Physicians Formula Custom Eye Enhancing GelCream Liner, A Haiku Review

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Oh, GelCream Liner
By Physicians Formula
Colors for your eyes


In shades made to match
Brown, blue, green and hazel eyes
Or mix them for fun

Blue Eyes

A great bargain too
Eleven dollars for three
My wallet says, “Yay!”

Brown Eyes

Three stackable pots
Take ’em with you anywhere
They’re great for travel

Green Eyes

With a whipped texture
Softer than MAC Fluidline
And oh, so creamy…

Brown Eyes swatches

Wear time? Try all day
Even on the waterline
Smudging? Not that much

Blue Eyes swatches

You might have to build
To avoid streaks with some shades…
Could take up to three

Green Eyes swatches

I have one complaint…
They are too hard to remove
It just takes too long

With Bliss Lid Plus Lash
(My holy grail remover)
It takes ten minutes 🙁

Does it ruin them?
Not if you like the colors
Plus, the price is right


What a good concept
Too bad removal’s a pain
MBB Rating…

B- 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Rengirl says:

    I love these (I have the one for green eyes… I still have to get the brown and hazel set). The consistency of the black is perfect . The other shades are a bit streaky for lining but make great eyeshadow bases. The brush it comes with is also not too bad.

    • Rengirl says:

      Another thing – I’ve never had a problem removing these from my eye (whether I have it on as a e/s base or an eyeliner) using my standard makeup removing routine (Neutrogena Eye Makeup remover followed by Purity Made Simple). I’m surprised this was an issue for you. Is it just the big swatches or even when you use it one your eye?

  2. TJ says:

    These look really neat.
    .-= TJ’s last blog post… Lifers. =-.

  3. Pobeda says:

    Very interesting!

    Will give it a try! 🙂

  4. NINA says:

    More eye goodies to tempt me!!! I saw these @ CVS and Target.

    They also have a blister pack that combines a gel liner w/ a palette – they sell it accdg to eye color.

    Intrestin ……

    • Karen says:

      OOOhhh, temptation calls!!

      They’ll be here for a while… you have time. Maybe wait for a BOGO sale.

      • NINA says:

        I am weak and easily tempted!!! LOL.

        I swung by CVS on my way to work today to check this out …. the clerk gave me this weird look like only a crazy woman would be eyeing makeup at 645 am… 😀

        I havent bought any … but I will depending on how my Monday shopping trip turns out!!!! 🙂

  5. knownever says:

    I’ve been seeing these in the store but wasn’t able to figure out what they actually were. I don’t know what it is about the packaging (maybe the fact that there are three separate colors in one box and it touts its eye color matching more than the actual shades it includes) but it doesn’t convey “cream eyeliner” to me for some reason. The shades for brown eyes are very pretty. Only complaint really is that they’re so expensive. It seems like the prices of drugstore products have been rising a lot lately. Maybe it has to do with their attempts at raising the quality (which I am all for and which has actually been improving) but we go to the drugstore for affordable items and without being able to test I’m not inclined to pay almost $10 for a lipstick or baked blush or whatever new thingy they’ve rolled out.
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… It’s the time of year…for a no-buy! =-.

  6. Janelle says:

    This review was amazing! I can’t believe you did it all coherently in haiku form! Great job!

  7. Babybubblz says:

    great deal! but difficult to remove liners are a deal breaker for me. i buy non-waterproof mascaras and often don’t wear liner for that reason.

    • Karen says:

      You never know until you try… maybe snag one on BOGO? It sounds like some women don’t have the same removal issue — maybe you’ll get lucky and it won’t be a problem for you. 🙂

  8. Marian says:

    Looks like I may have to try these. I like things that stay put and are difficult to remove. I hope Bifacil will do the trick. If so, they are a steal!

  9. Amy says:

    I REALLY want to get them once I saw the price and the swatch!

  10. Francesca says:

    Karen, try putting some olive oil onto a cotton pad!
    It removes the heaviest of eye make up, I promise.
    .-= Francesca’s last blog post… he may be gone, but we’ll remember him always. =-.

  11. Dawn says:

    These are my HG liners because, unlike all the high end ones I’ve tried (MAC/BB I’m talking to you!), these actually show up true to color as opposed to just looking like various shades of black on my lids. These also wear exceptionally well. I hope they come out with more shades soon.

  12. I love gel liners, and it’s great that these come with 3 different colours in each pack, at a reasonable price. I may just have to check these out!
    .-= SoVeryFabulous’s last blog post… MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 =-.

  13. Emily says:

    i haven’t seen anyone else tackle this but can you take just one pot with you? or do they all screw/stack within eachother?

    • Christa says:

      Looks like the lids snap to the bottom of the containers, so you can carry them separately or snap them together, which is pretty neat.

      I’ve looked at these for awhile but didn’t want to try until someone else did. 🙂 Glad to hear they work on the waterline. I have yet to find anything in pencil form that works on my waterline. 😛

      Although, I do want to try the new Stila Smudgesticks. Karen- any idea how those are?

