I’m Drawn to Tokidoki’s Fantastico Lip Inks

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Perhaps contrary to popular belief, hot tub time machines aren’t the only ways to revisit your youth. Thanks to Tokidoki , there is at least one more way now, and I’m strangely drawn to it.

Did you ever play with those scented markers when you were a kid (I always had to fight the urge to use the strawberry one on my lips!)? Well, Tokidoki’s new Fantastico Lip Inks ($15) are modern day makeup equivalents.

They come in five different shades that all share the same fruity fragrance (they’re unflavored though), which is supposed to be mango, but I think it’s more like fruit punch.

The one I have, matte plum Carnivora, delivers complete coverage with a single layer, and as an added bonus? — it doesn’t dry my lips.

Sadly, the color doesn’t last that long and begins to fade after just 10 minutes (boo!). Worse still, it fades unevenly, with more color lost on my upper lip than lower one.

After 10 minutes

TIP: Make sure your lips are completely bare before applying Fantastico. When I prepped mine with a balm, the color slipped right off! Drier lips retain this stain a lot better.

And the plot thickens… After the first 10 minutes or so, after they’ve lost some of their color, what’s left actually lasts for the rest of the day. Too bad it doesn’t look even, le sigh.

I must say, though, I prefer the MAC Prolongwear Lipstains, but these are just so cute that I think they’re worth a try, especially if you like Tokidoki (I do!). Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: B


Since the sun was out today, I went for a quick walk around the neighborhood, tempting fate by skipping my allergy meds… Um, BAD IDEA! I was sneezing up a storm, but Zyrtec is so my BFF right now. :)

How was the rest of your Tuesday? Any Bigfoot sightings or other news to report?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Catherine says:

    Aww, such a shame. They’ll look ridiculous on my chapped dry lips then LOL.

    But duuuuuude I TOTALLY used to have a set of those scented markers you’re talking about. Cherry was my favorite. :D
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Birthday Love from Jess ♥ & FOTD! =-.

  2. Stef says:

    Wow, it’s the season of the lip marker! (and apparently, allergies too.)
    Too bad you have to choose between dryness or longevity….
    .-= Stef’s last blog post… we heart Glee =-.

  3. Marissa says:

    Darn, I really wanted to love these since the Tokidoki packaging is so cute! These will probably be a skip, but I’m still eyeing the eyeshadows.

  4. I love Tokidoki, but I think I’d rather have one of their latte shirts than this lip marker. It is really cute though! I used to have a set of scented markers, and I’d er…sniff the watermelon one all the time loll.
    .-= makeup morsels’s last blog post… EOTD: Smoky Sans Liner =-.

  5. Hyzenthlay says:

    I live for Zyrtec in the spring! Even better, now, is that there’s a Costco brand version. You get 365 pills for $15 or something ridiculously cheap . . . and I’ve been using Zyrtec since the days that it was $2 a pill.

  6. Morgan says:

    What I wouldn’t give to to have a look at your makeup collection! Girl I love your blog! just thought you should know!

  7. noemii says:

    i need me some Zyrtec bad . no kidding . i ditched class last thursday because of my allergies ..and admittedly to go to MAC :o

    after a lovely time with MAC i am now onto Urban Decay because of the friends and family sale ..30% off yo !
    but alas, all my money was spent on mac so i’m just putting stuff in my cart & then emptying it :(

    but .. i love tokidoki !
    i bought a Tokidoki for Smashbox quad off of beautyticket quite a while back & i adore the packaging :)
    i’m a packaging whore . i like things to be pretty if i buy it :]
    do you ever just look at your makeup? i do that & then i feel really weird ..and then i look again . hahaha . hope you have a good week !

  8. Rica says:

    I love Tokidoki, their design is so cute. But I’m not quite sure about their makeup, especially when they’re not collaborating with others, like they did with Smashbox. Wouldn’t it be cool if they collaborate with MAC. I would totally buy those =D. But that’s just in my imagination.
    .-= Rica’s last blog post… Ramble + WLC week 3 wrap up & week 4 begins =-.

  9. Tiffany says:

    aww, I’m sad the stain didn’t work for you. the cactus friend one worked great for me and it faded away evenly. maybe it was easier to work with because it’s not nearly as dark as the plum one.

    OMG the pollen count is 5733 here today. no that’s not a typo. and 120 is considered extremely high. ughhh.

