NYX’s New Pin-Up Tease and Le Frou Frou Holiday Mascaras Tantalized Me With Type

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Font freak time!


I couldn’t wait to try NYX’s new Le Frou Frou and Pin-Up Tease Mascaras (about $9 each) mainly because of the typography on the tubes. The letter styling reminds me of the phase I went through in fifth grade when I was obsessed with fonts from the 1930s…

Yes, I was/am a nerd.


These are so brand-spankin’ new that they aren’t available for sale yet on the NYX website, but they are a holiday release and should be arriving on shelves soon.

Top pic: naked lashes; bottom pic: wearing two layers of Le Frou Frou on the left and two layers of Pin-Up Tease on the right

Pin-Up Tease

My favorite of the two, its fortes are curling and separation. The smooth, non-clumping formula glides along lashes, adding definition and propping up the curl. Results last a good, long while without smudging (all day), but you know me — unless it delivers drag-worthy length and volume, mama ain’t about to get down. I still think Pin-Up Tease is a solid performer, though, and perfect for gals looking for a natural, curled lash look with just a little kick.

Le Frou Frou

Designed for length and volume, jet black Le Frou Frou does plump and lengthen my lashes, but it also causes curls to almost immediately deflate. I love the color, but find myself craving more — more length, more volume and more/better curl hold. If you’re naturally blessed with thick, full, long and curly lashes (lucky!) and just want better lash separation, Le Frou Frou might be a great fit.

Le Frou Frou on the left and Pin-Up Tease on the right

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Caitlin says:

    Are the captions for your right(you in the pics) or my right(looking straight at the pics)?

  2. BooBooNinja says:

    If your left is my right and “Pin-Up Tease on the right” is referring to my right and not your right (tee hee — I’m being a brat), then my vote is a resounding YES for Pin-Up Tease on you.
    Having a mascara that keeps my curl is a criterion for any mascara purchase of mine.
    I’m currently trialling the Fairy Drops original (?) mascara. It’s the one in the non-metallic pink packaging.

  3. snowbird01 says:

    I’m looking forward to getting the Pin-Up. Thanks for the scoop. On Asian Makeup Diaries I will be posting my fav mascaras. It is so hard to find a good mascara for the Asian lashes.

  4. Chris25 says:

    Pin Up Tease is the one I’d try. 🙂

  5. Laura says:

    These look weak. It hardly looks like you’re wearing anything at all! = /

  6. Kim says:

    They definitely give you natural looking lashes. You know I’m a go drag or go home kind of gal, so they wouldn’t be for me. That said, I do like the font and the names. Something about frou frou always makes me giggle. 🙂

  7. Jill says:

    i’m with you on the drag-worthy length and volume! what’s your fave mascara? i’m always looking for a new HG!

  8. Julliah says:

    I have fairly long and thick eyelashes but they won’t hold a curl, any suggestions?

  9. Marie says:

    That shadow is so pretty! What is it?

  10. I love font types too! And you’re always very creative with them. =)

  11. archel says:

    These are waaaaaay too natural looking for me. I will stick to my Clinique High Impact…

  12. Joyful J says:


    I was wondering if anyone has ever tried blinc mascara, which is more like tubeles encoating the lashes? They are supposed to be better than water proof mascaras and less irritating to those with sensitive eyes and contact wearers. Does anyone have any experience with this type of mascara?


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