NARS Blush and the Look of Seduction: Bold, Vivid and Vaguely Reminiscent of an Early ’90s Girl Group

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NARS Blush in Seduction

NARS Seduction Blush and Tabby-san the karate cat…

Tabby-san, your training is almost complete. You have learned to wax on, wax off, and to refrain from sweeping the leg (so not kosher!).

But by far the most important lesson you have learned under my tutelage is your extensive knowledge of useless fun facts, including the names of long-forgotten R&B girl groups and how they relate to makeup.


I sleep soundly at night knowing that you are now prepared to answer crucial questions like, “Which early ’90s trio shares names with the new NARS spring 2013 blush?”


Yes, Tabby-san! You are correct. The answer is Seduction…

Released with the new Spring 2013 collection, Seduction is not only one of the most intensely pigmented blushes I’ve ever worn, it’s also the name of the girl group trio behind hits like Heartbeat and It Takes Two.

Does Seduction the band have anything to do with Seduction the blush? Well, no…although both of them do make me want to do The Snake.

The blush, a rich, brick red berry with a satiny finish, officially launches tomorrow.

The color’s also a perfect match for Dressed to Kill lipstick, also from the spring collection…just in case you were already thinking about bringing the later home. Hint-hint. πŸ˜‰

If you fancy yourself as savvy when it comes to vivid blushes like NARS Mounia and MAC Frankly Scarlet, prepare to be seduced by Seduction.

It’s the kind of color that says, “Hey, look at me. JAZZ HANDS!!” But if you decide to take the plunge, keep your fan brush and a tissue handy…

nars seduction

Seduction Blush ($28)

NARS Seduction Blush Swatch on NC 42 Skin

NARS Seduction Blush from the NARS Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

The first time I applied Seduction on my cheeks with a fan brush, I expected a light dusting of color. I mean, fan brushes are usually good for that, but a light dusting is not at all what I got.

If super dark blush is your thing, hey, that’s cool. It’s just a very distinct look, and one that I don’t always feel I can pull off (the words “Bratz Doll” come to mind).

I usually prefer more natural cheek looks, and to get that kind of look with Seduction, I like to use a fan brush and a tissue.

First, I lightly load the fan brush by dragging it across the pan, and then tap it to unload any excess product. Then, I swipe the brush head across a tissue until very little of the pigment remains on the bristles, and apply what’s left on my cheeks.

One layer is usually enough for a bright, flushed look.

As for wear time, it’s great. Seduction lasts on either my bare skin or foundation for what feels like days, fading slowly and without any patchiness.

It’s gotta be the pigment. There’s so much of it!

So, do I like Seduction? Why, yes, I do. πŸ™‚ But I’ve been more into fresh-faced flushes lately, like with Laura Mercier’s Oleander and Praline, or Too Faced’s Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush.

I’d probably wear Seduction more in the early fall, when I tend to go heavier with blush colors and makeup in general, than I will this winter, but I still think it’s a great color.


And like Dressed to Kill Lipstick, I bet it would look AH-MAY-ZING on darker skin.

While it’s not a traditional spring cheek color, that may have have been exactly what NARS was going for. I give ’em props for bucking trends (and for the crazy-@ss amount of pigment!), even if the color can be a little challenging to use.

Seriously, a pan could easily last years. Maybe even decades! πŸ™‚

PRICE: $28
AVAILABILITY: Coming January 15 to NARS counters and

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chris El says:

    Hey Karen, what kind of fan brush do you use?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Chris,

      I have a few. My go-to is the 7.5 EX by Shu Uemura, but it’s not easy to find in stores these days. Trish McEvoy makes a fan brush that’s pretty good that I like, and so does Sonia Kashuk.

  2. Agata says:

    What are you wearing on your eyes? Looks very pretty.

  3. Lily says:

    Super gorgeous!! I want this blush. BAD!
    Lily recently posted … Blush Tenderly with Dior Tender Coral 659

  4. sillylilacs says:

    Oh this blush is gorgeous! πŸ˜€ But I’m with you on this one! It’s definitely a fall/winter blush for me too.
    sillylilacs recently posted … Monday Makeup Rotation #2

  5. KPrice says:

    I totally want to try this! I like/need more color on my cheeks. I hope this isn’t too much.

  6. Marla says:

    That color looks beautiful on your skin.

  7. virginie says:

    Gorgeous on you!

