Experience Unknown Pleasures (Like Whiter Teeth) When You Wear the New Fall/Winter 2014 Lip Tars From Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

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OCC Lip Tar in Vain

OCC Lip Tar in Vain ($18)

Through some weird illusionary makeup magic/trick of light, blue lip products are supposed to make your teeth look whiter, but I dunno… Do my teeth look whiter in these pics? I’m wearing OCC’s new Lip Tar in Vain.

I seriously cannot tell; all I see are those blue lips.


They’re just so…blue.

OCC Lip Tar in Vain

Wait — I can’t tell. Can you see my teeth in this pic?? 🙂

OCC explores the boundaries between light and shadow in their fall/winter 2014 Unknown Pleasures collection. Vain is one of the six new $18 Lip Tars in the release.

OCC Unknown Pleasures Collection Lip Tars f rom the left: Covet, Lament, Manhunger, Technopagan, Vain and Pagan

OCC Unknown Pleasures Collection Lip Tars from the left in Covet, Lament, Manhunter, Technopagan, Vain and Pagan

Most of the time when liquid lipsticks dry down, they form an impermeable film on my lips, which is usually long-wearing (yay!), but also very drying (boo!).

Unlike run-of-the-mill liquid lipsticks, which tend to bleed my lips of every milliliter of moisture like Edward Cullen on a bender, the Lip Tars stay wet from start to finish, so they don’t form a drying film.

But the wet texture also leads these to scoot beyond my natural lip line, so it helps to be mindful of rubbing your lips together, especially with the darker shades.

OCC Lip Tar in Covet

Lip Tar in Covet

OCC Lip Tar in Lament

Lip Tar in Lament

OCC Lip Tar in Technopagan

Lip Tar in Technopagan

And speaking of the darker shades…when they fade, they wear down to a deep, almost impossibly difficult to remove stain. I have to use several makeup wipes, two different oil cleansers and three cotton pads saturated with Trish McEvoy Long-Wear Face and Eye Makeup Remover to remove all traces of the black and the blue.

The Lip Tars are non-sticky and have a pepperminty flavor and scent. Wear time varies from 2-3 hours for the nude shades to 4-5 for the darker ones.

OCC Lip Tar in Pagan

Lip Tar in Pagan

The blackened purple matte shade, Pagan — ahh! Remember Pure Heroine, the lipstick from the MAC Lorde collection? Blackened purple Pagan is what I wished Pure Heroine had looked like.

Pure. Awesome.


Reddish orange Metallic Manhunter is also worthy of note, I think, mostly because of this: it’s a glitter-fest. Kind of like a glittery golden liquid lipstick version of MAC Lady Danger. The glitter doesn’t really show itself in these pics, but it’s there… Oh, it’s there. Up in yo’ face!

OCC Lip Tar in Manhunter

Lip Tar in Manhunter

All six new $18 Lip Tars arrive August 5 at sephora.com and occmakeup.com, and September 19 at Sephora stores and at OCC’s flagship boutique in New York, which is located at 174 Ludlow St. between Houston St. and Stanton St. in the Lower East Side.

I’m not sure if they’re limited edition or permanent yet, but I reached out to my contacts at OCC and will update this post when I find out. 🙂

PRICE: $18 each
AVAILABILITY: August 5 at sephora.com and occmakeup.com, and September 19 at Sephora stores and at the OCC flagship boutique in New York

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Covent and Lament are pretty. Techopagan looks really good on you although I am not sure what people would think if you wore it to Trader Joe’s, lol.
    Agata recently posted … Hair color for fall

  2. Stephanie says:

    Ahhh! I need those dark colors in my life. Well, not if they don’t come off, but. I so want to be that edgy.

  3. fancie says:

    You make EVERYTHING look good! I love them all on you! Especially the deeper shades. You pulled those off effortlessly!
    fancie recently posted … Milani Fuchsia Color Statement Lip Liner Review

  4. Qurat says:

    Oh man, Vain and Technopagan look AMAZING. I’m also loving Vain on you in the first pic, you’re so working it, haha. I’m so glad colors like this are being released more often, I just wish I saw more people wearing them in public. But I guess be the change you wish to see and all that.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Qurat,

      I would love to see more people wearing shades like this too. I think it’s super cool to see editorial-style makeup on the street.

      My town is kinda small and I’d definitely get some funny looks if I rocked this at the grocery store. Next time I go to the MAC counter, though, it’s ON! 😀

      Hope your week is off to a good start. Got any exciting plans?

      • Qurat says:

        I’ve worn teal/blue lips out a few times and surprisingly, most people don’t seem to notice or care. To be fair, I’ve only done it on like late night grocery runs so far, nothing early in the morning or middle of the afternoon so that might help. D;

        Just spending some quality time with the fam and the garden before I head back to school in a few weeks! Hope your week is good, Karen!

        • Karen says:

          Hi Qurat,

          I kind of LOVE that you wear crazy lip colors to the grocery store in the middle of the night. WERK!

