Nexxus Dualiste Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner: No More Knotty Hair!

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I’ve liked having long hair, but I’m *knot* a fan of the extra work. It takes longer to wash, longer to dry, longer to style and longer to color and condition.


Long hair even takes longer to shop for! I spend way more time looking for shampoos and conditioners that not only hydrate but also deal with all of the tangles than I did when my hair was short.

I’ve been using a new line of shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair for about a week now. It’s called Dualiste, and it’s by Nexxus.

When it comes to knotty hair, the Dualiste products are like the strict parents and have finally gotten my hair to behave.

I’ve had significantly fewer tangles and knots since I started using the products and even noticed a difference after the first time. My fingers and brush slipped right through my hair.

Dualiste hasn’t stopped with the knots, either. It enhances shine and moisturizes my hair as well. Plus, it’s been easy to tolerate. No flaking or freaky scalp, which can happen to me when I try new shampoos or conditioners.

Both products have a light coconut scent that dissipates shortly after use, so they spare me from having to walk around smelling like a fruity tropical drink… not that there’s anything wrong with that, LOL!

My hair loves this stuff.

I’m going to see if I can find it on sale because it is kind of pricey, but for colored, knotty hair, I think it’s worth a look.

Nexxus Dualiste Anti-Breakage Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: $11-16
Use: To cleanse, untangle and condition color-treated hair
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A

Weird dreams

The lizard in my dream looked like this skink but was five times bigger and SCARIER!


A nightmare woke me up early this morning… It took place in the neighborhood here. I was being hunted by a giant skink lizard that would leap at me and chomp down on my purse. Luckily, it must have had weak jaws or something because it would let go each time and then resume the chase. In typical dream fashion, this cycle of chomping went on for what seemed like forever.

On the bright side, at least the lizard wasn’t aiming for my appendages. No, it was obsessed with my purse. Gah! Reptiles freak me out.

Have any good/bad dreams last night? LOL, try to keep it clean…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Kim says:

    LOL girl, what are you watching (or eating) before bedtime? You must be doing SOMETHING to make this kind of stuff pop up.

    I’ve considered trying Dualiste but I can’t seem to part with my Paul Mitchell Clarifying shampoo and Pantene’s Nature Fusion. I use them on alternate days. You see, my curls are not good for Pantene… it always seems to make my hair greasy and kind of knotty or hay-like. But when I alternate to my Clarifying, it does wonders! 😀

    I love finding new ways of using crappy shampoos, LOL!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      LOL, I don’t know! I’ve been drinking herbal Sleepytime Tea to relax but I dunno if it’s helping the situation. 🙂

      Paul Mitchell takes me BACK! Have you ever used his Awapuhi stuff? It was big in the late 80s.

  2. Kim says:

    Call me crazy, but I’ve NEVER heard of Awapuhi. I’d been having trouble finding a good champ of a shampoo and finally I caved and spent more than 5 dollars on a quality shampoo and haven’t gone back since LOL.

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE sleepytime tea. You should try Tension Tamer from Celestial Seasonings. I love that stuff when I generally just feel blah.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      It’s totally old school. The shampoo and conditioner smells really good — very fresh and light.

      Ooh! I haven’t tried Tension Tamer. I should probably pick some up, ASAP!

  3. Faye says:

    Hey Karen,

    It’s funny because I saw an ad for the Dualiste and was thinking of trying it. I have long hair and love it but do have occasionaly knotting becuase of the thickness. Thanks for posting this review; I’m definitely going to try it now! It can join the other dozen or so different hair products residing in my bathroom :).

  4. Christina says:

    Wow, I’ll have to check these out. My hair is also long and curly… so the knots are constant trouble (it doesn’t help that I LOVE driving with the windows down). I’ve been using SAMY products, and while I like them… they haven’t handled the tangles at all.

    Thanks for the review, Karen!

    Christina´s last blog post..Chris Gets The Brush Off From Rihanna

  5. When I was a kid, my brother (who is 11 years older than me) had 2 6 foot Boa Constrictors and a small King snake. I kinda grew up with them so I like them 🙂 Although I used to become friends with the cute little mice they would eat (because they wouldn’t eat them right away) then I would go in the room and see my little friend had been eaten 🙁

    My hubbie is terrified of snakes though, he cannot understand how I think they are cute haha!

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..Vampy Varnish in Woman’s World Magazine!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Vampy Varnish,

      Oh, that’s sad! I would’ve probably shed a tear if a mouse I became attached to suddenly went MIA. 🙁

      I am with your hubbie — no snakes for me, thanks!

  6. Rachael Williams says:

    My allergies have just been atrocious lately and the only thing that really gives me relief is Zyrtec…however, it gives me the most wicked bad dreams! Things chasing me, wormy snake-like things eating my pets, it’s awful! So is the payoff (no red, constantly watering eyes, and throat tickles) worth the price?? After this last week I’m not so sure!

  7. Sal says:

    Longer to wash, dry and style? hah! tell me abt it. I just lopped 20+inches off and it’s still halfway down my back. considering I never blowdry my hair, I used to walk around with damp hair for about half a day before it was dry lol.
    FOr knots- I usually use a widetoothed comb while conditioning in the shower. Either that, or I brush my hair before washing- never after 🙂

    p.s: Reptiles are awesome! I had a South American iguana some years ago, he was beautiful! Did you know they bite on the female’s neck when they mate? Maybe that explains the one in your dream….

  8. Rachel says:

    that skink is pretty cute!

    i have long hair that knots easily too. OMG, mine takes forever to dry as well. i second Sal’s tip with the brushing before or after and combing with the condish in the shower. that always helps.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachel,

      I was terrified in that picture. 🙂

      My hair usually takes *forever* to dry, too. I’ve been using this special microfiber towel and it makes a huge difference. It’s cut off a lot of drying time because it sucks the water right out.

  9. Liz! says:

    Call me crazy but… the less I un-tangle my hair, the better. Brushing (no matter the brush) leads to frizz, and frizz makes major tangles. I usually brush it out in the shower while it’s full of conditioner, then rinse and don’t brush again ’till right before I shower. I also find I get less breakage this way, though I’m not sure why.

    Oh, and the less your hair cuticle is messed up, the less it’ll tangle. Bad cuticle=velcro hair that just wants to attach to its neighbors and never separate. Try a protein conditioning treatment. A great, relatively cheap one is Giovanni’s NutraFix. Even with my crazy thick, medium-long hair, I only use about a golfball sized blob (normally, I’ll use two or three to really saturate my hair).

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