MAC Green Gel Cleanser

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MAC Green Gel Cleanser

Product: MAC Green Gel Cleanser
Use: Facial cleanser
Price: $21.00 for 5 oz.
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B (Update as of 3/1/07: I’m changing this rating to a “C” because I accidentally got some cleanser in my eyes, and it hurt like hell! Not ideal for sensitive eyes.)


This morning I tried one of the samples I received from the Barbie Loves MAC seminar last week – MAC’s Green Gel Cleanser.

The website describes it as a foaming, soap-free, hydrating cleanser with extracts of cucumber and algae.

This cleanser smells good! — light and fresh like cut grass in the summer. The texture is nice too. It’s thin without being too sticky.

I did feel like I had to use a lot of it to get a foamy consistency. And after I dried my face, my skin felt a little tight, but that could be also due to the fact that it’s been very cold and windy, so my skin is drier than usual. I think my oily skin would like this cleanser during the warmer summer months though.

Green Gel Cleanser reminds me of Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel, so if you are a fan of that cleanser, you might like this too.


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