I’m Tripping Over the $10 Stila Road to Radiance Palette

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Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA

Now HERE’s a makeup trend I can totally get behind: $10 department store makeup palettes!


Who knew that when Urban Decay launched their $14 Face Case earlier this year it would be the first salvo fired in a budget beauty battle for eyes, lips and cheeks?

Um, can I just say that as far as makeup trends are concerned…budget-friendly travel palettes are like a billion times cooler than vibrating mascara wands? They make my inner bargainista want to raise the roof (1998-style)!

The limited edition Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA palette is the first of five new limited edition $10 Stila travel palettes visiting over the coming months, each one inspired by the fashion, people and colors of different Stila girls around the world (the company plans to release one more of them every month through November).

Road to Radiance (that’s her above) comes with four smallish cool-toned powder shadows and a neutral pink cream product for cheeks and lips. Bought separately, the full-size versions of these same products would normally cost $65, which makes the $10 price tag look even better.

Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA

Stila Road to Radiance Across the USA

Swatches from left on NC35 skin: Hibiscus Convertible Color (a matte pink), Southern Belle Eye Shadow (a shimmery mauve), Snow Bunny Eyeshadow (a shimmery champagne), City Chick (a shimmery purplish taupe) and Valley Girl (a shimmery purplish pink)

A natural look with Road to Radiance


The eyeshadows in Road to Radiance remind me a lot of Clinique’s in pigmentation (medium) and how easy they are to blend. If you know someone who’s just starting to get interested in makeup, there aren’t many better $10 deals out there than this.

The creamy Convertible cheek/lip color, far and away my favorite thing about Road to Radiance, lends a flushed, healthy punch of color to my cheeks; I think it makes ’em look like they do after I finish a long run.

If cool-toned mauve, pink and purple shades work well with your skintone, you’re in luck, but if you prefer warmer colors, you might want to wait to see what Stila comes up with next month (or just take the $10 chance!). Available exclusively online at stilacosmetics.com. Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: A UPDATE, 7/12/2010: Grade revised down to take into account the high cost of shipping ($7.95). Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B

You might like the Stila Road to Radiance Across the U.S.A. palette if…

  • Your eyes POP when you wear cool-toned shades
  • You like slim palettes and think this one’s cute
  • You’re a Stila girl 🙂
  • $10!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Citrine says:

    Wow, cool toned palette and only ten bucks? Looks like my type of thing…
    .-= Citrine’s last blog post… Maybelline Cream Shadow- Lip Stain and Mousse Foundation =-.

  2. Katie says:

    This is really pretty and I would totes get this but shipping is 7.95 on stilas website….I don’t want to pay almost twice the reg amount for it!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for pointing this out — I didn’t realize the shipping costs were almost the same as the palette. Oh well, I guess if it’s too good to be true…

  3. i’m with katie, $7.95 for shipping is kind of ridiculous. otherwise, i would so be on this! the blush is especially pretty. x
    .-= dani@callitbeauty’s last blog post… Boots Original Beauty Formula Cleansing Milk – Review =-.

  4. Jessica says:

    I love Stila convertible colour!!
    Peony is the best blush colour for fair girls ever!

  5. Tracy says:

    Can you get these at Sephora or Ulta?
    .-= Tracy’s last blog post… Hourglass Hidden Corrective Concealer =-.

  6. Nina says:

    Those are so cute! Palettes are always very practical and useful! 🙂 Plus one can always count on Stila for good quality products!

  7. Trisha says:

    Seriously, $10? Yes, please! I want all of them.
    .-= Trisha’s last blog post… Enter the Avon Lotus Shield Giveaway Before It Ends- =-.

  8. knownever says:

    Such a good idea. Mostly anyone can justify spending $10 on something like this. I can’t wait to see what the other colors look like.
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… Street Style for Idiots =-.

  9. Agnes says:

    I would LOVEEEEE to get these! but unfortunately, shipping is almost if not more than the product itself 🙁 booo.. but thanks for the swatches.. do you think they will sell this through sephora?
    .-= Agnes’s last blog post… MAC In the Groove Lippie Swatches =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Agnes,

      What a bummer about the shipping! I guess if something’s too good to be true…

      Unfortch this will be online only, according to the PR folks at Stila.

  10. June says:

    Hi Karen!

    Any idea if these will become available in stores? Say at Sephora? Then we don’t have to pay shipping if we can get to one! =)

    ps: have you been following a different/new skincare routine? I’ve been following your blog for ages but seldom post. I just couldn’t resist posting to let you know that recently your skin has been looking A-MAZING! Do share your tips!


