Should You Bring the Paul & Joe Beaute Eye Liner WP & Eye Crayon Duo in Saint Tropez 001 to the Beach, Baby?

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Paul Joe Eyeliner from Saint Tropez 001 Duo

Few years ago I got to talking with a friend of mine who lived in Hawaii for some years. She said that while she lived there, she never once went in the ocean.

Paul Joe Eyeliner from Saint Tropez 001 Duo

Eyeliner from Saint Tropez 001 Duo Eye Crayon on the left and Eye Liner on the right

It kind of blew my mind. As a bonafide beach baby, I couldn’t fathom living in a place with warm, tropical water and not once stepping into it while you’re there. It’s everywhere around you, after all!

Paul Joe Eyeliner from Saint Tropez 001 Duo

Eyeliner from Saint Tropez 001 Duo

I know, different strokes for different folks, but if I could, I’d go swimming or surfing in that ocean every day…or at least every other day (everyone seems to say that, though, don’t they?).

Maybe that’s why Paul & Joe Beaute’s Beach Baby collection speaks to me…

Paul Joe Eye Crayon from Saint Tropez 001 Duo

The Eye Crayon from the Saint Tropez 001 Duo…

My travel arrangements are finally set for a return trip to Kauai this August! And I was hoping to bring along Paul & Joe’s Eye Liner WP & Eye Crayon Duo in Saint Tropez 001, partly because of how poetic I thought it would be to actually be a beach baby wearing Beach Baby to the beach.

I also struggle with packing…and dual-tipped products like these are good ways to save space.

Paul & Joe Beach Baby Collection 2

From the left: the Eye Liner and Eye Crayon from the Eyeliner WP & Eye Crayon Duo in Saint Tropez 001, the Gloss and Eye Gloss from the Eye Gloss & Lip Gloss Duo in Nice 02, and Bermuda Nail Enamel

One side’s a shimmery copper pencil shadow, and the other has a matte beige waterproof liner. After taking ’em out for a spin last weekend, I’m bummed to say that it looks like they probably won’t be coming with me to Kauai… I think they’ll be staying in the Bay Area with Tabs and his pet sitter.


I like the Eye Crayon, which glides across my skin. It has just the right amount of pigment, but it starts to mosey into my fine lines after 5-6 hours. And that’s when I wear it with a primer.

As for the liner half of this duo, it gives me trubs. While it lasts a long time and stands up well to water along both my lash and water lines, the application’s patchy and not smooth at all.

Oh, well… Points for cuteness, but probably not the best buddy for the beach.

PRICE: $24
AVAILABILITY: Limited edition, and one of five available now at Paul & Joe counters and online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Ruchita says:

    Too bad these products didn’t work out. The packaging is pretty.

    That’s awesome that you are going back to Kauai! It’s my favorite island. With selling our house and doing a new build, it may be a while before we get to go on a real vacation. In the meantime, I will live vicariously through you. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      And I will vicariously live through you and your yummy treats and multiple kitty family. Don’t tell Mingy, but Nina Kitty’s my crush these days. She’s so dainty and sweet! I can’t even fathom a 7-pound cat. I guess I’m so used to being held hostage by my 20-pound beast.

      Did the cats go out this weekend?

      • Ruchita says:

        Deal! I’ll be happy to share pix of the multiple kitties and sweet treats. πŸ™‚

        Nina is really a sweetheart. I can scoop her up with one hand. Mingy on the other hand is an armful. I’ll have to share this pic of me holding him – he is a giant! I think he’s got some tiger blood in him.

        It was really hot, but they spent some time hanging out in their outdoor enclosures. They’re spoiled, they each have their own!

        • Karen says:

          Haha, I think Tabs has tiger blood in him too. I don’t think I’ve ever picked him up with just one hand, now that I think about it…

          Kind of jealous that it was hot out your way! It’s been so cold and rainy here lately.

          That’s so cute that each kitty has his/her own private outdoor space. πŸ˜€ I’m thoroughly on board with spoiling the fur friends. We are thinking about building a fence in our front yard, which would allow both me and Tabs to hang out there more. If it happens, he’s definitely getting his own outdoor enclosure.

          • Ruchita says:

            That would be great if you guys could get some more outdoor time. I’m sure Tabs would love it.

            In my dream house I would have a special outdoor kitty enclosure that would be accessible via a pet door from the main house. That way they can come and go as they please and still be safe.

            Also, this may be weird, but I would have a kitty bathroom just for their litter boxes.

            And a separate part of the house to foster stray kittes.

