Like Love, Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by MAC and Nicki Minaj Is Fleeting

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karen of makeup and beauty blog reviews Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by MAC and Nicki Minaj
Wearing Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by MAC and Nicki Minaj all by its lonesome (left); with MAC Lip Liner in Spice and MAC Clear Lipglass (right)

I’m sure she’s out there somewhere — the girl who can pull off cool and creamy MAC Pink 4 Friday Lipstick ($14.50) all by itself. And wherever you are, you gorgeous princess (or prince) of great makeup fortune, I salute you (and pump my fist in the air, Jersey Shore style)!


mac pink 4 friday nicki minaj

The extremely limited-edition color, just 4 days (!) in this world, is a collaboration between MAC and hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj (to coincide with the release of her new album, Pink Friday).

MAC loves to fire up their fetishists (like me) with hard-to-snare products. I can’t help it, and I think there’s an element of human nature behind the phenomenon, but knowing that the color won’t be available for very long does make me want it even more.

There’s only one way to pick up Pink 4 Friday, and that’s online, and only on exactly two more dates — Friday, December 10 and Friday, December 17 — beginning at midnight Eastern Time on each of the dates and lasting 24 hours. Sadly, the first two Fridays already came and went (November 26 and December 3). πŸ™

I gotta be honest — I loves me some Nicki Minaj (got Pink Friday on repeat right now), but this creamy, pale pastel pink’s not a cinch to wear.

Don’t get me wrong. I think it looks totally legit on Nicki. She’s got the style, after all, rockin’ those technicolor baby doll outfits, but on me…? It looks full-on cra-zay-zay!

Still, I think I’ve figured out a couple tricks to wearing it in the real world…

Start by priming and moisturizing your lips with a lip balm. Then, line and fill them in with a neutral lip pencil in a darker pink, rose or brown. That adds some warmth and depth to the look.

In the pic above I used the pinkish brown MAC Lip Pencil in Spice ($13), but I considered MAC Dervish (a pinkish mauve), MAC Pink Treat (a deep cool pink), MAC Sublime Culture (a warm pinkish brown) and the new Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencils.

After filling in your lips, dab Pink 4 Friday from the tube. Dabbing/pressing the tube lays down less product than sliding it does, which in this case produces a stain-like natural finish (slicking the lips with the tube would deposit a lot more pigment).

Last, but not least, dab a sheer lipgloss like MAC Clear Lipglass ($14.50) right at the center of both lips. The spot will catch the light and create the illusion of a plumper pout.

Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by MAC and Nicki Minaj review swatches photos arm swatch on nc35 skinFrom left: MAC Pink 4 Friday, MAC Lip Liner in Spice, MAC Clear Lipglass

Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by MAC and Nicki Minaj review swatches photos comparison swatches
A few similar MAC lip colors from left: Pink 4 Friday, Viva Glam Gaga and Blooming Lovely

karen of makeup and beauty blog reviews Pink 4 Friday Lipstick by MAC and Nicki Minaj

I can’t wait to try this with super smokey eyes! πŸ™‚

PRICE: $14.50
AVAILABILITY: Exclusively at on December 10 and 17

Maybe we should rename this the Makeup and Chai Latte/Dessert Blog

Holy wow! You guys are chai tea latte experts! Thanks for all the great recommendations. Don’t laugh, but I went to sleep last night fantasizing about my next chai latte, and now I’m heading to Peet’s for my afternoon treat.

And since tea goes so well with cookiesÒ€¦


If you can identify these cookies in the comments, you are officially awesome (well, more awesome).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Siobhan says:

    Macaroons! So yummy! πŸ˜€

  2. Nina says:

    macarrons! <3333

    a lady in the farmers market here makes them !!! yum!

    im not a fan of that lipstick — its scary!!!

  3. Katie says:

    I’m not overly impressed with the color by itself, but you seem to have found the combo that makes it work, girl! And don’t worry about the macaroons…you go to the gym SO you can eat them! πŸ˜‰
    Katie recently posted … Yay snow!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katie,

      It’s not the easiest shade to wear, that’s for sure. Do you wear pale pinks like this often? I rarely do when it’s by itself… I usually have to add a few things to make it look, um, less p*rnstar, on me.

      Ugh, I have so far been able to resist the call of the cookies! We’ll see how long I hold out.

