L’Oreal Infallible 8 HR Le Glosses Make One Heck of a Claim

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L’Oreal Infallible 8 HR Le Gloss in Glistening Berry

Now, when a gloss makes a Herculean claim and says that it lasts eight hours, that’s gonna attract some attention, and the first question many people are probably going to have is, “Does it actually last eight hours?”


Let’s find out. 🙂 The new L’Oreal Infallible 8 HR Le Glosses (about $10 each) are so confident in their stamina that they advertise it right on the tube.

Overlooking the possibility for a moment, however remote, that L’Oreal had something other than wear time in mind when they emblazoned these tubes (like eight home runs, eight happy remoras, or eight hungry rabbits), I tried two of the 20 shades available now at drugstores.

The first thing I noticed about Glistening Berry and Pink Topaz was how the texture changed on my lips over time. Both glosses started out feeling thin and smooth but thickened within the first few minutes into a thick, sticky film.

I took that as a positive sign, since sticky glosses tend to last longer for me than glosses with thin textures and consistencies.

And texture wasn’t the only change I noticed. These glosses also start out with a lot of pigment and high shine, but they settle down to a soft, sheer sheen over the first 15 minutes. Long term, I think it makes them more wearable and less intimidating, which I like.

As for the way I think they taste and smell, it’s a little strange… Like minty grape juice — or a magic, wear-time enhancing potion, perhaps? — but it dissipates after about 10 minutes.

Then there’s the million-dollar question: how long do these actually last on lips?

Glistening Berry on the left and Pink Topaz on the right

Wearing Pink Topaz

On mine, not eight hours, I’m afraid to say. More like three or four. But I don’t mind reapplying these or other glosses throughout the day. I guess it’s just something I’ve just come to expect.


Still, when you stamp 8 HR right on the side of the tubes, you’re setting an expectation, even though, in this case, most of us probably didn’t believe it at all. 🙂

I was really hoping these would stick around a little longer than they do. I like that they’re available in a wide variety of colors and think they have a lot of personality. It’s also kinda neat how they transform from high-shine glosses to softer sheens.

PRICE: Varies. Usually around $10.
AVAILABILITY: Available now at drugstores and also online

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  1. Still, 3 or 4 hours is still a lot of a gloss! And personally, I actually enjoy applying gloss and lipstick:)
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … Functional fashion tip inspired by the zebra: Start wearing stripes

  2. I LOVE those earrings you’re wearing, Karen! I think it’s pretty impressive how a gloss can wear 3-4 hours (though I’d also have to take points off for it making a much bigger claim), so I’d check these out soon!

  3. Aww, it’s too bad to hear that these barely make half their eight-hour claim 🙁 Still, the colours you’ve featured here look super pretty – and I love the sound of a gloss that settles into a soft sheen.

    Sounds like I’ll have to keep an eye out for these & their minty-grape-juice magic! 😛
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Too much of a good thing is still totally a good thing. | Clinique Almost Lipstick review, photos, swatches (Spring 2012 full lineup)

  4. the colors look nice, you look great in the berry shade. its just too bad loreal does animal testing ;(

  5. Jenn Staz says:

    Wow, I was impressed with your 3 or 4 hours… I’m lucky if any of my glosses last 30 minutes. I love your description of how the product morphs during the first few minutes after application! Very perceptive!

  6. Nina says:

    lots of brands seem to make outrageous claims about wear time … that personally kinda turns me off the product, and sometimes, the brand. 🙂

  7. Megan says:

    Three or four hours is pretty good, but they really should shelve the 8-hour claim. I had a hard time believing it before I read this review. But it does last a long time relative to other glosses out there, even more expensive ones.
    Megan recently posted … Showing Some Love To Shielo

  8. Yelena says:

    ur eyes look great!

  9. corallista says:

    I’ve experienced the thickening few minutes after wear with many glosses but that generally helps them stay better! I love Bourjois glosses, they feel very non-sticky and you wouldn’t expect them to stay but they do! Like these shades on you.
    corallista recently posted … Illamasqua Haul : Preview and Swatches

  10. Y. says:

    they are very sticky lip glosses, but mine had a horrible smell – like burnt plastic or licorice.

  11. Sabrina says:

    I personally am over these type of company’s that stamp hours on their product just for them not to last. I bought Maybelline 14 hr and phhh forget it…not even 3-4 hrs! I am sticking to my MAC-all my fave colors, smells good, and product consistency is good=a sure bet everytime!

  12. Diff says:

    I think I would buy *any* product that was advertised with eight happy remoras.

  13. Chelsey says:

    I love a good sticky gloss. What sticky glosses would you recommend? I’ve tried almost everything from the drugstore in terms of chapstick and lip treatments in the pharmacy section and none of them are sticky or waxy enough for me.

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