    • Karen says:

      Hi June,

      The Stila PR folks told me that the travel palettes will be online only. I know — I wish they had ’em in stores, too.

      As for skin, I think it’s because I found a good combo that photographs really well. I use a primer, Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation and a 50/50 mix of MAC Prep+Prime Powder and MAC Blot buffed in with a kabuki brush. 🙂

  11. Mrs. Kinne says:

    I just googled, and you can order this palette through Zappos, too. That means free shipping! 🙂

    .-= Mrs. Kinne’s last blog post… Make-Up Monday- Tokidoki Pittura Brush Set =-.

    • Katie says:

      Thank you so much!!! I just ordered one!

      • Kim says:

        Well done Mrs. Kinne!! It’s now officially a great deal again! I love the colors, but unfortunately purples make me look like I should be screaming “Yo Adrian! I did it!” from the center of the ring.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks so much for the tip! When I first heard about these palettes I really liked the idea of collecting them… but the shipping price totally turned me off! So happy to know there’s a way around that now 😀

  12. Kayann says:

    Love the colors! Not sure if they would look good on me though….

  13. Danielle F. says:

    I saw your review and bought it instantly…well almost. I saw the shipping and was like, girl forget it. Then, I did a quick web search. Found a reputable seller on ebay selling it for 9.99 with 1.98 shipping. Sold!
    Anyway, I read that the Pretty in Paris will contain warmer shades. I cannot wait to get my hands on all of these. Great stuff!
    I do hope they offer a deal on shipping though. Not sure if I will be able to find the same deal in a week on the Pretty in Paris.

  14. Lorna says:

    if they released them all at once, it would be worth it for the shipping to buy them all at one time and just have to pay the shipping one time. with that shipping per purchase at $17.95 for each month one is released, it makes me feel like they think their customers are stupid. sure, you could buy other stuff to even out the shipping cost but that’s just going to make you overbuy.

    i used to like stila because they were on the cheaper end of the department store spectrum and they have fairly decent products.

  15. Melissa says:

    How can you go wrong with a $10 Stila palette! So cute! Thanks for the review and swatches. I don’t normally wear cool toned colors but I may try this anyway.
    .-= Melissa’s last blog post… Newsflash- Mel Gibson is a Crazy Psycho =-.

  16. Brenda says:

    I ordered this online from the SkinStore when I placed an order for some foundation. My favorite thing in the palette is definetly the convertible color! I have been using my fingers for application but would love to find a good brush for cream blushes. Any recommendations?

  17. Inaya says:

    Speaking of glowy cheeks. I was wondering if the By Candlelight is dupable with the shimmery side of happy together blush duo on NC 32-35 skin? how long would the shimmery side of that blush last if used on a daily basis but sparingly? oh and lastly is soft and gentle msf comparable to by candlelight? THANKS!

  18. jenn says:

    awesome palette, but the shipping is a little much..hopefully they have a free shipping sale soon

  19. Martha says:

    Huzzah, I will most likely end up collecting all 5.

  20. Mystic Kitty says:

    Thanks Karen for the great review on a Stila palette. At $10 it’s definitely worth taking a look. I just love the very funny cat with the sun glasses.
    .-= Mystic Kitty’s last blog post… Very funny cats – Choosing the perfect cat to your cat house =-.

  21. Saku says:

    I really want to try those out, but I won’t pay a lot of s&h just for one item, lol. I hope they will be in stores soon.

  22. Saku says:

    O darn it won’t be in stores. -sighs-

  23. Kim says:

    I just bought the $10 palette and the UD Naked palette this morning on Sephora’s website. I’m ridiculously excited. I sent it to my boyfriend’s parents’ house so that no one would steal my package! 😀 This is how crazy I am about it.

  24. Tiffany says:

    it’s available on sephora.com now – which means that if you spend enough you can get free shipping! (and, it’s so easy to spend 50 bucks on that site 🙂 )

  25. Josette says:

    I loooove Stila palettes, but I am strictly warm-toned, which I’m really sad about as I have a ton of cool-toned eyeshadows that I bought before realizing I was warm-toned. I hope Stila releases a warm-toned $10 palette next!

  26. Zenaida says:

    !!!! I just got mine in!!!! Why oh why can’t Hibiscus be permenant!!!! It’s so gorgeous!!!!

  27. Zenaida says:

    Tey just released the second palette Tuesday… I ordered mine yesterday because they always have a Friday sale. Do you think you’re going to get it, Karen?

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