The MAC Beth Ditto Zoom Lash Mascaras Take Lashes from Basic Black to Lightly Tinted in 1-2 Coats

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mac beth ditto zoom lash mascara review
MAC Beth Ditto Zoom Lash Mascara from the left: New Hue, Plum Reserve and Blue Charge

During the week, I usually reach for reliable, basic (boring?) mascaras in brown or black, but even reliable standbys can seem a little uninspiring after a while.


Now, whenever I feel like I’ve “hit the wall” on basic black and brown and need a change, I can turn to one of the new MAC Beth Ditto Zoom Lash Mascaras ($15 each), three new limited edition tinted mascaras in Plum Reserve (a light violet-ish purple), New Hue (a blackened burgundy) and Blue Charge (a deep navy blue).

If Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle Blue Volume is your party shade, then the Beth Ditto Zoom Lash mascaras want to be what you wear to work.

For comparison, the formula feels a little thicker than MAC Extended Play, another mascara I’ve been wearing lately.

From about an arm’s length away, all three of these could pass for basic black. But get a little closer (don’t be shy!), and they reveal their true colors.

When I wear ’em, I like to start by swiping the brush against the mouth of the tube or a clean tissue to remove any excess, which seems to reduce their tendency to clump and deposit stray mascara on my lids.

Then, I apply one coat on freshly-curled lashes before using a lash comb to further separate my fringe, and after that first layer dries, I repeat the process with a second layer to intensify the color.

Two layers is probably my sweet spot for lashes that look noticeably longer, thicker and lightly tinted, with just a slight relaxing of the curl.

mac beth ditto zoom no mascara
No mascara!

mac blue charge
Two coats of Blue Charge

mac new hue
Two coats of New Hue

mac plum reserve
Two coats of Plum Reserve


It’s a pretty conservative look for a tinted lash product, meaning that if I worked in a legal office, I could probably wear any of these three without being asked questions like, “So where’s the rave?” or “Do you have any glow sticks I can borrow?”

Of course, my makeup-minded work friends would probably notice and ask, “Pretty! What are you wearing on your lashes?” ๐Ÿ™‚

PRICE: $15 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at and coming to North American MAC counters and stores June 7; internationally later this month

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  1. Chelsea says:

    I have plum glasses, and I love wearing plum mascara and eyeliner when I wear them. Looks really nice against my blue eyes!

  2. Katherine G says:

    They are pretty! I have one purple mascara from the Hard Candy line, but I haven’t worn it yet. Those however do look conservative enough for every day use. Very pretty on you!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katherine G,

      Thank you! You’ll have to let me know how purple that mascara is! I’m still looking for the ultimate party purple. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy Tuesday!

      • Katherine G says:

        It’s kind of a lighter shimmery purple in the tube. I haven’t tried it yet on my eyes just because I’m not sure where to wear it just yet. It looks like it will be a subtle accent, I should try it tomorrow just to see how it wears!

  3. Tina B says:

    I’m surprised at how nice the colored mascara looks, normally I would pass on something like that. I may have to look into one soon!
    Tina B recently posted … New Drugstore Products: Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection

  4. Christina says:

    I love colored mascara but find that truly bright finishes look clownish on me, and darker tints like these don’t show up. I’ve resorted to layering black and bright blue so that I have the depth of the black, but the tips are bright and blue enough to not be noticed yet add to the brightening factor.

  5. Tally says:

    Hey Karen! I am SO excited about this burgundy mascara, but I know it may not become part of the permanent line. Do you know of any brands that have a permanent burgundy mascara? Thanks so much!!

  6. Chris25 says:

    Blue Charge and New Hue are calling to me.

  7. Hey, this kind of subtlety ain’t bad! I think it might be a bit “in-your-face” to wear mascara that is very obviously colored. Maybe one day I’ll give a plum mascara a try. I heard it does wonders to dark brown eyes!

  8. Nina says:

    Ohhh this is interesting – so pigmented! I mean — if I were gonna wear a colored mascara, it might as well be noticeable, right? ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      You’ll definitely have to try YSL Majorelle Blue, then! I know it’s pricey, but it’s the brightest, bluest mascara out there right now. I think you’ll really like it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Joyce says:

    I was never really into color mascaras. I prefer my basic blacks, but Plum Reserve may be the first color mascara that I get because it’s so pretty.
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  10. Kim says:

    You know me. The blacker the better, drag queen lashes, please. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wore a ton of electric blue mascara in the 80s, though. Ah, youth. That said, I do think New Hue is subtle and pretty. Just not enough volume for me!

  11. Love that they are more wearable! I like a hint of colour for mascara not in my face. I just don’t find vibrant colours on mascara to look “right” most of the time.
    Perilously Pale recently posted … Dare to Go Bare with Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream ~ Swatches, Photos, Review

  12. blauriche says:

    Your naked eyelashes are gorgeous!

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