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‘Tis the season to store your makeup, fa la la la la…

The quest to rein in my makeup continues. At some point, I fear I’ll end up like those peeps you see on 60 Minutes who’ve trapped themselves in their homes behind stacks of boxes and crap. They end up living like sardines in a tin can.


I’ve told myself I can’t get my Christmas tree until I clear out the corner where most of the makeup is sitting, boo hoo. 🙁

I hate that it has to come to this, but I may have to make peace with the Container Store (why visit a store that solely sells crap to keep all your present crap in?) and shell out the dough for a Bisley Collection Cabinet.


The black cabinet on the right has 10 drawers, each 11 by 14 inches. That’s lots of storage for the shadows, blushes, palettes and perfumes that threaten to overtake my life. It also looks easy to clean.

But I wish it was a bit more girly, ’cause I don’t like looking at furniture that appears to belong in an office cubicle. Plus, at $199 it’s expensive. Do you know how many ugly Steralite drawers I could buy for $199? Holy crap!

Here’s a prettier, but even more expensive option: Z. Gallerie’s tall Borghese Lingerie Chest ($799), with seven 20-by-15 inch drawers and a lovely antique silver finish.


Oooh, purty. This could easily blend in with my furniture, and, where space is limited, vertical storage makes sense.

But it’s so pricey, ouch. Even though the four bottom drawers look roomy, having several shallow drawers like the Bisley would still be more practical.

Sigh. I suppose I could just stop the insanity and stop buying makeup, but where’s the fun in that?

Before it’s too late…

If you can still walk across your floor at home without stepping on random makeup brushes, then you can still save yourself from my current situation of makeup storage madness! I love Tarte palettes, and their We Wish You Wealth Palette provides all the makeup you need in one compact, easy-to-store palette.



This mother-of-all holiday palettes includes 16 eyeshadows, 16 lipglosses, four gel eyeliners, four gel cheek stains, four lip sheers, an eyelid primer, luminizer and some brushes, and everything comes in this pretty purple three-tiered box that fits easily into a bathroom drawer. Save yourself now, my friend, before it’s too late!

How’s your Monday so far? Are you holdin’ down the fort? I raise my coffee cup to you, *clink*!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Erusa says:

    Hi karen!
    I’m desperately looking for help abroad! I need to get some Urban Decay and Too Faced for Xmas, and its making me crazyyyy. I can’t find any online store that sells them, well, not really. I find lots of stores that sell these things but not a single one ships to Spain. Do you know any?
    Uuuh Eru is gonna cry.
    Uuuuh T.T


    PS: Uuuuh >.

  2. Christine says:

    I put my Christmas tree up in November (yes, before Thanksgiving, I love Christmas!), and I’ve been putting all my boxes of excess makeup underneath the tree… like gifts. See, blending in. I’ve just taken to keeping some of the boxes I get and tossing stuff in there after I’m done with it. At least I’ve off loaded *some* of it this season.

  3. Vanessa says:

    My makeup is all over the place at the moment and it doesn’t help that I keep buying more things to add to the chaos, however when I do organize, I do like the clear sterilite plastic drawers, my makeup box, drawers in my vanity, etc. Basically wherever I have space that’s where it’s going! HAHA but luckily I have been posting liquidation sales of things I never used or no longer used and it seems to clear out space quite nicely!

  4. Wow
    These look fantastic. I want them myself.


  5. Karen says:

    Aww, Erusa, I’m sorry. Have you tried contacting the individual companies? I know that Too Faced has a customer service option on their site; I’m sure they’ll be able to send along a few online retailers that carry them.

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Christine,

    You should leave some makeup for Santa along with a plate of milk and cookies!

  7. Karen says:

    That’s cool Vanessa…I like the idea of giving makeup that needs some lovin’ a new home. It’s weird, I know I should be doing something like liquidating but part of me just KNOWS that I’ll be kicking myself if I get rid of that extra pan of Jane eyeshadow. It’s completely irrational, I know.

  8. Karen says:

    Hi Armine,

    I hear ya. I wish Santa would bring me a few organizers for Christmas.

  9. Ditte says:

    Hi again Karen,
    my make-up table is here (it’s makeupbord3.jpg):
    and my storage solution at the moment is two of these inexpensive drawers from Ikea: called Mikael.
    Hope you find a suitable storage solution for your stuff 🙂

  10. ferarri says:

    Luckily, my 5 makeup cases and my 4 in baskets from Ikea are enough to store my stash at the moment. Just bought another I dont need them lipglosses-I need serious help!

  11. Gelly says:

    oh. em. gee.
    i just stumbled upon this article looking for storage space & I feel in love with Borghese dresser. I wasn’t expecting to find the dresser still available since this article was from 3 years ago but I crossed my fingers.
    Alas they had it but the darn dresser went up in price by a $100 so now it’s $900! Ugh! The frustration on finding pretty fruniture pieces. Guess I shall be browsing ikea’s wesite now where I got 99% of my fruniture. -_-‘

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