Is Kerastase Elixir the Ultime Hair Styling Jewel?

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Is your hair budget burning a hole in your pocket? New $50 Kerastase Elixir Ultime hair oil will douse that fire fast. My stylist used some on my freshly cut and colored ‘do this week. It’s a fragrant (perfect for the season, like warm vanilla, amber and cloves) multi-purpose blend of oils including argan, camelia and linseed, among others, and the stylists here say it’s the talk of the town.


They’ve been using it on their clients in a variety of ways — as a pre-shampoo treatment for dry and coarse hair, as a prep before blow drying to defrizz and add shine, as a styling serum to smooth out flyaways and dry ends, and some of them have also been using it before color treatments, where they say it helps dyes apply more evenly to every strand.

After my trim and color, the stylist squeezed a few pumps into her hands and worked them through my hair from roots to ends before blow drying. When all was said and done, I felt like a hair model! My familiar mop was transformed into a luxuriously soft and shiny coat.

NOTE: It does contain silicones in case you’re averse to them


I still think Orofluido, which is the only other argan oil product I can recall using, is more volumizing, cheaper and a little better overall.

Too bad this is so blasted expensive… Are they getting their argan oil by squeezing bricks of gold?!

PRICE: $50 for a 4.2-oz. bottle
AVAILABILITY: Available at select salons, beauty stores and
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B (or an A if it wasn’t so expensive)

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  1. Amber says:

    You’d want to get paid a lot, too, if you were the one picking the argan kernels out of the goat poop. 😀
    Amber recently posted … Naughty or nice

  2. Tania says:

    O girl I’m nervous about oil in my hair, my scalp has a freak out. On another note I noticed that you are a member of a the Chai Tea Latte Obsessors club. I’ve tried them all out there including chai at Indian joints. I must sadly admit that all of them pale in comparison to the Chai from Panera Bread/St. Louis Bread Company. It’s sooooo sooooo goood!!! Starbucks Chai Frapp isthe best cold chai drink in my opinion. Keep reporting. I had a thin bagel with Nutella this morn….totally delish!!!

    • Karen says:

      You’re the second person in 24 to tell me that Panera’s chai latte is the BEST. The closest one to my house is a 15 minute drive away! I need to go, stat!

      Do you live near a Nordstrom? I had a spicy chai latte at their e-bar the other day and it was so good.

  3. Joy says:

    Based on the ingredients, it’s highway robbery.

  4. Rachel says:

    i’m still in love with Moroccan Oil. in fact i’m kind of surprised you haven’t tried it out yet! amazing stuff, in my opinion 🙂

  5. Nina says:

    ohhh ive always wanted to try kerastase … its so expensive though!

  6. Antonia says:

    I’m thinking of trying their night mask, but it’s so pricey!
    Antonia recently posted … Like a London guard

  7. Kelli says:

    Is there an argan oil hair treatment that doesn’t have silicone in it?? I use the Moroccan oil and I really like it but I’m not really sure if the silicone will have any kind of long term effect on my hair (I don’t use hair products – at all (other than your obvious shampoo and conditioner of course! haha) – so I wasn’t sure!) Do you know if there any side effects to the silicone in the long run?

  8. Tracy says:

    This sounds pretty cool-Kerastase has some pretty amazing products. I’ve tried the Forcinterne Intensive Reconstructive Treatment and it was really good!
    Tracy recently posted … New Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow-Liners-Tidal Wave and Silver Spoon

  9. Stephanie says:

    I just got the the One n’ Only Argan Oil from Sally’s today. It was on sale for $7.49. It has pretty much the same ingredients, and gets rave reviews. Hope this helps someone!!

  10. Diana says:

    How is this different from Orofluido that you reviewed a few weeks back? Which one do you prefer? I tried Orofluido and love it, now I’m wondering if I should give this a try.

  11. Dasha says:

    Ahh I love Argan oil for my hair. Not sure where i’d be without it.

    And posting on your blog won us another hockey game! This blog has to have special magic sports powers 🙂 lets go pens.

  12. Cassi says:

    I bought this product last week and so far I really love it. I was initially scared to use an oil on my hair because I have an oily scalp so I have always stayed far away from oil products. This makes my hair so soft and does not make my scalp any oilier than it normally is. I mainly use it on my mid and ends then run it over my front and top when my hands are almost empty of product. I also rub it on the tops of my hands because they get dry and it is helping make my hands softer as well!

    Kerastase was having a 20% friends and family sale so I stocked up on some goodies, including this and the Chronologiste.

    Something to keep in mind when comparing prices – The Orofluido is 100ml where the Ultime is 125ml. Kerastase often has sales that would put them in the same price range. If you sign up for their “My Kerastase” club, they send you an email with their promotions. I would consider trying other brands after trying the Kerastase. I really cant believe oil can make my hair feel and look so great!

    • Renee says:

      I love Kerastase Oleo-Relax. The line is pricey, but it’s hands down the best shine serum I have ever used. And a little goes a long way…I purchased mine probably over a year and a half ago and the bottle is half full.

      Thanks for the heads up about the My Kerastase Club…I had no idea!

  13. Lisa says:

    I love this product I too have oily skin n scalp and it leaves my fine brittle hair looking gorgeous….find it on sale though eBay n other places as it is pricy but lasts a while. I ave Sally Aragon oil n it’s too oily, this s just right!!!

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