Laura Mercier’s Luxe Stickgloss Holiday Collection Sticks It to Dry Lips

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Laura Mercier Baby Lips Stickgloss

Baby Lips

To all my dry-lipped ladies, throw yo’ hands up! Throw yo’ hands up! Throw yo’ hands up!

If I were a platinum record-selling rap superstar, and not just a husky tabby’s professional pet assistant, that would be my on-stage audience response chant.


I seriously doubt that it would catch on pop culture fire like “Who let the dogs out” did, which reminds me, remember when people were using that in casual conversation, like “How’s it going, Jane?” “Oh, it’s going great. Who let the dogs out!? Who, who, who, who — who let the dogs out!?”

So annoying…

Whatevs, I live for excitement! I want everyone to throw their hands up like I did when I tried the four lippies in Laura Mercier’s new $48 Luxe Stickgloss Collection holiday set.

Sheer and slick, like a cross between a lipstick and a balm, they hydrate like ca-ray-zaaaay! — and look great, too. Rosy pink Brown Sugar, warm pink Baby Lips, coppery Courtisane and plummy Peony glow with a soft, sophisticated shine, and they also make my lips look a little fuller, methinks.

Laura Mercier Stickgloss Set

Pretty ladies!

Laura Mercier Stickgloss Set

From the left: Brown Sugar, Baby Lips, Courtisane and Peony

Laura Mercier Courtisane Stickgloss


Laura Mercier Brown Sugar Stickgloss

Brown Sugar

Laura Mercier Peony Stickgloss


Best of all, because they aren’t overloaded with pigment, I can literally just slick a layer or two on my lips without a mirror, and go on my merry way.

What else should you know about the $48 Laura Mercier Luxe Stickgloss Collection?

  • As a set, it won’t be available forever. It’s limited edition, but separately the four full-sized Stickglosses also reside in Laura’s permanent collection.
  • They’re pretty sheer.
  • They smell and taste at first a little like brown sugar to me (yum!), which fades over the course of about 5 minutes.
  • They have a lightweight formula and a slick texture.
  • They last from 2-3 hours on my lips.

These definitely aren’t the longest-lasting lippies around…but what they lack in wear time they make up for in moisture.


I also think it’s nice sometimes to not have to deal with the drama of highly pigmented vampire lipstick colors, you know? You can just drop one of these Stickglosses into your purse, and call it a day.

Since Laura’s Stickglosses normally run $22 each, the four-piece $48 set represents a pretty good savings of almost 50% off.

Not bad, especially this time of year. You could get the set, give three of them as gifts to your sisters, cousins and/or BFFs and still keep one for yourself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

PRICE: $48
AVAILABILITY: Available now online and at Sephora stores

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    You’re too pretty! The Brown Sugar is my favorite. I wonder if it’d look good on me…A girl can never have too many nude lippies, right?

    Any weekend plans?

    • Karen says:

      No, YOU are too pretty! ๐Ÿ˜€ Totally with you on nude lippies. One more won’t hurt.

      I think you should try it! It might pull a little more pink on you since you’re fair. Give it a go and send me a pic.

      So, this weekend my biggest plans are to find Tabs a Halloween costume, haha! I also want to go to Pasta Pomadro because I’m craving it right now. I think we might watch a movie, too, because there are a couple of good ones coming out.

      What are you and the hubs doing?

      • Agata says:

        Ok, I will give it a try when I go to Sephora and I will snap a picture for you. I am excited because I just got my Sephora VIB card and it comes with a coupon for a free 45 minute make over! I cannot wait to schedule that!

        Other than working, today we are going out for our friend’s secret birthday dinner. The birthday girl thinks only two of our friends are taking her to dinner but actually all of our friends will show up and we want to pay for her dinner as she is having some financial problems. And on Sunday, weather permitting, my hubby is going to do a fall photo shoot for me ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been asking him for that for weeks!

        What does Tabs want to be for Halloween this year?

  2. Chic Lapin says:

    I really like these (as I really like anything Laura Mercier, really) but I’m scared lf how much will they be in Europe. The price in Euros is always way higher than in US Dollars, they usually charge us 20% or 30% more than the fair convertion price… ๐Ÿ™

  3. Sylvia says:

    Peony is stunning on ya!

    I’m not the biggest fan of sheer lip products (I go for the punch!) but sheer neutrals are always pretty.
    Sylvia recently posted … My Top 10 Dark & Vampy Lip Products

  4. fancie says:

    The set looks nice! I have pretty dry lips and I want to try these. Lol I loved the opening though! Lmao you’re so funny and creative!
    fancie recently posted … Make the Night Divine with MAC!

  5. Ceci says:

    Wowza, Karen! You look gorgeous and fresh-faced in this series of photos! The pic where you’re wearing brown sugar is like something I’d seen in Seventeen magazine back in the day…

  6. Chelsea says:

    Your skin is perfection in these photos!

  7. U look ravishing in Courtisane and Peony.. both fell into my favorites and yes one can just grab these sheer but moisturizing..!! I opt for this formula when I am on a day out with bestiess.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Cecille says:

    Love the necklace….info on it please!!!??

  9. hanna says:

    These seem like a great set. I’ve been looking for good lip products for dry lips now that its winter time.
    hanna recently posted … Braces Didn’t Do Anything

  10. Audrey says:

    For a moment I didn’t realize that this was a set and my heart dropped a bit when I saw the $48 dollar price tag-something I’d excpect from TF, just not LM!

  11. GlamKitty says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this set! I have a Stickgloss in “Black Orchid” (a deep plum, and so wearable–even in the daytime!–on my UD 0.5/BB Porcelain skin) and just LUH it. Like you said, it’s not long-wearing, but it feels great, is so easy to apply (even without a mirror), and just sort of works *anytime*. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now, if only I could look as great as you do in all these colors…

  12. Deb says:

    I highly recommend this set. I’ve had brown sugar for ages and love it so much, I bought a backup. Before this set came out. Oh well, now I’ll have two backups. For those of you (like me) that don’t have Karen’s coloring…don’t worry. I am a very fair skinned redhead and all of these work on me. My lips have almost no pigment so I was worried they would be too dark and I don’t do dark, vampy lippies. They aren’t. They are sheer, buildable, and I believe they will work on most everyone. Just be aware that if you are very fair or have very little pigment in your lips, they will look nothing like Karen’s swatches or like her pics of her wearing them. For example, brown sugar has a lot more color on me and isn’t nearly as nude as it shows on Karen. It’s still a nude, but it just shows up more. You really can’t go wrong with these because of the sheerness.

  13. Sun says:

    Love “Baby Lips” on you! I’ll have to check them out!

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