            My cat lady brain has really thought this through. πŸ™‚

          • Karen says:

            I’ve seen elaborate outdoor enclosures like that. They usually lead from the main house to the yard with a fancy sort of kitty tube or a sky bridge. It’s awesome. When I finally win the lotto, I’m definitely going to hook that up. πŸ˜€

            Having a separate kitty bathroom isn’t weird at all. We have a second one upstairs that we jokingly call Tabs’ bathroom because that’s where we keep his litter box. In the time that we’ve lived here, I don’t think I’ve ever actually used the shower once because I think of it as the cat’s bathroom, hahaha!

            You will have to keep the kitty foster wing separate from the main wing… you don’t want Mingy getting territorial and jealous.

          • Ruchita says:

            Yep, all I need is a lottery ticket to fulfill my crazy cat lady dreams. I’m sure I could spare a donation to further the mission of Tabs the Cat Industries. πŸ™‚

          • Karen says:

            He would greatly appreciate it. You know it would all go to his custom wardrobe through, right? It’s primarily Chanel.

  2. Kim says:

    The textures do look really different in your pics. At least you can bring along the eye gloss to Kauai! πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Yes! I will be able to realize my dream of being a beach baby wearing Beach Baby. LOL! Thank goodness for beauty bucket lists.

      Is it still raining out your way? It’s drizzing here right now, but it’s unusually warm. We usually call this earthquake weather. *knocks on wood*

      • Kim says:

        Oh, no. I sometimes forget about that (earthquakes) because they’re so rare out here. I’ll be crossing my fingers for you! We had a few thunderstorms yesterday and today is supposed to be even more stormy. I’m a huge fan of watching lightning – when it’s not hitting anything – so it should be a cool day. πŸ™‚ My friend’s DirecTV receiver and 2 TVs were fried by lightning yesterday. So much for surge protectors. Total bummer for her.

        • Karen says:

          Thanks! I will take those crossed fingers. Lightning is cool, as long as it’s from afar. πŸ˜€ We usually get some here in the winter, not really in the summer. Oh no to your friend’s fried TVs! I shudder to think of not having Bravo.

          Hope you have a nice Wednesday. I’m already ready for the weekend! Have things slowed down for you at work?

  3. Tennyoceres says:

    Why does Paul & Joe have to be so hard to come by? They’re soooooo pretty. I got Paul & Joe eyeshadows last year at the giant Duty Free in Waikiki. Only when I flew black did I realize I found rare makeup gems. The lip gloss duo makes me curious. I really should have sampled the lip gloss when I was shopping.

    Don’t forget to remind Tabs to roll around once in a while. A tan shouldn’t be on one side =D

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tennyoceres,

      If you don’t mind ordering online, they carry Paul & Joe on I’ve ordered a few things from them and have been quite happy.

      Oh, and I know the exact store you’re talking about in Waikiki. The Paul & Joe section is intense! Did you get to check out Anna Sui while you were there, too?

      • Tennyoceres says:

        Oh yes and it smelled so good! I bought a baby blue and lilac highlighter/blush compact from Anna Sui. I use it everyday and I still can’t hit the pan o_o

        • Karen says:

          I remember when Sephora used to carry her line. I really liked it. I still wear her perfume (the one in the purple bottle) all the time. It’s been about 10 years or so!

  4. Aw, too bad it was a letdown πŸ™ But ehh, it happens.
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  5. Trisha says:

    I wanna go to Hawaii. πŸ™

    There are no tropical beaches in Montana. Sadness.
    Trisha recently posted … Nails of the Day: Blue With White Splotches?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Trisha,

      Montana has its own type of beauty too! I went there was and was blown away by the natural landscape. How long have you lived there?

  6. Rachel says:

    I hear you, Karen! The summer I spent doing an internship on the coast of New Jersey was one of the best of my life! I went to the beach almost every day! The warm, calm waters of the Atlantic Ocean are so much nicer than the pacific! ( which is beautiful too, but not so good for swimming!)

  7. evo says:

    I’m jealous…I was in Waikiki a few weeks ago. I want to go back…I was so relaxed when I was there. Plus I still need to do more touristy stuff…

  8. Monica P says:

    Heading to Oahu in Sept! Can’t wait!

    Love the makeup .. pretty colors.

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  9. Lisa says:

    I just randomly thought about how I kind of take the ocean for granted (Cali girl here!) It will always be there. It’s always been there. I have a friend in Ohio who came to visit and was just enraptured when we went to Ocean Beach. Kind of made me look at it differently.

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more. I got the Eye Liner WP & Eye Crayon in Fiji and while I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging, the shade pairing, the convenience, etc., the wear-time was not so good at all :/ definitely was disappointed because I would have loved to rock that duo all summer long!
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  11. Keri says:

    Cutest swatches!

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