  4. Appu says:

    That lipstick would look absolutely ugly on me!!! Precisely the reason why I did not get the Lady Gaga one πŸ™ But this one looks scarier
    Appu recently posted … I hit the jackpot a little too late!

  5. Tiffany says:

    love how you make the lippie work for you!

    mmmmm, macaroons! I have always wanted to try making them myself…

    • Karen says:

      These tricks should work with most lipsticks that are too light! πŸ™‚

      My friend said she tried making them once and it was hard. Apparently getting the cookie part perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is challenging.

      The only cookies I can handle and chocolate chip, haha.

      • Tiffany says:

        yeah, they seem really tricky! oh well. my new fave dessert = cake balls. have you ever tried them?

        • Karen says:

          Nooo! Are they like cupcakes? Is there icing involved? DO TELL!

          • Tiffany says:

            ohmygod they are awesome, and if you bring them to a potluck they will be a huge hit. there is frosting involved. basically you make a cake, crumble it, mix the crumbs with frosting, form into balls, and then dip into melted chocolate or candy melts. the awesome thing is that you can use any combo of cake and frosting – I have done chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, spice cake with cream cheese frosting, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting… there are a lot of steps involved but all the steps are really easy! yummmm


          • Karen says:

            HOLY CRAP. I need a carrot cake and cream cheese combo to come into my life, STAT!

          • Tiffany says:

            that would be awesome! dipped into vanilla candy melts!

        • Karen says:

          Or how about red velvet cake with vanilla frosting? Or something with caramel?

          Now I’m really hungry!

          • steph b says:

            Ever see rum balls at a bakery? They take the cake scraps when they trim to size, soak some in rum, and then form balls with a bit of frosting, coat in chocolate and sometimes add sprinkles or nuts. I sometimes make them with amaretto.

          • Tiffany says:

            Steph – those sound awesome! I have to try to find some!!

  6. Kayann says:

    Macaroon! I most definitely would not be able to pull off that lipstick (when it’s by itself!) but I love it when you layered it with liner and gloss!

  7. Alex says:

    I want this just because it’s by Nikki Minaj, but my tan skin tone would never be able to pull it off. What a shame.
    Alex recently posted … New From Maybelline New York

  8. Antonia says:

    You look very nice in Pink 4 Friday! I think, on the other hand, that I’d look really stupid in this shade. Nevertheless, I love limited edition products, so I can see why this one is so anticipated!
    Antonia recently posted … What Greger does when no one is home

    • Karen says:

      I feel self-conscious wearing it by itself, but love it with Spice and Clear Lipglass! πŸ™‚

      And I so feel you for loving the limited edition colors… I have a few that still make me swoon, like the Beauty Powders from the Barbie Loves MAC Collection.

  9. Lucie says:

    I love the IDEA of this lipstick, but on me it would be a no-no. A friend, bless him, went to the MAC store and got me Viva Glam GaGa for my birthday last year, but I soon learned that those pastel pinks are easier said than done!

    Mmmm, macaroons, I was gorging myself on those Saturday! So delicious!

    • Karen says:

      What a sweet friend, Lucie. I gotta give any man who braves the MAC store props. πŸ™‚

      Do you have a neutral lip liner on hand? Maybe something like Spice could make Gaga more wearable for you.

  10. Rachael says:

    I think I’ll shy away from that one. Probably too much with the bright red hair. I currently look like the Little Mermaid
    Rachael recently posted … Time for Cuteness

    • Karen says:

      That’s hawt. I think in a former lifetime I was a girl with bright red Litttle Mermaid hair (can’t pull that off in this one, though, LOL).

      Have you been wearing a lot of teal? I remember Ariel wearing it often.

      • Rachael says:

        It’s fun having the hair, but I’m on strict orders from my mum to tone it down for Christmas or she’s gonna start putting my strands up on the tree.

        I do love teal, it is the color that dominates my apartment. It does look super gorgeous with the red
        Rachael recently posted … Time for Cuteness

  11. steph b says:

    That seems like an awful lot of work to make a lipstick right for you. Maybe if I had a gorgeous, expensive lipstick that was just wrong and I couldn’t return it.

    I loooooove macarons. Teaching myself how to make them is my winter project. I’ve made a couple of batches in the past that were tasty, but not what they could be.

