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Twenty-four hours. One beauty blogger. Three random acts of beauty.


Random Act of Beauty: October 24, 2007, 11:37 a.m.
I go to a local burrito joint hungrier than a hippo, and I find out after I order my food that they only take cash. I’m short $1.50 and the walk to the atm seems farther than a trek through the Sahara. Plus my stomach is rumbling like crazy.

I dig through the cusions and crevices of my car and I find nickels, dimes and pennies. When I add them all up, I find that I have exactly one dollar and fifty cents. Yes!

Random Act of Beauty: October 24, 2007, 5:35 p.m.
I finally find sunblock that doesn’t leave my neck feeling sticky, Shiseido’s Ultimate Sun Protection SPF 55 for Face & Body, at my local Macy’s Shiseido counter.
That’s it on the right in the funny shaped bottle. The formula is a thin liquid that spreads easily and absorbs quickly. It has a nice smell and the finish is matte, so my neck doesn’t feel sticky and gross after application.

On the left is the Face version. It’s incredibly moisturizing and so far hasn’t broken me out.

Before I leave the counter with these goodies the nice Shiseido lady hooks it up! In addition to the gift-with-purchase, she gives me a generous handful of extra samples. Yes!

October 24, 2007, 8:50 p.m.
I finally get enough time to sit my bum down to watch the newest episode of I Love NY 2. I admire one contestant, Buddha, and can’t help but think of El Hub.

Smile? Check. Muscles? Check.

Spaghetti strap tank top?
I thank the stars above that El Hub has the good enough sense to not sport this fashion faux pas. Yes!

And while I’m at it, I also thank jeebus I’m not on a reality TV show looking for love amongst closet psychos, like The Entertainer. Yes!

Any random acts of beauty happen to you lately? Please say yes!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Christine says:

    Oh god, loved the Entertainer pictures. I don’t know why they had to give so much air time to toe-sucking. Ewwwww.

    Random Act of Beauty: discovered a very lovely and bold lip color that I don’t feel totally awkward in! YES!

  2. i need some of that kinda sunblock!!!! i hate the kind that leaves u all greasy!

  3. nilla cookie says:

    Oh dear, I was so mortified when I was watching the Entertainer suck NY’s toes. I mean, he wasn’t sucking.. he was devouring all of her toes!! WHY???

    Also, I don’t think Buddha is stuck in the 80s; I think maybe he’s a smiling version of … 50 Cent?


  4. Heather P says:

    GIRL, you have me CRACKING UP at my desk. LOL.
    Amen on that Spaghetti strap tank. You can never take someone with such a lapse in fashion judgement seriously.

  5. Lipglossme says:

    Buddha’s tank top looks like a girl’s tank top, huh? Never thought about that until you mentioned it.

    I was so grossed out when The Entertainer was sucking on New York’s toes. He wasn’t just sucking them. He was gnawing on them like a piece of dim sum chicken feet!

    Can I just say that I’m so glad Cheesy is gone? Not because he’s a nerd or anything. He just seemed a bit creepy to me. I liked Mr. Boston (from I love New York 1 episode) way better.

  6. Bel says:

    Hi Karen.

    I didn’t know shiseido was having a GWP. Do you know how you find out if thats happening in your area?


  7. Karen says:

    Hi Bel,

    I didn’t know either until I got to the Macy’s counter. I’d call your local Macy’s to confirm.

    Are you a Shiseido fan? What are your must-have products?

  8. Karen says:

    LOL, Lipglossme…I loved Mr. Boston too. In fact, I think the dudes in the 1st ILNY were much more interesting. I miss crazy Pootie and Mr. Romance!

  9. Karen says:

    Heather P! You so rock!

    Never trust a hot guy in a spaghetti strap tank top. BOO!

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Lilan,

    Oh no, don’t get me started on 50 Cent…

  11. Karen says:

    I just saw your hot red lips look on your blog! LOVE IT!

  12. nilla cookie says:

    Have you checked out Makeup Bag’s 7 days of red hot lips! She looks so pretty!! Very Vavoom!! 馃檪

  13. Vanessa says:

    OMG I am laughing at the entertainer….I love VH1…hilarious!

  14. nilla cookie says:

    I also just posted my random act of beauty on my blog – with a shout out to Karen! I totally forgot that I ordered stuff from Nordie’s last week before I went to Tahoe. To come back from vacation and have to go into the office was such a drag until I got my goodies in the mail – woo hoo!

  15. OMG, I think I almost threw up when I saw The Entertainer sucking her ugly ass toes, Im sorry, I do NOT think sucking on toes is a turn-on maybe because believe feet go in shoes, and putting something that belongs in ur shoes in ur mouth is a big no-no, random act of beauty…hmmmI just discovered that there is something better than MAC Blacktrack f/l MAC pointblack LLL w/ the 266 Brush…I’m getting it tomorrow!!!!

    Other than that my new fave look is cat eyes and bright pink lips…

  16. Christine says:

    How much do the Shisheido products run you?

  17. gilda says:

    i use shiseido make up, sunscreen and a whole lot of other things too. they are the best.

    i watched that episode of i love ny2 too. when the entertainer sucked her feet, and when i saw that look on his face…… oh god i could not stop laughing. also, i think all the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck just stood. i go major goosebumps. he’s so creepy!

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Vanessa,

    Yeah, he’s just wrong. I gotta hand it to Sister Patterson. Her third eye called his freaky self out on the first day.

  19. Karen says:

    Thanks Lilan. How fun, I love Tahoe. I went for the first time a few months ago. I like it when it’s sunny though. I’m not crazy about the snow.

  20. Karen says:

    Really, I Love Mac? I tried Liquidlast Liner and to tell you the truth I don’t really like it that much. The finish is too shiny for me and it doesn’t smudge. Plus, it takes forever to put on for me because I am very mistake prone, and the thinness doesn’t allow for much error.

    HOWEVER, the product does ride it out like a champ. Once you get it on NOTHING can get it to budge. I think it would be a good clubbing or gym eye liner because it does not stop going once you have it on. It’s like the terminator of eyeliners.

  21. Karen says:

    Hi Gilda,

    It seems like a lot of Shiseido products are very high quality. I got into a lengthy discussion with one of the freelance artists for the line yesterday and apparently they use lots of very high end ingredients. I think I am hooked on the sunscreen now, it’s really fantastic.

    LOL, all of America got that major goosebump (not in a good way) sort of feeling when that whole scene went down. There was *nothing* romanitical about it.

  22. Karen says:

    Hey Miss Christine,

    Um, well it ain’t cheap that’s fo sho. But think about the price of having a turkey neck with tons of lines crossing back and forth…and you’ll be able to justify the price. Easily. The Face only 55 is $33 is and the Face & Body 55 is $37.

  23. Change of blog address, come visit me at new one!!!!

    I love the shinier finish, because when I wear smokey eyes, I like my liner to be a bit more defined, or when i do cat eyes I love the fact when I see a glossy black line, blacktrack isnt that dark for me:/ maybe im odd…???

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