Physicians Formula Organic Wear Facial Makeup Remover Lotion: Should You Marry This Doctor?

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Even though Physician’s Formula Organic Wear Eye Makeup Remover Pads didn’t knock my socks off, I really tried to keep an open mind when I tested the doc’s Organic Wear Facial Makeup Remover Lotion ($10).


Like the pads, this lotion has all the makings of drugstore greatness — affordable, no sketchy chemicals, cute (always a plus), and it wasn’t tested on animals. My picky nose loves the real deal lavender scent, too, and the lotion feels silky soft against my skin.

So far, so good…

Will it be the organic drugstore lotion of my dreams?

To give it a fair shake and prepare my skin before testing, I stopped using my trusty Clinique Cleansing Balm a few days beforehand.

Well? What’s the verdict?

I guess the answer depends on what you really need from a makeup remover.

If you wear a full face of makeup and frequently use long-wearing products, then maybe not.

Most days I’ll wear a primer, foundation (or a tinted moisturizer), powder, cream blush, powder blush and a highlighter (same as Cheetos, I can’t have just one, LOL!), and when I put Organic Wear up against my usual makeup suspects, it was like boarding a one-way train to Forever-ville.

When I used one pump, it barely removed a thing; I had to pump four, five and six times and then rub for about five minutes to remove the products I normally wear.

And even then, after rinsing, I could still see and feel remnants of makeup on my skin. Maybe I’m just spoiled by Clinique Cleansing Balm or need a horse-sized needle of patience injected into my jugular — whatever the case, this stuff ain’t fast.

And it might be a good idea to keep it far away from your peepers. While massaging it around to remove my shadow and mascara, I must have gotten a bit into my eyes because they stung and watered like crazy. BOO!

If you don’t wear a lot of makeup, this might be a better fit for you than it was for me. It looks awesome on paper — organic, smells great, pretty packaging, not tested on animals. If it sounds right for you, you’re a lucky girl. 🙂

When it works, it works well. Like when I’d just worn some MAC Blot Powder and Blushbaby Blush, a few pumps of Organic Wear worked fine.


TIP: If Organic Wear Facial doesn’t sound like your cup o’ tea, consider Clinique Cleansing Balm instead. It’s a favorite of mine.

And methinks it’s also a pretty decent face wash because it makes my skin feel soft and moisturized!

The bottom line

Minimal makeup girls, if you’re looking for an affordable, natural drugstore makeup remover (available at Target), Facial Makeup Remover Lotion is a star (be careful to keep it out of your eyes). Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Hmmm, the package is super cute and I wished this worked better! I like my long wearing products and I love wearing more than just blot powder, so I think I will stick to my MAC makeup remover. I had such high hopes for this one!
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Lush BB Seaweed Face Mask Review =-.

  2. Marce says:

    Great review! I find that cold cream does a good job at cleansing my face, but only now and then. I always use Clinique’s soap bar, it’s excellent and really helped clear up my skin 😀
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… Look – A Twist on Rihanna’s Grammy Makeup + Mini Tutorial =-.

  3. Devs says:

    Aww shucks….I wished this worked better. I am trying to get into more natural stuff and this would have been perfect. Oh well!

  4. thanks for the honest review. I was looking for a good drugstore makeup remover. guess i’ll keep looking.

  5. Rose says:

    Hm, maybe this will work for me. I wear limited face products (just Bare Minterals Foundation and BE’s Mineral Veil.) I might have to give it a try! Thanks for the review!

  6. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Clinique Cleansing Balm is AMAZING! 🙂 It is such a great product because it seriously removes EVERYTHING. Since I’ve started using it, my eyelashes are in better shape than they’ve been in a long time. It is spendy though, and I wish there were a drugstore dupe.
    .-= Katherine @ Lipgloss and Spandex’s last blog post… Break the Cycle: another update from Molly! =-.

  7. NINA says:

    The packaging is pretty nifty ….. right now though im really happy with my Japanese brand make up remover.

    It would take a really awesome product for me to shift out…. 😀

  8. NMNIKKI says:

    about how long does one jar of ccb last on average? it’s pricey, so i wanna make sure i’ll get my money’s worth before i spend the $$…
    thx 😉

  9. Sarahc says:

    I still think this sounds like an option for me like you said since I don’t wear a lot of makeup and basically never wear waterproof products. It’s organic which is a pretty big deal for me now. I can live with it not working great.

  10. Jo says:

    Thanks for this review! I’m a believer in drugstore brands and am on the hunt for a good makeup remover. The one I’m currently using has a super oily feel to it that I don’t like and, after a few uses, I’m ready for a change.
    .-= Jo’s last blog post… Sample News Title =-.

  11. Catherine says:

    Ah, this defnitely wouldn’t work for me then. Most of my makeup is pretty heavy duty – esp the eye stuff since my lids are oily.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Valentine’s Day Fun in San Francisco Part 1 =-.

  12. Like yourself I do really like Clinique, i see you’ve mentioned the Clinique cleansing balm which I love, but you should also check out the clarins make up remover, it’s lush!
    Kristina Wells recently posted … How to keep your face moisturised naturally

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