  12. Audrey says:

    I totally want those cookies now!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. lo says:

    I think those are macarons/maccarones, which are meringue-based (and French). Macaroons are shredded coconut-based (at least in the U.S.), and either crispy/toasted or dipped in chocolate (like a Mounds candy bar). Both are super yummy though πŸ™‚ Especially with chai lattes!

    I feel better about the fact that a lot of girls are finding Pink 4 Friday hard to wear, too! As soon as I saw swatches, I knew it would make me look totally ghastly on its own. I love the combo you did.

  14. and i thought viva glam gaga was unwearable :p

    i’m ashamed to say i’ve never tried macaroons =/
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … All About Eyes – Black &amp Gold Inspired by Natasha Bedingfield

  15. Mallory says:

    Who doesn’t love a good macaroon?

  16. Svetlana says:

    Lady Gaga Viva Glam looks great on me alone so I can imagine Pink 4 Friday would look good too. I would really like to have it cos that color is so *me* lol. Unfortunately it’s not available internationally, and I’m not from the US so I can’t have it!
    Never tried macaroons but they look yummy

  17. Gina says:

    I have Viva Glam Gaga, but if I wear it lightly, it actually looks great on my yellow-toned medium skin. But that? No thanks! Looks fun in the tube, but scary otherwise! I think I’ll stick to Gaga =]

  18. Amber says:

    I have a pink that is WAY too blue for me (Please Me, which on my lips looks nothing like any swatch I’ve seen) and this might work!
    Amber recently posted … French onion soup

  19. Chris25 says:

    Hi Karen,

    While I do love the way you found a method that makes this l/s more wearable, I don’t wear bright clothing often enough to invest in such a bright pink. My NC42 skin prefers raspberry or deep berry pinks like Revlon ColorBurst in Raspberry or MAC Hang Up. I am more of a red/burgundy/deep brown girl. I like l/s that have a deeper color. Btw, I totally understand your love of macaroons. I tell myself that if I make cookies at home from scratch, and with organic ingredients, then they are healthier and therefore I can eat more of them. πŸ˜€
    Chris25 recently posted … MIA Blogger

  20. What if I say I am the girl who can wear MAC Pink 4 Friday Lipstick all by itself?! haha you are so pretty. The pink mac is pretty as well but I agree it looks so much better with the lip glass!
    sunshine – skin care recently posted … How to Get 150 At-Home Facial Recipes

  21. Evelyn says:

    wow! You really turned around that lipstick that, at least to me, is pretty horrible. I was never a fan of Barbie lips, although I had a lot of Barbies as a girl, go figure. lol Those macaroons look too pretty to eat (which is a good thing as I need to drop some pounds to fit in this lovely jacket I bought)! Of course if you’re performing you can get away with anything (Lady Gaga anyone?).

  22. Katrina says:

    Oh goodness, that looks like a color my grandmother would have worn. It would look terrible on me, as pretty as it looks in the package. I don’t know anyone who can pull of a color like that on its own!

  23. Tiffany H. says:

    I have Pink Noveau which is similar in color. I have to pair it with a brown liner in order to make it wearable or else I look like a clown!
    Tiffany H. recently posted … Manicure Mondays-Orly Forever Crimson

  24. Crissy says:

    I love that lipstick! I can actually wear it straight from the tube, which I’m thrilled about!

  25. Lorraine says:

    French macaroons!! I only used to get to eat these at restaurants that used miniature ones as amuse bouche then I found them at a nearby bakery and OMG! My favourite is their strawberry shortcake one with real chunks of strawberries!! Geez I’m making my mouth water…

    Re: lipstick-I’ll never be able to pull that off….I have Saint Germaine sitting at the back of my lipstick drawer…I bought it coz everyone was talking about it so it makes me happy to know I own it LOL

  26. paige says:

    next time you visit starbucks – get a grande chai latte, no water, and a pump of cinnamon dolce.
    best eaten with a sugar cookie.

  27. Alyssa says:

    The Pink 4 Friday lipstick is a cute color but the bubblegum pink is so hard to wear! I think I’ll have to stick with the Spice lipliner LOL!

  28. claudia says:

    MACARONS!!!!! (with *one* O, not two, although both are equally, if dissimilarly, delicious.) I love the floral flavored ones (are those rose and lavender flavors I spy?) and pistachio and coffee flavored ones.

