s this new type of perm thats very popular these days — it gives a very natural, beach curl finish to the hair and lasts about 6 months … maybe that’s what your friend wants to get?

    and memories of insane lip color in the 90s reminds me of my fave lip look then — light lipliner plus hot fuschia lipstick from wet n wild LOL. i cringe at the memory now!

  8. Advah says:

    Ok, now you’ve said that line works well for cool skintones, I WANT Red Dwarf. I love those colours but find it really difficult to get the right shade for, and I like the sound of that one!

  9. Advah says:

    If only it were available in the UK this month, I’d have hit the airport MAC counter tomorrow! January, it’s a date! (reminds me I need to buy a 2012 diary..)

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