  8. Appu says:

    OOh Karen, looks amazing on you! I def. will look into this!
    Appu recently posted … bareMinerals Loud & Clear Lip Sheers – Remix Collection

  9. Aurora says:

    Is this blush similar tu MAC Fever?

  10. Alice Ann says:

    What a gorgeous deep color, looks great on you. I love Nars blushes! This one may be a bit dark for me, but I will definitely try it out at the counter when I’m picking up Dressed To Kill.

  11. Yup! Need this! I actually think it’s super pretty for Spring!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted … An Irresistibly Sexy EOTD with AVON Irresistibly Sexy Eyeshadow Palette and AVON Glimmerstick Diamond Eyeliners

  12. Icaria says:

    Gorgeous! This is the kind of color I’ve been thinking on getting. Love the Boudoir palette as well.

  13. gio says:

    That’s such a pretty shade! But I think it’s too pigmengted for my pale skin. I think I will have to pass..
    gio recently posted … Product Review: Pupa Angel & Co Small No.5 Palette

  14. Marina says:

    I actually do have and love Mounia and thought about getting this one, too.
    Marina recently posted … Bobbi Brown: Pink and Red, Brighten, Sparkle & Glow Collections. Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick and Retouching Powders

  15. Alison M says:

    What most attracts me to this blush for spring is the look it is paired with in the promotional ad. Sure, Seduction is a deeper pigmented shade, but when combined with fresh glowing skin, pink and mauve tones of Bouthan and a pop of blue from Mad Mad World, it is such a fresh take on a spring look. Exactly the kind of thing I prefer to pastels.
    Alison M recently posted … Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup

  16. Jennifer says:

    I agree, I think this is a dark skin color… my fair skin would look painted in it!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      You still might want to try it. It’s the same shade they use in the campaign imagery on model Stella Tennent; she’s pretty fair and it looks amazing on her!

  17. LC says:

    Pretty color, but this would probably make me look like Bozo. I can’t do super-pigmented products!

  18. Kim says:

    It’s a bolder look, for sure, but I like it. I think your light touch (and tissue) makes is work. πŸ™‚ And, even without the sound, your Snake tutorial made me smile. It also kind of made my neck hurt while I was trying it at my desk. HAHA!

    • Karen says:

      You know you’ve reached a certain point in life when you need to stretch before doing the Snake.

      I can no longer do a break dance six-step without a slow 20-minute cardio warm up and some yoga. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

      • Kim says:

        HAHA! No doubt! I feel like everything is cracking, spraining or tearing lately. I tore my rotator cuff serving in a non-competitive, adult volleyball league. Not kidding. The shame is almost too much to bear!

        Gurl, I couldn’t do a break dance six-step EVER. But I’ll bet you’d be busting a gut, laughing, if you watched me try! πŸ™‚

  19. Monica P says:

    Ya, a bit dark for me .. I am still considering Praline.

    Monica P recently posted … JLo jeans vs. Not Your Daughter’s jeans

  20. Dominique says:

    I bet this blush would look lovely on my dark skin. I.MUST.HAVE.SEDUCTION!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hello from California, Dominique!

      Yes it would. You need it in your life, ASAP. Maybe consider the lipstick too (Dressed to Kill). It looks fab with the blush.

  21. Rachel says:

    I like it! It reminds me of Chanel Plum Attraction a bit. Definitely in the same family
    Rachel recently posted … RMK Cheek Brush Review

  22. WOW. What a great blush — I can’t believe it’s out for Spring!

    Despite being pretty darn pale, I’ve always been a huge fan of super-pigmented blushes. There’s just something in the way that they wear that you can’t replicate with sheerer ones, you know? If I can get something like this to go on well (which I’ve never had a problem with before), I’ll pick it over a medium-pigmented blush in a heartbeat.

    Invisible application and a zillion hours’ wear, yes please πŸ˜›

  23. Quite honestly, this blush really scares me and it’s not really my kind of color anyway (it would definitely accentuate the red tones around my nose and upper lip area :/), so I will pass
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: NEW Hourglass Best of Hourglass Set Review, Swatches & Giveaway

  24. Joanna says:

    That’s one gorgeous blush.

  25. Carolina says:

    How would you say this compares to Buxom’s shangri-la-la blush? I’m looking for a berry colored blush but can’t decide between the two πŸ˜›

  26. Tori says:

    Ooh… It’s so pretty and I want it as an eyeshadow. <3

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