I’ve Been Carried Away by L’eau de Chloè

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l'eau de chloe

A few weeks ago, I dreamt an odd but beautiful dream that started with me standing in a sun-drenched field filled with tall green grass and wildflowers.


As I stood there in the field, bunches of big, beautiful balloons in a rainbow of colors appeared out of nowhere, and for reasons my dream self understood, I began tying the strings that dangled from the balloons to the belt loops of my jeans.

Up and up, the balloons lifted me, higher and higher above the field, and I drifted like that for a while, peaceful and giddy, hundreds, or maybe thousands, of feet above the countryside. 🙂

l'eau de chloeThen, I looked to my right, and Tabs appeared next to me. He was also being carried by beautiful balloons and had the strings tied around his tum. I was worried that his balloons would take him off in a different direction, but he managed to stay next to me, and we floated side by side above the green hills and country villages below.

L’eau de Chloè, one of my favorite fragrances lately, reminds me of that dream. I’ve been wearing it a lot this month, and every time I spray its citrusy floral scent on my neck and wrists and close my eyes for a moment, I feel lighter than air, as if I’m floating over my dream field with Tabs, joyous and free.

The scent, which launched earlier this month, is a new take on Chloè’s original fragrance, and while that version felt very urban and chic to me, this one, with its playful fruity notes, floral influences and amber, feels lighter, fresher and undone.

Official fragrance notes: Grapefruit, Cedrat, Peach, Violet, Rose Petals, Natural Water of Rose, Cedarwood, Patchouli and Amber

If the original Chloè dons a chic wrap dress and slips on pumps before she heads to work, L’eau de Chloè is the same woman when she’s on vacation, walking barefoot through a field of flowers late on a sunny afternoon, as the last rays of light dance along the layers of her chiffon dress.

According to my weird dreams, she may also be floating beside her cat with balloons tied to her pants, but I digress… 🙂

I can spray this scent on me early in the morning and catch whiffs of it throughout the day. On my skin, it starts off sparkling and bright, with a burst of peach and grapefruit, settling, as the day wears on, into a refreshing mix of roses and violets, and slowly drying down to a soft, warm amber.

I’ve been wearing it pretty much non-stop for weeks.


The eau de toilette comes in two sizes, the 1.7-ounce bottle shown here for $65, and a 3.4-ounce bottle for $85. It also comes in a Shower Gel ($30), a Body Lotion ($40) and a Hand Cream ($30), too.

If you feel like trying something fresh and new, give it a sniff on your next visit to a Chloè fragrance counter.

PRICE: $65 for a 1.7-ounce bottle
AVAILABILITY: Available now at department stores, Sephora and also online

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Lisa S. says:

    This sounded so pretty, TILL the dreaded patch showed up in the fragrance notes. I’m sure someday I’ll find a perfume that has patchouli in it that I love. But so far I just can’t do the Patch Mambo. On other people patchouli smells great, my chemistry makes it kinda blech.
    So sad cause the bottle is so pretty….

  2. Arianne says:

    This sounds lovely! I hope my Sephora already has this. I can’t wait to give it a sniff. I do like the original and Love, Chloe, so I have high hopes for this one.
    Arianne recently posted … Lipglosses for a Lipgloss Snob, Part 2: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony and Bordeaux.

  3. Ruchita says:

    I’ve been wanting to get a new perfume for spring and I will definitely keep this one in mind. The image of Tabs flying in the air with balloons makes me smile. 🙂

  4. Nina says:

    i want! i am a huge Chloe fan and this one is very intriguing to me! must check it out soon!

  5. Jessica says:

    I need a new spring scent, looks like I’ll be stopping by a cosmetics counter for a sample!

    I always ask for a sample now. Once I purchased a scent with only the spritz at the counter selling me on it, but by the time I got home I couldn’t believe how much I smelled like my grandmother! It just didn’t jive with me! lol
    Jessica recently posted … I do declare! Is a-England Dragon my new favorite green ever?? YES!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jessica,

      I think that’s a smart way to go. It’s always good to live with a fragrance for a few days before deciding on whether or not it’s for you.

      What scents are you loving these days? Besides the new Chloe, I’ve aso been enjoying Burberry Body Mist and MAC Turquatic.

  6. Dominique says:

    We have also a lot of summer fragrances and my favourites are ” Bronze Goddess ” and ” Bronze Goddess sun “. I love Chloé too and Miss Dior too. L’Eau de Chloé is subtle and chic. I love the Aqua Allegoria from Guerlain as well and of course Eau de Rochas which is really great and for all seasons !

    • Karen says:

      Hi Dominique,

      Oh, those Bronze Goddess scents from Estee Lauder are AMAZING. Have you ever tried their Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia? It is one of my favorite summer scents.

      Happy Friday!

      • Dominique says:

        Hi Karen,

        Oh yes Bronze Goddess is really great, in fact I just know a few fragrances from Estee Lauder : Beyond Paradise, Beautiful, White Linen, Pure White Linen, Knowing, Sensuous, Sensuous Nude, Youth Dew ( I never wore this one ). Private Collection is available here in 4 fragrances so far I know but I never tried any yet.
        Thank you Karen, have a nice week-end !

  7. Helen Nguyen says:

    I saw an ad of this fragrance, from then I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I love the color too, looks so fresh. Hopefully it really smell as nice as you’ve described 🙂 I want to get it for this spring too!

    OH – and your dream sounded so nice, really joyful and peaceful.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Helen,

      I hope you give it a sniff and like it. Let me know what you think!

      As for the dream… I really hope that I have it again. It was one of the nicest ones I’ve had in a long time.

      Have a happy Friday!

  8. Kim says:

    It sounds like a great fragrance. I’ll have to give it a sniff!

    What a funny dream. I almost never fly anymore (I’m apparently old and no longer filled with hope!). I’m glad you do, though. Those are some of the best dreams. Though I recently had one about Nathan Fillion, sans balloons or cats, that wasn’t too bad. 🙂

  9. Debra Ganz says:

    I bought this last weekend and have worn it every day this week. I actually purchased it for the warmer weather, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. Love the soft scent. I especially enjoy catching a whiff while I’m working out at the end of the work day.

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