Lancome Star Bronzer Plus Clinique Fireberry Glosswear Equals 3-Minute Makeup

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That cherub’s got junk in his trunk!


Not only does Lancome’s new limited edition Star Bronzer ($50) for face and body work like a charm; it looks like one too.

Doesn’t it look like the cherub in the pan is hugging the sun?

Star Bronzer gave my cheeks a warm glow, and, coupled with Clinique Fireberry Glosswear, helped me do this easy summer look.

Lancome obviously had fun with this compact. Within the image in the pan are three different bronzing colors. I love the golden brown matte from the cherub’s bum.

Here are swatches of the three most distinct shades from different parts of the compact:

  1. A shimmery bronze with golden sparkle swatched from the sun to the left of the nekkid cherub
  2. A warm golden brown matte from the cherub’s arse
  3. A shimmery yellow gold from the cherub’s wings


What a great bronzer for summer! Too bad it’s a little on the expensive side. I do love how it looks with Fireberry Glosswear. I discovered how compatible the two products are by accident this morning.

I wanted a latte from the coffee shop across the street, but I didn’t want to leave the house without minimal makeup (I don’t want to scare the local children with my dark circles).

3-Minute Makeup

I grabbed my MAC 116 blush brush and swiped Star Bronzer onto the applies of both cheeks. Then, I added Dior Concealer to hide my dark circles and curled my lashes with Shu Uemura’s Curler.

I used a MAC 266 brush and MAC Concrete eyeshadow to fill in my brows and finished the look with Clinique Fireberry Glosswear lipgloss. Done in less than three minutes.


Don’t you love it when you find cheek and lip colors that complement each other? I like how the bronze and gold tones in both Star Bronzer and Fireberry work together.

Lancome Star Bronzer

Price: $50
Use: A powder bronzer
Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

See how huge the Star Bronzer compact is? It’s ginormous. I can barely wrap my fingers around it. At least Lancome doesn’t stiff you on the product. You do get a lot for that $50 price.

Lancome says Star Bronzer can also be used on your body, so I think I might try it out on my arms and legs next.



Star Bronzer is availabe at Lancome counters and online.

Happy Saturday, ladies! It’s warm and sunny here, and my coffee’s kicked in, so now I’m off for a run around the neighborhood. How’s your day been so far?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. If you can recommend any complementary cheek and lip pairings, please share them in the comments.


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  1. Aleks says:


    Thanks for the complement. I’m really diggin’ the dress, too, even though my style is usually way more simple and not so flowery. Yeah, I thought about golden jewelry, too! Would look fab. Or, a simple pair of old rose/pink pearl earrings. I got a matching scarf for free so that’s one of the accessories I’mma wear. I haven’t found shoes/clutch yet, but I promise to keep you posted! 🙂

    Glad to hear you’re doing well. I know, being hungry is BAD at times, haha. You feel like eating just about anything as long as you get the nasty feeling of hunger evicted. 😀

    It’s weekend so I’m guessing you’re doing even better. Going for a run sounds relaxing. You get to think about stuff, listen to music and just let your feet take you.

    PS. I don’t know how you do it, but you look gorgeous even with a 3-minute face! Good job! 🙂

    Alekss last blog post..Colour Madness

  2. TUPRNUT says:

    You look so great! Such a fun look and yes, that bronzer is ginormous!!! Holy smokes.

    I love Fireberry.. I may have to dig that out for tomorrow.

  3. carla says:

    Hey Karen,
    Lancome starts to create such a beautiful make-up with cool backaging stuff but I do lurrrrrve chanel for most of the time. I managed to get mac heatherette beauty powder in alpha girl what do you think?

  4. Glosslizard says:

    Girlfriend, you look way too hot for a workout! You could skip your reps and go straight to the club! 🙂

    Wow, that’s a big ol’ bronzer! I don’t know if I could handle that huge cherub leering at me from my bronzer pan, I’m not really a cherub kinda girl (frankly, I find them slightly creepy)! Besides, I’m still SO in love with my Guerlain bronzer! Mmmmmm, Orient Sun!

