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Target set the beauty world ablaze earlier this month with the release of three new prestige beauty lines — JK Jemma Kidd, Pixi by Petra Strand and NP Set by Napoleon Perdis.


NP Set, by famed Australian makeup artist Napoleon Perdis, may look a little familiar to Perdis fans. The logo harkens back to his first major makeup release, aptly named Napoleon Perdis. The line sells at Ulta stores and at a slightly higher price point than Target’s NP Set.

But that’s the beauty of Target, right? — good prices on quality merch.

What Sets NP Set Apart?

The new line is huge, with more than 80 face, lip and cheek products priced between $12-$30. NP Set bridges the gap between the other two big beauty lines to launch at Target, combining the color vastness and artistry of the JK Jemma Kidd line with the breezy fun of Pixi by Petra Strand.

Breezy, Elegant Packaging

The subtle tropical colors, clean lines and minimalist packaging evoke beach umbrellas and rolling surf — a sense of relaxed elegance, which even carries over to the glossy white compacts and lipstick tubes.

Pretty Colors and Textures, But Limited Staying Power

I tested five items from the line, and most delivered nice texture and beautiful, pigmented color.

There are several things I like about these products, but the one issue that consistently came up was their staying power.

I had trouble keeping this stuff put! For some reason the items I tried weren’t as long-lasting as the products by Pixi or JK Jemma Kidd, fading and creasing within hours, so, if there’s any room for improvement in the NP Set line, that’s it.

Of the items I tested, my favorites were the eye and lip products.

NP Set by Napoleon Perdis Show Loose Dust Duo in Australia, $26

Dust Duo, a double-sided eyeshadow duo, has built-in sponge tip applicators perfect for gals on the go.

I tried Australia, a duo with a shimmery peachy-gold and a shimmery forest green. Both of the shades applied beautifully, with loads of pigmentation and very fine flecks of glitter. Blending and smudging were effortless, too. If only Australia, like the other products I tried from the line, had a bit more staying power … le sigh! I applied it in the morning before work, and it was literally gone by lunch (and that was even WITH a layer of Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer underneath).

NP Set by Napoleon Perdis Eyeliner in Dubai, $19

Dubai eyeliner, a deep matte green, applies rich and dark, and lining with it couldn’t be easier. It’s magically smooth, with barely any tugging at the delicate skin around my eyes.

The formula contains jojoba oil, which the NP Set folks credit for the creamy texture.

This is a very nice pencil, incredibly emollient and smooth, but, like the Dust Duo shadow, it fades quickly! Maybe it would work better for you if the skin around your eyes is dry. I suspect skin oil may have something to do with the staying power issue.

NP Set by Napoleon Perdis Lipstick in Denver, $15

Of the products I tried, Denver was the only one whose limited staying power didn’t both me, and I think that’s because, like most women who wear lipstick, I’m used to having to reapply it throughout the day.

Denver has two-hour staying power — not great but not bad. It’s a light shade, almost nude, and applies very sheer. It feels as light and thin as it looks, more like a moisturizing lip treatment than a lipstick. I don’t mind the subtle licorice scent, either, and the faint waxy taste dissipates quickly. I think it’s a very pretty shade, great for a nude lip look, and would make a perfect companion for smokey eyes.

NP Set by Napoleon Perdis Cruise Blush in Artic, $18

I really like the dewy transparency of the sheer cheek products in NP Set. Cruise Blush, a creamy stick blush, looks and feels like “lipstick” for cheeks.

I tried Cruise Blush in Artic, a sheer brown with a wet finish, applying it directly onto the applies of my cheeks after foundation. It delivered a natural, sheer flush, but, like the other NP Set products I tried, Cruise Blush fades quickly, lasting a maximum of four hours on my cheeks.

NP Set by Napoleon Perdis Baked Powder in Blush, $20

I also played with Baked Powder in Blush, a sheer, shimmery highlighter duo with a light shimmery pink and a deep shimmery rose.

This puppy wasn’t one of my favorites, although I like the shimmer. The texture of the powder felt grainy to the touch. After dusting it on my cheeks, I could actually see it sitting on top of my skin, almost like tiny grains of sugar or sand.


