Ready, Set, Contour! The Nifty $19 NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette

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NP Set Contour Highlight Palette

That’s the new $19 NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette on my cheeks

OK, I know it’s almost $20, which puts NP Set’s new Contour & Highlight Palette firmly on the high end of the budget/drugstore makeup spectrum, but please don’t let that sway you from giving it some thought, because it’s a close cousin of one of my favorite products from the Hourglass Cosmetics line.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette closeup

From the left: a golden beige highlighter, bronzer, peach blush and a pink highlighter

It has it all! — almost. Everything you need to sculpt and brighten your skin, like a warm, golden coppery bronzer similar to NARS Laguna, but with a satin finish; a peach blush with a sheen finish; and two highlighters, one, a neutral light pink, and the other, a warm golden beige.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette

An overhead shot…

If you’re angling for sun-kissed California girl skin, the bronzer and blush do it to it, babe. I’d probably use the bronzer more to add overall warmth, though, than to do any heavy-duty cheek chiseling, but overall warmth is exactly what I want when I’m rushing to get out the door.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette in hand for size

With paw for scale…

So that’s the bronzer — a solid performer — but it’s not my favorite thing about this palette…

That distinction goes to the highlighters. πŸ™‚

Are you familiar with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders? Well, these are like those, but they cost less than half as much ($22 versus $45, unless we’re talking about this holiday set).

Similar sheen, buttery texture and gentle brightening effect. The lighter shade on the far left of the palette resembles Dim Light, while the pink shade on the opposite end channels Mood Light.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette swatches

Swatches from the left: the golden beige highlighter, bronzer, blush and pink highlighter

I wouldn’t say they’re exact dupes, though, as I think the NP Set highlighters create a more muted glow than the slightly more radiant effect created by the Hourglass Ambients.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette packaging

Even the packaging’s got a cool Cali vibe

I also think the Ambients last significantly longer (like all day long) on my skin; the NP Set highlighters (and the blush and bronzer, too) begin to lose steam after 5-6 hours, but that’s not bad.

NP Set Contour Highlight Palette

Sleek and chic

I like what NP Set has done with this palette. A lot. Because the products are so useful, and it’s nice having them all in one place, it has busy mornings written all over it.

Wearing the new NP Set Contour & Highlight Palette ($19) on my cheeks

I’m also wearing the Artist’s Palette by Laura Mercier on my eyes and Naked Lipstick by Urban Decay on my lips

Even if you’re strictly a blush gal, or you never wear cheek products, I think it’s at least worth a swipe, if only to feel the lush, silky powders (imagine touching RyGos’s mane after he does a 10-minute deep conditioning hair mask). πŸ™‚

PRICE: $19
AVAILABILITY: Available now online and at Target stores

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Do you ever go to Pasta Pomodoro? It’s good, right? We went to dinner there tonight. Yup, sometimes nothing hits the spot like a big plate of pasta.

But then there’s the inevitable food coma that ensues, Zzzzz…


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  1. hanna says:

    I love the packaging on this! And the products seem really nice too.
    hanna recently posted … Braces Didn’t Do Anything

  2. Xuvious says:

    It’s a nice combo! I really like the blush shade. πŸ™‚
    Xuvious recently posted … Just Swatches : Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

  3. The blush and the pink highlighter are so pretty! Would love to own this one.

  4. The blush and the pink highlighter look so pretty! Would love to own this one!
    sahana ramanand recently posted … Dark Princess | Halloween Makeup & Outfit Tutorial 2013

  5. Sylvia says:

    I do love a good face palette (not enough brands do them) and the blush in this one is stunning!
    Sylvia recently posted … My Top 10 Dark & Vampy Lip Products

  6. Agata says:

    This face palette looks great. I will have to have a look at it next time I am at target. Btw, I have a jacket with the same exact print and it looks like the fabric is the same too πŸ™‚

  7. Yasmine says:

    This is a really great review. I love having a look around at other bloggers content for inspiration.

  8. Looks like a nice palette. But of course you can make anything look fantastic πŸ™‚
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Giveaway + review | Covergirl LipPerfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in 225 Rose Twist

  9. Gowthami says:

    Like the blush shade very muchh πŸ™‚

  10. Danielle says:

    I’ve been really into these sort of cheek palettes lately. I find them very handy, especially for traveling or just keeping in your makeup bag.
    Danielle recently posted … Ipsy October 2013

  11. The palette looks really nice with the higlighter, contours and blush.. It’s like a all in one palette.. Lovng ur application.. it has really brigtened up ur high points πŸ™‚
    poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … What Am I Wearing Today: Lakme Sabhyasachi Inspired Fishtail Eye Liner

  12. Ruby says:

    I’m in my 30’s already but I’m just now learning about highlightes! Where have I been, right? This looks like a good set to buy so I can start learning the how to’s on highlighting and contouring. Thanks for the tip.

  13. Chris25 says:

    This would make a good gift for a makeup lover. πŸ™‚
    Chris25 recently posted … Blog Sale #3

  14. Chic Lapin says:

    I think it can come in handy and it’s kinda cute but I never contour my face, dunno why lol. I’m the worst, I just sweep my blusher on and that’s all for me… πŸ˜› It looks gorgeous on you though.
    Chic Lapin recently posted … F/W Drugstore Foundations Review, Pictures & Swatches. Part II: Essence’s All About Matt! Foundation. Bases de Maquillaje Otoño/Invierno 2013. Parte II: All About Matt! de Essence.

  15. Maggie says:

    Going to have to check this out next time I’m in Target. I have been eyeing the Hourglass Ambient Powders but have put off purchasing bc I haven’t seen swatches of the one’s I’m considering on skintone like mine (NC20). Dim Light and Mood Light are some of the one’s I’ve been considering and seriously…? People use these “highlighters” all over their skin?

  16. Caitlin says:

    This looks gorgeous, as does the price!!!

  17. Rachel P says:

    My attention got scattered when RyGos’s freshly conditioned hair was mentioned. Sigh..

  18. Bree says:

    What a neat little palette. Karen I love your blazer! Super cute, where did you get it?

  19. nicole o. says:

    i just found this set at marshalls for $4.99 tonight , so i googled some swatches/reviews .

    SO excited to find out that the highlighters are very similar to the hourglass ambient powders .

    can’t wait to play around with it !

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