    It’s been an amazingly gorgeous day and I’ve been spending it running the prepare-for-the-kids-birthday-party marathon! Woo-hoo, BBQ tomorrow!

    Ok, the obvious cheek and lip is Guerlain Orient Sun bronzer (although probably any bronzer would work) and Chanel Gazelle glossimer! I also love a sculpted cheek done with Chanel’s Orchid Rose paired with a dark lip (red or berry).

  5. Bridget says:

    I can’t get over the size of that thing.

  6. You are glowing pretty lady, that bronzer is gorgeous, I was playing with it at work today!!! That thing should last forever, it’s SO HUGE!

    i♥makeups last blog post..Make-up Trend: Contoured Features

  7. Joanna says:


    That thing is HUGE! I love bronzers and prefer them over blush. I’m stuck on Clinique’s Shimmering Tones Powder Quad. It was gorgeous in my part of the Bay Area, how was yours? 🙂

  8. rachel says:

    i wish that they would make it a little smaller for less cash to dish out, that doesnt look like the most convenient thing to carry around in your purse :[

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Aleks,

    How are you? It’s good to hear from ya, girl!

    Okay, a pair of old rose/pink pearl earrings would be so fab with your dress! Maybe some dangly ones? That might be cute too if you wear ’em with the scarf.

    This weekend has been good so far. It was really warm out today so I walked around my neighborhood and then the cat came over and we hung out off a bit. I just got back from the movies and now just want to read a book and then pass out… a kinda mellow Saturday night but sometimes those are fun.

    Thank you for the complement on the 3-minute face! I swear being perpetually late and lazy has prepared me well, ha!

    How has your weekend been so far? Do anything fun with friends? I’m guessing badminton was involved somehow…

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Tuprnut,

    It’s frickin huge! I dunno if I’m ever going to use it up. Even if I used it on my legs and arms I’d still have enough for a few decades.

    Take your Fireberry out for a Sunday spin! You know it misses you. 🙂 I wore it again to the movies tonight!

    Hope your weekend has been great so far. What have you been up to?

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Carla,

    I love the Beauty Powders! I remember liking Alpha Girl but not loving it. I didn’t know you were a Chanel kinda girl. What’s your favorite thing from the line?

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    It’s still warm here, can you believe it? It’s kinda odd to be walking around in a tank top and jeans at night. I don’t miss much about living in Davis but one thing I do miss is walking around at night in a tank top…

    Speaking of Chanel, I still don’t have Orchid Rose (dangit). I did bust out Enchantresse for my movie night date though!

    BBQ sounds fun! Happy Birthday to your lil’ sweetie! I hope everything goes smoothly. I hope the weather stays warm for the festivities. Will there be one of those blow up jumping house thingys? Those look like lots of fun!

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Bridget,

    It’s hella big, no doubt! I was thinking today that it could double as a discus or perhaps weaponry if necessary, ha!

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Iheartmakeup,

    Thanks hon! It’s pretty, ya? I haven’t quite figured out why they supersized it… I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it, LOL.

    BTW, are you a makeup artist?

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Joanna,

    It was *hot* up here! I loved it. Where I live in the north bay the temp is usually pretty mild, so hot days like today are a treat. I just got back from the movies and it’s still warm!

    I don’t have enough bronzers in my makeup stash. I know that the Lancome one is enough for three Karens but I am still planning on getting a Guerlain bronzer and Nars Laguna soon though! Do you have a favorite?

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Rachel,

    Noooo it is NOT convenient at all, girl! It’s huge and not at all sleek (sigh). But the color is very pretty and the cherub is a cutie! I kinda wish it was a product I could split with a friend (like MAC pigments) but it would break my heart to mess up the design.

    How’s your weekend been so far? Do anything fun?