    As for the lip color, the pink in its original form is way too bright for most people, I think, but the way you layered it with the other colors, well, darlin’, that is a SUPER-FLATTERING shade on you. Look forward to seeing what other combinations you use it in, πŸ™‚

  29. Tuhina says:

    Scary color! Why would you buy something when you have to layer it with stuff to make it look completely different? I’d just buy something else.

  30. Rita says:

    Ah, j’aime les macarons! I just got a box of them the other week from Berlin, and last summer another one from Ladurée in London. Unfortunately they are quite rare where I live.

  31. Rengirl says:

    Macaron (not macaroon, which is an entirely different kind of cookie). I went through a macaron phase and baked hundreds of these a couple of years ago.

  32. Karen B says:

    Mmmm. Macaron’s. Love them.
    Karen B recently posted … Music Monday- The Girls with Glasses

  33. Juji says:


    (In my head I am yelling “Macarons, not MACAROONS!”)


  34. Advah says:

    Macarons! And I agree, macaroons are the moist coconut cookies.
    Macarons aren’t that difficult to make actually, you should give it a try Karen! And it always impresses people when you bring a plate of them to friends’ and mention by the by you made them yourself..

  35. Jessica says:

    Macarons are so delicious. I like Vanilla Buttercream ones the best.

    Some nicely low priced and very delicious macarons are from Trader Joe’s. They come with two flavours – Vanilla Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache – with sixteen macarons for around 4-10 USD ( I can’t remember the exact price. ).

  36. Stephanie says:

    Macaroons! To bad they don’t sell them here.
    Stephanie recently posted … Nails in videos

  37. Kim says:

    The person who can pull of that lipstick on its own is *not* me! Wow. You definitely made it work with the others, though. I actually had to read the caption twice to make sure I didn’t misunderstand. What a dramatic difference (and for the better, imo). πŸ™‚

  38. Michelle says:

    Wow, when you paired the lipstick with the lip liner and lipglass it turned out so pretty!

  39. neenaj says:

    karen, you made that color work for you!! looks great over spice.

    sorry i missed the earlier chai latte convo – but thought you would like to know that stash sells green tea chai which you’ll totally dig (imo). they sell stash tea at target.

  40. Tzu says:

    macarons from Paulette!!

  41. Sylvie says:

    The “cookies” are macarons =D

  42. Kerry says:

    I have yet to see Pink 4 Friday look flattering on someone. I adore the combination that you did, though — with the Spice lipliner. It’s so pretty!!

  43. Karen, yuo know I love you, but step away from the Niki Minaj Lipstick now!! it looks horrid. lol
    beautylogicblog recently posted … Foxy Fit Mommy-Lil Man Says Sorry!

  44. Trisha says:

    Cookies! I want them so much! Oh, so colorful.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I can’t pull off that lipstick, but then, who can? Besides Miss Nicki Minaj, of course.
    Trisha recently posted … Stocking Stuffers- Profusion Colour Me Glow Eye Palette

  45. Marina says:

    This lipstick freaks me out as much as the promo LOL sorry! It looks good on you with the liner and gloss, though πŸ™‚

  46. Ginger says:

    I have a question..Is Nicki actually wearing just the lipstick and no liner or gloss? The shade on her lips looks SO different from the tube…Or is it just me?

  47. Shannon Towine says:

    I am NC45 and I KNOW that would look a mess on me! I think when Nicki wears it herself she has on a darker pink or purple gloss. If I have to solve an algebraic equation to pull off a color, I don’t want it!

    Love her tho!

  48. Tiffanyterese says:

    I love this lipstick so much! I got it on the first friday it came out! I wear it alone paired with winged out liner and lotsa mascara and I absolutely love it.

  49. Chanel says:

    I purchased this lipstick just to have in my collection. I knew that it would not be a good shade on me but it actually look good on my daughter who snuck into it. I have dry lips sometimes and this lipstick really accentuated it…not a good look.
    Chanel recently posted … My First Video

  50. Teenah says:

    LoveloveLOVE the after look with the liner & gloss! I really wanted this but I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything I knew I’d never wear! Can you recommend any permanent Mac lippies that resemble your after look? Because I think I could totally get away with buying THAT one! Lol

  51. Ms.O says:

    Hi, I stumbled upon your blog and loving it.
    How is this Nicki Minaj lipstick compare to MAC Archie- Girls Next Door which is a Vivid Blue Pink. I find the later cute but non-wearable either.
    Kisses from Jakarta

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