NP Set Scores in Color and Packaging But Ultimately Misses the Mark

There’s a lot to like about NP Set — excellent packaging and beautiful, wearable colors — but I expected a little more staying power for the price.

Target has really impressed me lately. Let’s hope they keep up the good work!

More Great Beauty Brands at Target

  • JK Jemma Kidd: With modern colors and provocative packaging, the JK Jemma Kidd line for Target is designed to be stylish enough for the catwalk yet still wearable and affordable enough for the everyday woman.
  • Pixi by Petra Strand: Pixi takes a simple, easy-to-use “You, but only better” approach to makeup, and the line features a wide array of more than 90 eye, lip and face products, as well as makeup tools at a reasonable $12-$39 each.
  • Sonia Kashuk Brushes: Confession time! I keep the powder brush on my work desk and periodically rub it all over my face for no reason other than to feel its softness against my skin. It sends me into a state of minor ecstasy.
  • Sonia Kashuk Cream Blush: These highly pigmented blushes feel so soft and creamy to the touch that I’m tempted to grab a knife and spread ‘em on toast. Try these with the Sonia’s Synthetic Flat Top Blusher Brush.
  • Sonia Kashuk Sheer Lip Glossing: Hot drugstore gloss alert! Sonia Kashuk’s Lip Glossing with No-Feather Pencil creates color-rich, high-shine lips!
  • Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Duo in Double Whammy: Sonia Kashuk’s Eye Shadow Duo in Double Whammy offers two very pretty MAC-like dupes for a quarter the price.
  • Sonia Kashuk Blue Lagoon Eye Shadow Quad: I use this quad when I’m in the mood for a fun blue/teal eye!

If you’re curious about NP Set, definitely look into the eye products and lipsticks. I think they shine as stars of the line.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. betsy says:

    Ah, too bad about the lack of lasting quality!
    The line really looked and sounded so promising.

    …not that we get Target in Canada anyway…grumblegrumble

    betsys last blog post..Memories from France III: Hello Poppy

  2. Theresa says:

    Huh, weird about the lack of staying power. I checked these out when I was in Target last week, but I didn’t pick anything up. I did get the Pixi LipBlush in Happiness on your recommendation, though, and I love it! Thanks for the rec.

  3. Karen says:

    Hi Betsy,

    Yeah, I know. The colors are so beautiful, and I really like the packaging though. Dunno, maybe if I’m motivated I’ll try different primers and tricks and whatnot to make it work!

    Do you like living in Canada? I went to Vancouver once when I was a child, but would like to go back for vacay some day.

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Theresa,

    So happy to hear that you like that LipBlush. One thing I’ve found is that it’s very pretty underneath glosses… try it with a few of your faves. 🙂

  5. Judy says:

    Random question here – I used to use the gel blush by Clinique, but to my horror – they discontinued it – and I’ve been looking for one just like it (or better) since then. I’m a big fan of the formula. What products would you recommend?

  6. p. potter says:


    Another beauty blog recommended the Sonia Kashuk bent eyeliner brush from Target. I went yesterday to pick one up, and found they were sold out. I drove to ANOTHER Target and I managed to grab the last one they had.

    I LOVE IT.

    Have you tried it? I used it with my MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack. I’ll never go back!

    p. potters last blog post..Casual Encounters of the Third Kind

  7. Louise Gray says:

    Hi Dearest,
    I scoped out NP products at one of our local Sephoras before they discontinued carrying them. They were outrageously high priced
    and I really didn’t see what all the hype was about. I am sure that these are not the same items that Sephora carried but they are similar in that they both lack distinction. So I am glad this is one line that I will not be coveting!! Louisse

  8. Glosslizard says:

    I have such weird makeup issues, I’ll cheerfully spend the money to buy a Chanel lipgloss, and then balk at spending more than $6 on a drugstore product! Somehow, the Target products just aren’t feeding my soul! 🙁 The one exception is the line of Sonia Kashuk brushes, I am slowly buying them all! 🙂

  9. Dao says:

    The loose shadow duo is similar to those Victoria’s Secret beauty rush eye shadows, only much more expensive. I find this line very uninteresting and pale. The pressed powder is really smooth though, too bad the staying power is not that good.

