Tom Ford’s Lipsticks Better Look Out Because L’Oreal’s La Laque and Le Matte Colour Riche Lipsticks Have It Out for Them

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L'oreal Lacquer-ized La Laque

That’s L’Oreal’s new La Laque Colour Riche Lipstick in Lacquer-ized, a shiny purple

Question: When does one part lipstick plus one part lip liner equal 100% pure awesome (or close to it)? Answer: When we’re talking about one of L’Oreal’s new Colour Riche La Laque and Le Matte Lipsticks.

To me, the La Laque and Le Mattes are among the most exciting drugstore lippie launches this fall, mainly because of how much crazypants pigment they pack.


That and — holy cannoli! — they’re only $8 a pop.

L'Oreal La Laque in Lacquer-ized on the left and Le Matte in She's So Matte on the right

La Laque in Lacquer-ized on the left and Le Matte in She’s So Matte on the right

I snagged two of them at Rite Aid last weekend on BOGO sale (buy one, get one 50% off) and now wish I’d gotten more.

L'Oreal Le Matte in She's So Matte on the left and La Laque in Lacquer-ized on the right

Le Matte in She’s So Matte on the left and La Laque in Lacquer-ized on the right

They actually remind me of Tom Ford lipsticks…which is freaky, considering the difference in price. Similar texture, smooth formula and uber-high levels of pigment.

Sure, you might not get the same thrill holding one of these that you get from holding one of Tom’s lipsticks in your paw, but then there’s the savings.


Loreal La Laque and Le Matte Colour Riche Lipsticks

If you see this display at the drugstore, stop, drop and roll, ’cause these new lipsticks are hot!

L’Oreal divides the line into two different finishes — the shiny La Laques and the matte Le Mattes — and bills them as all-in-one lipsticks and liners.

They’re opaque enough to completely cover my lips in a single, intensely colorful layer, and apply without caking or feathering.

Just so, so smooth…

The texture’s on the thicker side, which I like, because it seems to lock the color to my lips for a good 4-5 hours, and as far as flavors and scents, they have both. It’s a faint light rose that fades over about 10 minutes.

L'Oreal La Laque Colour Riche Lipstick in Lacquer-ized

La Laque Colour Riche Lipstick in Lacquer-ized

The rounded tip precisely applies color without straying outside of my natural lip line, although I do wish that L’Oreal had included some sort of sharpener with them…since I’m sure the tips will eventually lose their shape after repeated use.

L'Oreal Le Matte She's So Matte

Le Matte in She’s So Matte

I also wish they were a little better built, as in better affixed to their packaging. The coral color I have, She’s So Matte, actually falls out of the pencil when I hold it upside down.



L'Oreal She's So Matte Le Matte Colour Riche Lipstick

Le Matte Colour Riche Lipstick in She’s So Matte, a matte reddish coral

Oh, well. They aren’t perfect then, but I think they get pretty close (and they’re only $8!). Totally worth hoarding, I think.

Which reminds me (uh…), I need to pick up some more toilet paper, a task I cannot entrust to El Hub because he always gets the cheapest sandpaper-y stuff. If a few more of these twist-up pencils happen to fall into my basket, c’est la vie . 🙂

PRICE: $8 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Rite Aid, Walgreens and other drugstores (I can’t seem to find them online, though, which is kind of a pain)

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Justina says:

    Forget the lipstick, I NEED that necklace!

  2. Alice Ann says:

    I’m very intrigued by the matte, great color on you, btw. I will definitely let some of these fall into my basket.

  3. Gina says:

    ditto Justina! i love that necklace too 🙂

  4. hanna says:

    These are both such great colors.
    hanna recently posted … Rude Tutor and First Halloween Movie

  5. Vanessa says:

    These look very intriguing… especially the purple… 🙂
    Thanks for reviewing!

  6. Charisma says:

    I love she’s so matte on you. It’s worth the try for $8 matte lipsticks.
    Charisma recently posted … Mac Retro Matte Lipsticks in Runway Hit, Dangerous and All Fired Up Reviews, Photos w/ Swatches

  7. Both the shades are so pretty but I personally loved the She’s So Matte.. it looks grgs on u.. the lipswatches are amazing too.. <3 <3
    poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Revlon Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat Nail Enamel 005 Review, NOTD

  8. Noon says:

    Your mention of them falling out reminds me that UD’s 24/7 Shadow Pencils do that too, it’s such a shame. ): I can’t wait until someplace around me gets a real display of these! Target has them, but they’re in a nondescrip display, not even a sign that they’re new. It’s weird as heck.
    Noon recently posted … kiss and make-up

  9. Chris25 says:

    Wow, the purple shade really stands out! Awesome job, L’Oreal!
    Chris25 recently posted … Face of the Week: Vol. 3

  10. Maggie says:

    “A faint light rose that fades over about 10 minutes.” Okay…the scent is pretty much the reason I’ve been avoiding L’Oreal lippies. I’ll take your word for it and give it a try.

  11. gio says:

    I love She’s So Matte. It looks great on you!
    gio recently posted … What’s The Best Foundation For My Skin Type?

  12. Gowthami says:

    I love the purple shade!!
    Gowthami recently posted … Review : The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo

  13. She’s so matte is stunning on you Karen!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Lakme Absolute Forever Silk Eye liner : Earth Line ~ Review, Swatches, Photos

  14. Danielle says:

    These looks really interesting! I am definitely going to pick one up to test out!
    Danielle recently posted … Julep Maven Monthly Subscription Box

  15. Majick says:

    Since everyday I fantasize about retirement I’m glad you’re finding bargains that work. LOL I may have to get a part time gig at Ulta or restrict my passion for high end goodies when the time is finally right.

    I htink I may try one of these because they look and sound like a formula that I would like.

  16. Rachel P says:

    Those look COMPLETELY amazing!! I love chubby lip crayons, but the finish is usually always glossy- now with the lacquer and matte finishes, I am basically going to go hog wild with these. One thing I’m interested in doing is comparing them with Revlon’s latest balm stains, which now come in similar finishes. I’ll be interested to see which brand comes out swinging! L’Oreal is looking fierce!

    And Karen, I am so still going to do the Lorde vampy lip/subtle cat eye look, but I’m still working on the right lip combo (the black eyeliner base on the lips looked great, but my dark red lipsticks didn’t layer well over it)- I’m going to order MAC’s Smoked Purple or Cyber tomorrow, which I’ve been meaning to do anyway, then experiment over the weekend!! Hope you and Tabs and El Hub are doing well!

  17. Kim says:

    What a bargain – take that, Tom Ford! 🙂 If you can get El Hub to bring a list, it helps. I still have some things that I type in caps and underline, like Coffeemate SUGAR Free (as opposed to fat free) and any deli meat SHAVED. I’ll make sure to put the brands, too, if it’s important stuff like TP. 🙂

  18. Beauty Bee says:

    Wow, these look so gorgeous! Especially She’s So Matte, it looks gorgeous on you Karen! Hope these turn up in Aus soon 🙂

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