  14. amy says:

    The green in the green eye packaging is gorgeous.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… EOTD Smokey Teals: MAC Bough Grey, Birds & Berries, Vex and Shroom =-.

  15. Steph B says:

    Interesting. I’ve used the purple and brown from the brown eye trio and haven’t had any problem removing them. Even with just Cerave cleanser which doesn’t always take off liner.

  16. Fabienne says:

    Ooo these look lovely! Thank you for the succinct review with great swatches! You said it’s good enough for the waterline, and hard to take off; would you say they set quickly, thus not very smudge-able? How does the black show, is it a shiny absolute-black (no blues?)

    Thanks again, Karen!

  17. Lindsay says:

    dang, 10 minutes to remove? Sheesh crazies…. They sure look pretty though.
    .-= Lindsay’s last blog post… Purse Lust =-.

  18. Suzanne says:

    aaaw man, theyve just started stocking PF in Australia but these gems are nowhere to be found. eBay isnt even helping! woe is me 🙁
    .-= Suzanne’s last blog post… 10.0.06 made baby jesus cry =-.

  19. Diana K. says:

    I really want to try the hazel one! 3 gel liners that complement your eyes for half the cost of department store ones are definitely a must try!

  20. Stephanie says:

    I really love your haikus. They make my day!

  21. Sakura says:

    I’ve been thinking about giving the green eyes combo a spin, maybe I will!

  22. mint says:

    wow!! I’m definitely going to check these out soon! Thanks so much for the review 😀
    .-= mint’s last blog post… Chocolate and Easter. =-.

  23. Pinch says:

    The blue eyed one looks really pretty 🙂
    .-= Pinch’s last blog post… Trax with Satellite Dreams =-.

  24. bisbee says:

    Thanks for the review – I’m definitely going to try these. I have green eyes, but don’t think I’ll go for that set – I want something a bit more subtle!

  25. dallasbrowneyes says:

    I would definitely wear the colors in the brown eyes set. Love the purple!

  26. Esz says:

    Oh gosh these look awesome! I want! I hope they’re available in Australia!
    .-= Esz’s last blog post… Bugger. =-.

  27. gio says:

    Thanks for the swatches. The green eyes trio is tempting me, the colors are gorgeous and I don’t mind products that are hard to remove.
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Sunday Beauty Reads, 11/04/10 =-.

  28. Lily says:

    Love the Haiku review! haha
    the green swatch looks gorgeous, now I’m tempted to buy! If it truly stands up to my super oily lids then I wouldn’t mind the extra removal time.

  29. sam says:

    Hi Karen,

    Quick question! I have never been able to apply any sort of eye liner but I think it would really polish off my make up. Every one always makes it look so easy. What are your best application tips so I can too have perfect lined eyes?

    Thank you have a great weekend x

  30. Paula Rose says:

    oh my word!! I’ve been trying to track down a purple liner the same color that I saw on a model in Lucky mag and I think the brown eyes kit has it!!!!

  31. cosmeticqueeen says:

    wow, i have not seen these out yet!! definitely going to give them a try, as i am completely addicted to gel eyeliner.. thanks for sharing… and i like to take a q-tip and put cliniques all about eyes (eye cream) on the end and gently go over any makeup residue that my cleanser didnt remove.. it really works! the best method i have found yet… even takes off mac liquid last liner with little effort!

  32. Connie says:

    Thanks for the swatches! I’ve been asking a friend in New York to look for these but they’re nowhere to be found! 🙁
    .-= Connie’s last blog post… Quick Reviews: MAC Repromotes =-.

  33. DiAni says:

    I have both of these in blue and green eye trios. Love the blue, green, and cool purple shades. These smudge on me tho 🙁

  34. Jenny says:

    no rite aid, walgreens, target, ulta, or ANYWHERE carries this where i am (NW). ARG. and i theres no CVS here =( I really dont want to buy from CVS online b/c 1. they dont have all of them in stock, 2. I have $5 off coupons i want to use =(!

  35. kelley says:

    im debating between trying this one for the first time, or the maybeline one. ive never used gel liners and i dont know whether i’ll really like them or not. suggestions?
    .-= kelley’s last blog post… what to call myself =-.

  36. Philene says:

    Personally I don’t find $10 for 3 gel liners unreasonable at all. I’ve spent $22 EACH for Bobbi Brown liners without batting an eyelash. Still I resisted. I didn’t *need* another liner — or another anything! Lol. But tonight my local Jewel had them approximately half off! Sold! Then I saw there was an instant coupon for an additional $2 off at the register. Bonus! So I got 3 gel liners for less than $4. I can’t wait for PF to develop more colors!

  37. Emily says:

    Could you do a review of the new Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner Trio? They’re the same concept in an automatic pencil form. I heard they might actually be gel based, so kinda like these gel liners in a pencil? Maybe similar to the Tarte gel liner in a pencil. (Forgot the name)
    Emily recently posted … Hard Candy Glow All The Way Dupe for Benefit High Beam

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