          Ooh, what’s currently growing in your garden? Anything ripe and ready to eat? I’ve decided to wait to pick my green bell peppers. Hopefully they’ll turn a lovely shade of red!

          • Qurat says:

            Hahaha, thank you, Karen. People who like to freak out small town citizens/their neighbors unite!

            Jalapenos, anaheim peppers, cilantro, sweet peas, tomatoes, some mint, and sage. I’ve already plucked a few tomatoes and peppers and they’ve been good so far! Oooh, I love a good red bell pepper, yummmm, good luck with your garden.

  5. Vanessa says:

    Vain and technopagan are gorgeous 🙂

  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Karen! I have to say you look stunning in techno pagan, pagan, and manhunter. Also, I was wondering if you’ve ever tried Cle de Peau concealer?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amanda,

      OK, so you’re about the 20th person to mention that concealer in the last week! 🙂 Apparently I am the last person on earth who hasn’t tried it yet. I swatched it years ago and was a little worried about it looking dry on me. My under eye situation is hurting in terms of moisture, and everything — I’m talking EVERYTHING — looks dry underneath that area. Do you use the Cle de Peau concealer?

  7. Sarah says:

    I think you need to wear Technopagan every single day for the rest of your life. It looks STUNNING on you!!!

  8. Icequeen81 says:

    I wont wear them, but I have to say that techno pagan has something very chilly and interesting

    • Karen says:

      Hi Icequeen, It seems like that one is a winner. What do you think of the other shades? Would you ever rock the red?

      • Icequeen81 says:

        The red is pretty, but I am so afraid of shade that lean to orange, they tend to make your teeth looks yellowish. And the other shade not sure if they will work for me, I had once tried MAC angel and it made me look sick.

        Just trail and error. But I have to admit lip tar has some shades in their other collection that are really intriguing.

  9. Martha Nelson says:

    There is something about technopagan – I wonder if a lighter application would look more subtle.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Martha, Hmm! I haven’t tried it with a light hand. Will have to give it a go. 🙂 What do you think of the other shades? Did any catch your eye?

  10. Technopagan is quite something.. so metallic.. so gothic.. so edgy.. as u said.. 😉 .. I have done a black lip look inspired from you few months back..now I am all excited to don these metallic blue/violet liquid on lips and scaree.. no surprise people around!! 🙂
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Maybelline Color Sensational Pink Alert Lipstick Pow1 Review, Swatch, LOTD

  11. Kim says:

    Those pack some major punch! I always think your teeth look very white, but esp when you’re wearing a cooler red. It’s hard to see past the blue in Vain, as you say! I agree that Pagan looks super cool on you – that’s definitely one for the UPS guy. 🙂

  12. Leenda says:

    So do you think I could use one of the bluer shandes and mix with another lipstick or gloss to give me more blue? If so which would you recommend? Techopagan is so hot on you! Thank you for all you do!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Leenda,

      Technically, yes, you could do that. However, the blue is very dark, so it will deepen whatever you mix it with. If you want to brighten up your lip shade you might want to use something like Pool Boy.

  13. kellly says:

    I like Technopagan and might actually get one. I’m really into purple lately and that’s a great pure purple color.
    LOVE your expressions in the pictures where you’re wearing Vain!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Technopagan’s getting a lot of love! I think it’s cool that so many gals would wear an unusual shade.

      So, I’m dying to know what purples you like…I think I need more purple lipsticks in my life.

  14. Majick says:

    Karen you ROCK all those shades. THey really look great – especially technopagan – SO METALLIC. Alas, I did not care for the formula of the lip tars but I think the colors are outrageous. I really wanted to like them. I’m always trying black, blue, purple, but seriously have to be careful I don’t “try too hard”.

    I have a Kat Von D lippie called Adora and it’s a red metallic. I thought it would surely go the way of the drag queen (and I say that with a LOT of love) but surprizingly enough it’s really wearable, even for me at over 50.

    THanks for actually putting them on your kisser and pouting for us. Love to Tabs.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Majick,

      I’m with you on trying to not try to hard. I think what helps is to keep the rest of the look relatively simple. Super clean eyes, cheeks and skin, and lots of lashes, of course.

      And LOL, I got mad love for drag queen lips, as you already know!

      Tabs says “Mrrow!” He’s been very cranky lately. The weather has been really nice and all he wants to do is play outside. He still doesn’t quite understand that he’s an indoor kitty now.

  15. Michele DiCola says:

    I ordered the Ahava it was a good buy at Nordstrom !
    NYX is sold at CVS here on the East coast,
    I don’t like the blue lips ; they look like Halloween ,
    Have a great week , Karen,

    • Karen says:

      Hi Michele,

      Yes, considering that the bottles were huge and you got two of ’em…what a great deal! Did you pick anything else up from the sale?

  16. Rebecca says:

    That technopagan look fantastic on you!

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