  17. ilovecheese says:

    Aiiy Caramba Karen! That lil’ cherub is HUGE! It looks like value for money, I guess, but it is still gorgeous! Waaaaaah another product I have to save up for, you post such tempting lovely things on your blog Karen, I should just add your blog at the top of my lemming list, LOL
    Hope you had a nice weekend, mine went bust since I had to work on BOTH Saturday and Sunday, thanks to a pending database deadline..siiighhh

    ilovecheeses last blog post..Fab or OTT?

  18. Eru says:

    Hey karen 😀
    I was tempted by this bronzer but there’s something weird in that angel there.I’m afraid he scares me. No joke, there’s something creepy about that cherub. :S
    Anyway! That bronzer is huge! And is not that expensive, being so big. 🙂 I’m still in love with my Orient Sun bronzer. If you are planning to get another, check the collection by Guerlain! They’re gorgeous~~
    PS: he makeup lesson will be in 8 days, but I will get some makeup. Hope they let me record it! 😀
    Eru :3

    Erus last blog post..Cotton petal Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect~~ Review and Swatches!

  19. Anna says:

    Hi Karen,

    Girl, I have never see anyone going for a workout lookin so glammed up !!!

    That cherub has def got some junk in the trunk, she should give some to me…or is that a he…..???

  20. Bridget says:

    While I was in Sephora last month I was looking for a bronzer and bought Laura Gellar Bronze and Brighten. I really love it. All the colors swirled in look nice on my really fair skin. Which is important because most bronzers look like masks on me.haha I love how you can use an eye shadow brush and use the swirls of colors individually.
    Have a good Sunday!

  21. BeautyTalk says:

    This is really pretty but I just have way too much bronzer!

    BeautyTalks last blog post..Sephora Haul: Zeroin’ on the cheeks

  22. Thushaa says:

    Looks good! I love the bronzed look on you.. I think I need to look into this even though $50 dollars is totally a splurge. Oh well who’s to say splurging isn’t nice once in a while right? 😉

  23. Ping. says:

    wow.. the compact look so bloody cute.. its even nicer than their previous bronzer which have a palm tree and all… damn and its big.. so tempting but i never use bronzer.. ahhaha

  24. carla says:

    Hey Karen
    chanel most lovely stuff is pressed powder, hydrabase lipsticks, nail polishes and blushers and of course chanel no.5 perfume 🙂

  25. Dao says:

    woa, that is a huge compact! I love how you take different colors in each part of that compact. If it were me, I would have used a big brush and sweep everything in one movement => lazy I know! Looks like colors #1 and 3 are pigmented enough to be used as eyeshadows? Next time try it with Sock Hop lipglass, they may work too. And thank you for being so considerate to the neighbors’ kids. The kids and adults in my hood are used to seeing me wearing weird flip flops to get the mail.

  26. TUPRNUT says:

    I still can’t get over the size of that compact….

    Anyway, I’ve had a really good weekend. We’re in the middle of completely tearing up our backyard, so that’s what I’ve been up to. I can’t remember the last time I was this consistently dirty, but it’s been a fun process and a great work-out! I get to completely re-landscape after the new grass is put in and I seriously cannot wait – I never thought I would love this kind of thing so much but I stay up at night thinking about plants and flowers, it’s crazy.

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

  27. Beauty Fool says:

    Wow, that compact looks massive, so I guess it’s worth the $50 price tag.

    I agree with what Eru said above, the cherub looks somewhat strange and creepy, but overall this product looks REALLY good!

    Beauty Fools last blog post..Lancôme Star Bronzer Sun Cherub

  28. Karen B says:

    Allright, the Chanel bribery just turned into Lancôme bribery 😉 I am definitely checking this out at the Lancôme later this afternoon. Then I can make up for my missed event two weeks ago.

  29. Laura says:

    You look Fantastic! I’ll be looking out for Fireberry!

