Lovin’ the Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil Pen

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sephora stimulating lavender cuticle oil review

The only thing that could possibly make Sephora Stimulating Lavender Cuticle Oil pens ($12) better would be if you could buy them at bulk prices in packs.


I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this pen’s the frickin’ bomb-dot-com, particularly if your cuticles look like Snooki after a long night at da club…

Still lovin’ ya, Snickers!

Twisting the bottom soaks the brush tip with moisturizing oil. Then just brush onto dry cuticles. Simple but effective.

I picked one up at Sephora’s Friends & Family sale, and my only regret is that I didn’t get more.

sephora stimulating lavender cuticle oil review

sephora stimulating lavender cuticle oil review ingredients


This Stimulating Lavender version is one of three flavors. Last year’s was called Nourishing Cuticle Oil (there’s also Healing Eucalyptus). This one works the same as that one but has a lavender scent.

Speaking of pens, what’s your favorite kind to write with? I’m a Pentel R.S.V.P. Fine Tip girl, myself.

This thing has become a habit for me. It sits next to me on my desk, and I reach for it often throughout the day. Give it a try, and before long your cuticles will be softer than light rock on the easy listening station.

PRICE: $12
AVAILABILITY: At Sephora stores and online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Emily says:

    The Essie cuticle pen is awesome too! I keep mine at me desk too Karen, it’s not really scented, but I like the smell if that makes any sense.

  2. Radhika says:

    Bought the TBS version of this ages back – is my dumbest purchase ever…grrrrrrrrrr…works exactly the same way..twist to get the brush soaked – only problem…twist twist TWISSSSSTTTTTTT..and nothing comes out πŸ™ πŸ™ I did like it the 2 days that it worked, though πŸ˜€
    Radhika recently posted … Shiseido Hydro-Power Eyeshadow – Spring Plum H4

  3. Amber says:

    I desperately need something like this. Do you find it affects your polish wear time at all?
    Amber recently posted … Sunday interlude

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amber,

      I wish I could say it helps keep my polish on for longer, but unfortunately the wear time stays pretty much the same.

      My cuticles are looking great though, LOL!

      • Amber says:

        As long as it doesn’t seem to weaken the polish, that’s good enough for me!

        My nails are a horrible tragedy right now — peeling like crazy and breaking. I keep filing them down as short as I can go. No polish for me until I grow these damaged ends out!
        Amber recently posted … Sunday interlude

        • Karen says:

          I don’t think you have to worry about it weakening the polish. You do use a good base coat, right?

          My nails are pretty to’ up right now, too. I let them go for way too long — not the best idea when you’re typing and dealing with a cray-cray cat. πŸ™‚

          How’s Sweetpea, btw?

          • Amber says:

            I do use a basecoat, but I have been blaming it for my nail weakness. I think the real culprit may be polish remover and inadequate moisturizing. I’m tempted to try biotin supplements, but now that I keep my hair short I don’t want it growing any faster! πŸ˜€

            Sweet Pea is doing well! I am working on turning her into a snugglepuss, but she is young so she wants to play most of the time.
            Amber recently posted … Sunday interlude

          • Karen says:

            She’ll calm down soon enough (give or take a few years). πŸ™‚ Soon you won’t be able to keep her off your lap!

            Oh, you know what might help? A nail moisturizer, like this one by Nailtique (it’s at the top of the page)

            Nailtique Nail Moisturizer

            I used it a while back when my tips were splitting, and it seemed to help.

  4. Ruchita says:

    Thanks for posting abou this! I will have to add this to my next Sephora order.

    I like any pen that writes the first time I use it. I hate when I start to write and no ink comes out. I also like fun colors like pink and purple. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Ruchita,

      You’re welcome. I hope you (and your cuticles) like it.

      You know what I can’t stand? When a pen that works perfectly fine (and has plenty of ink left) all of the sudden just stops working for no reason at all. It always seems to happen at the most inopportune times, too!

  5. Nina says:

    i need that! like desperately … moving and carrying boxes and unboxing dries out the hands and fingers soooo badly!

    ill try and find it on thurs!

    oh and i <3 the sharpie fine point pents in blue! absolute fave!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      Your poor hands! How are your nails doing? Did they manage to survive the move without any major chips?

      I’m a Sharpie fine point in Purple kinda girl, myself. πŸ™‚

      • Nina says:

        the nails were in pretty bad shape but theyre recovering … i didnt have cuticle oil so i used a combo of the josie maran argan oil stick and the neutrogena hand lotion.

        my nails are supersuper short right now though … i guess they need a bit of time to rest and grow. πŸ™‚

        • Karen says:

          I’ve heard that Argan Oil stick is great!