    Daos last blog post..Olive Oil: More than for Salads

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Judy,

    Oh no! Don’t you hate it when that happens? Unfortunately I never tried that product from the Clinique line, so I can’t comment on the texture. Looking at the pictures of the packaging, though, I’m guessing that it’s similar to “Pinch Your Cheeks” by the Origins. I’ve used that before in the past and I like the natural flush it gives, plus, it’s easy to use and only costs $11. Here’s a link to the product:

    Origins Pinch Your Cheeks Blush

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  11. Karen says:

    Hi P. Potter,

    Damn that brush. I’ve been wanting it for the last few months, and every time I go to Tar-ghay it’s MIA. GAHHHHH!

    I am glad you’ve got it, though. I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

    *looks at Blacktrack with sad eyes*

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Louise Gray,

    Yah, I played with the line a few times while I was at Sephora. It’s okay; I just never was moved enough to pursue it.

    Save those pennies for your upcoming Chanel date, WOOOT!

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    I hear ya. I am okay with spending a bit on drugstore as long as it’s good. And yay for the Sonia Kashuk brushes!

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    It has many positives; I find myself drawn a bit more to both Pixi and JK Jemma Kidd.

  15. Marisol says:

    Thank you for such a thorough review. The Dubai liner is calling my name.

    Marisols last blog post..TILT 9.18.08

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Marisol,

    You’re welcome. It’s a very pretty green — maybe try it with a matching color on top to give it a bit more staying power.

  17. Kelley says:

    Thank you so much for reviewing these!! I have had my eye on them for a while and will pass for now. Good info!

  18. Elle says:

    I still can’t bring myself to shell out $26 for one beauty product at Target. I don’t really know why…maybe it’s because that $26 usually goes towards contact solution and TP when I’m there… 😉

    I tried the NP products at Sephora and also wasn’t wowed…but those lip gloss sets I got for 50% off will make really good Christmas gifts this year.

  19. Erin says:

    Have you tried the shimmey liquid bronzer stuff from NP Set? It looks so pretty in the bottle, I am tempted to buy it!

  20. Okyanus says:

    I tried the NP products while at Target a few weeks ago and, to be honest, both my sister and I thought it was a bunch of overpriced crap. You could go to a department store and get something better if not for the same price, then for a few dollars more.

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Kelley,

    You’re welcome. : ) Have a good Thursday!

  22. Karen says:

    Hi Elle,

    LOL, I love buying contact solution at Tar-ghay. It’s the only place I’ll purchase it… dunno why it kills me so much to plop down the $9 for the non-Target brand ones.

  23. Karen says:

    Hi Erin,

    I haven’t tried it! I am not the biggest fan of liquid bronzers… I prefer stick or powder form because I find it easier to work with.

  24. Karen says:

    Hi Okyanus,

    Yeah, the line isn’t for everybody. I could see why it would appeal to some, though, because I did like the colors… I just wish the staying power was longer.

  25. Bisi says:

    Thanks for the reviews, Karen.

    Well this is slightly disappointing news – the line looks like it has potential, but if the staying power isn’t there, I’ll have to skip it and stick to JK Jemma Kidd and Pixi. I have heard some people say that the NP Set powder is to die for, but I love my Studio Fix. The only other thing I am curious about is the tinted moisturizer in the line… I need a tinted moisturizer and don’t want to shell out the $ for La Mer when I could get that Chanel Quad instead!

  26. the_empre55 says:

    The memory foudnation was worth forking over $30. I thought I was a true-believer in Laura Mercier’s tinted moisterizer until i tried Perdis’ forumula. it has a little more coverage but still looks very natural and seamless. Really, the only draw back is that it does not include SPF, but since I use a seperate product with SPF 40, it was a deal-breaker. It lasts through-out the work day. I reapply right before night class and it looks just as fresh.

  27. Bellbonne says:

    I bought the Perdis eyeliner pencils in blue, green and purple. They are beautiful! I don’t mind the bit of smudging that eventually happens–looks kind of decadent and out-all-night …….The lipstick was another story–I bought Havana and it literally slid off my lips. Now I am wearing Peking which is still pretty creamy for a “matte” lipstick, but the color is so pretty I don’t mind reapplying after an hour or so. As for Sonia Kashuk, I am addicted to the eyemakeup remover–just as good as Lancome at 1/2 the price!

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