  30. Aleks says:


    I’m doing well, thanks for asking. My week started off well: I spent the day in Helsinki while mom had a meeting. Afterwards we spent time together and did some shopping. We even went to an outlet where we did some cool findings!

    I personally prefer cosy Saturdays to partying etc. But I guess I’m just so boring. ;P My weekend was relaxed as well. Mostly I was just lazying around, watching TV and did grocery shopping with mom. Oh, and I visited my granny!

    Yeah, a dangly pair of pearl earrings sounds great! I actually saw some cute ones today which I may have to get later 🙂

    Haha, I’m pretty much always late, too! I used to have a strict one-hour schedule on school days but now that I hardly go anywhere it takes hours to get ready. May have to try your 3-minute face, it sounds like a life-saver 😀

    How’s your week started?

    Alekss last blog post..Pale Yellow Outfit

  31. Karen says:

    Hi Ilovecheese,

    Aww, pooh that you had to work both days? At least that’s more $ for your makeup fund! 😉

    Isn’t it great that you get a TON of bronzer for the price? Love that. It’s like the super-sized, mother-of-all bronzing compacts. It looks like it eats other compacts for dinner, LOL.

    My weekend is great! I did a whole lotta relaxing in the sun (wearing sunscreen of course!), which is what I needed.

    How’s your Monday been? I hope you got today off!

  32. Karen says:

    Hi Eru,

    That will be so great if you get to record the lesson! That way you can watch it again and again for techniques and tips. Can’t wait to see your loot, too.

    I’ve heard *great* things about the Guerlain bronzer. I am now convinced that I need that in my life, ASAP1

    Aww, the cherub isn’t weird! He just loves you and stares at you when you’re not looking! LOLOL

  33. Karen says:

    Hi Anna,

    Ha! I was wondering the same exact thing! For some reason I’m convinced he’s a boy…

    Seriously, even when I’m just running around my neighbors cannot be subjected to my non-makeup scariness!

    Hope you are having a wonderful Monday!

  34. Karen says:

    Hi Bridget,

    Oh, your bronzer sounds like it really works on you. I’ve heard it can be quite a challenge for fair-skinned ladies to find bronzing colors that work, so that’s great. It sounds versatile too, since you can use it as a shadow.

    I will check it out when I go to sephora. I dunno if it will work for me but it sounds like it’s worth a look!

  35. Karen says:

    Hi BeautyTalk,

    LOL, girl, I say that too myself every time I go to Sephora. Seriously!

  36. Karen says:


    How are you, girl? It’s been a while. Hope you’ve been well and that school’s been fun (!).

  37. Karen says:

    Hi Ping,

    Why don’t you ever use bronzer? I am going to start to now every day if I’m gonna get through this compact in the next twenty years, ha!

  38. Karen says:

    Hi Carla,

    I am saving Chanel No. 5 for when I am in my 50s and wear tweed Chanel suits and carry chain link purses! Seriously, I kid you not!

    Have you tried the compact foundation? It’s fantastic.

  39. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    Ha ha! I rock the weird flip flops too. (I’m wearing a bejeweled pair as I type this sentence).

    Sock Hop sounds like it would be good with #1 (on the lid, barely up into the crease) for an easy look. I will try that the next time I have to get coffee in the wee hours in the morning.

    I also like to swirl all the colors together too! (gotta love the MAC 116 blush brush).

  40. carla says:

    You’re kidding Karen an’t you?
    chanel no.5 is consider a perfume for high class accordin’ to it’s high price and scretly contents. I’m shocked at your comment really but it’s my forever perfume though I’m 27 not 50
    about the compact foundation I didn’t try it and maybe for along time didn’t put any foundation or powder on cos’ my skin always feel bad and reddish.
    I’m thinkin’ about benefit cosmetics line and I hope you show us some products from this company (:

  41. You look great sis! It takes me 3 minutes to just wash my face 😀 Lol!

    Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.nets last blog post..MAC Product Releases: Naughty Nauticals Swatches And The Stroller-LESS Voyage

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