          I think there’s something going ’round… there’s been a lot of talk about super short nails here lately, LOL! I like them — makes it so much easier to type, plus they look fab with dark colors. πŸ™‚

  6. Jen says:

    I like the Sally Hansen cuticle pen. I think you did a review on it once?

    My favorite pen to write with is the Pilot G2 05, the extra fine point one. I’ve gone through so many of those.

  7. Was the product greasy at all? I find some cuticle oils so greasy that I have to keep washing my hands afterwards and it defeats the purpose.
    Kajal Couture recently posted … Smooth Hair and Giveaway Time!

  8. gio says:

    Thanks for posting this. I need something like this desperately..
    gio recently posted … Product Review- Sleek Good Girl i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

  9. Megan says:

    I love the Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Butter. It smells devine! My favorite pens to use are the Uniball pens.

  10. sarah says:

    I bought this based on your first review and love it too!!

  11. Patty says:

    My favorite writing pen is the Uniball Jetstream. It feels like writing with a really fancy, expensive pen, but it only costs a little more than, say, ballpoint pens.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Patty,

      I really need to try the Uniball! I’ve been stuck on my Pentel R.S.V.P.’s for years though… it’s hard to break out of my pen rut, LOL!

  12. Olga says:

    This is exactly what my poor damaged cuticles need!
    Olga recently posted … Shallow Ramblings on a Deep Subject

  13. steph b says:

    I just stocked up on the Sally Hansen version in a BOGO1/2 off sale. Love stashing them in all my bags so there is always one ready.

    I adore Unibal Signo pens. They write so smoothly and I have them in a bunch of colors (but only basic red, black, and blue are available as refills πŸ™

  14. Appu says:

    I WANT this!!! I am just scared it’ll become addictive and i’ll keep doing it again n again πŸ™‚

    I like pencils more than pens, don’t know why. I always felt they had better packaging lol πŸ™‚
    Appu recently posted … The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla Body Butter

  15. danielle says:

    i love when things come in rollerball and pen form.

    i use alll gel pens, preferably in neon or glitter colors, but i have to have some boring black and navy ones for school.

  16. Tasha says:

    whahahah… love tabby… so funny with that hair….. my day got a lil better now…

  17. HautePJ says:

    Ohhh I love this lavender cuticle pen! Sadly, I think it is swimming around in one of my myriad of purses and I can’t find it :(. Sephora F&F just ended but the VIB 20% off starts Thursday I believe! So you can haul more of these :).

  18. Beth says:

    I’m addicted to cuticle oils and creams. I
    have similar pens to this by Avon but plan to try these! I can’t get enough!
    My fave pen is the pilot G2 but the Pentel RSVP is a close second. I always keep several around of both brands!

  19. Whitney says:

    Hey Karen
    Love your work!
    Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies know if Sephora mail to Australia?
    I have been “window shopping” but am not sure if they post to us Down Under?

  20. Kim says:

    I love a good cuticle treatment and should be much better about moisturizing regularly (especially in the winter). The pens seem very convenient. πŸ™‚

    My Mom’s best friend worked at Schweizer Fernsehen (Swiss TV station) and they had a bunch of pens made for a promo. They’re just plastic and nothing special – I don’t even know who the manufacturer is – but she brought us a bunch, years ago, and they’re by far my favorites. They just write flawlessly. I don’t let anyone else in the house use them because I want them to last forever! I know… odd and selfish. πŸ™‚

    • Kim says:

      Oh, and btw, thanks for capturing my smokey eye look. I’m confused by the caption saying it’s someone named Snooki, though. πŸ˜‰

      • Karen says:

        I totally don’t believe you!! I know your smokey eye looks much more put together!

        Wouldn’t be awesome, though, if Tabs popped out in the corner of your mirror with that wig on?

        • Kim says:

          I would definitely go out in public (and make TV appearances) looking like that if the reward was Tabs coming out of my mirror with that wig. I know he doesn’t say “DANG!” very much, but he might have to on that occasion! πŸ™‚

          • Karen says:

            He rocks the Snooki poof like no other kitteh I know. I kinda wish I could take him out on his leash like that… the neighbors think I’m nuts anyway, so why not take it to the next level?

  21. Etsy Breslin says:

    Essie makes on like this and it smells sooooo good! Like almonds. I love lavender so I must try this out, My favorite Pen is the Pentel Color Pens, they have a nice tip and really good colors. They never run out and I use them for everything! I also love the Pentel Archival Ink Micros, in .005. I mix them with a fatter tip and get good results (I draw comics and such!)

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