  10. Instant Karma (formerly L) says:

    That’s such a shame that the color became so uneven within minutes — it was gorgeous in the first picture! It makes me glad that I ordered three (yeah, I went a little wild — I almost got four, but decided they were too similar) of the MAC art stains!

    Man, I feel you on the allergies! Nasal spray is my friend. It doesn’t help that the weather here in DC is going completely and utterly batshit crazy: a few weeks ago, you needed to wear a coat to go outside, and yesterday, when I got into my car that was parked in the sun, my thermometer said it was 102 degrees. This is making me glad that my job almost always keeps me inside during daytime hours!

  11. NINA says:

    I had high hopes for that one too … im glad you reviewed it.

    The lady at Target who checks me out often actually noticed that ive been buying Zyrtec almost every other week (we kinda know each other, im at Target that often) …. I should give the Costco brand a try because Zyrtec (and all anti allergy meds) are pretty expensive!!!

    I also bought Tylenol Severe SInus Congestion and Pain … that works for the headache and the general discomfort brought about by seasonal allergies….

    Maybe the rain we are forecasted to get today will wash some of these pollen away and give me some relief!!!

  12. Sonja says:

    Oh too bad it doesn’t stay on longer, it looks great on you!

    I stumbled upon the new Dior lip glosses today, and although I never (ever!) buy glosses I bought no. 662, shimmering fuchsia, in a heartbeat! Color named ‘Little red dress’ also caught my eye- shimmering bright red.

  13. Meghan says:

    Hey Karen!

    I wish I could wear lip stains but they always accentuate even the tiniest crack i might get in my lips because my lips tend to be dry and get chapped.

    I just wanted to let you know that I tried this lip gloss called Too Faced Lip Bronzer in the Pink Leopard shade and i am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with it. It is my new favorite lip gloss and it really does make my tan stand out. I have fair skin but do get color in the spring/summer and it really looks good. It has a chocolatey smell/flavor which I love and it has pretty good wearing time. I wear it with nothing underneath, or with the nars roman holiday matte velvet lip pencil if I want it to look more pink. It comes in three shades based on your skin tone I think…if you get a chance you should try it!

  14. Sarah says:

    You’re so lucky you can take Zyrtec! It knocks me out for the entire next day – I took it for 3 days and felt like a zombie (after sleeping for 10 hours)!

  15. gio says:

    The packaging is so cute but it’s a shame the color faded so soon and so unevenly. :(
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Does sunscreen in hair care products really work? =-.

  16. Trude says:

    I so feel you on the allergy meds, I keep having the same experience! I normally just need Flonase, but with the insane amount of pollen this year (thanks, El Nino!) I also went and stocked up on Zyrtec to double up the protection!
    .-= Trude’s last blog post… Ten Things =-.

  17. Frances says:

    Zyrtec is so my bff right now, but even that only reduces my symptoms.
    Since the color seems to slip off, I think I’ll give these lip pens a miss.
    I am loving the one I got from MAC though – color applies evenly, fades evenly and lasts!
    In other news, I am also loving blackline eyeliner, but I am on the fence about the my greaspaint stick.

  18. Katie says:

    lip stains tend to make my lips look very thin
    .-= Katie’s last blog post… Spring Photos =-.

  19. Laura says:

    Ooh that’s too bad, it’s a really pretty colour on you.

  20. Jean says:

    I really wanted to love these stains too. :( I tried 2 different colors and they were both a big fail for me. They faded with or without balm on my lips within an hour. I’m so glad I didn’t test these out for the day at work. I looked ridiculous.

  21. Marce says:

    This colour looks fabulous on you! How cute are all these Tokidoki products? Pity it’s not too long-lasting, though. By the descriptions, I’d love to try Coral Cactus :D
    .-= Marce’s last blog post… Review – Natura_faces Máscara Fantástica + Tagged! =-.

  22. jesse says:

    so kaaaaaaaaaaaaren i have a question/request could you give me a comparison between covergirl lipstains to the tokidoki to the new MAC ones and just play by play it out for me… whats the best? i have issues with the covergirl ones i have and i was wondering should i shell out for one of the more expensive ones or go with the CG? would it be at all possible to see some before & after photos with the MAC ones?

  23. Amanda says:

    I have been eyeing these forever on Sephora’s website, I think the cactus one would look best on me ;-)

  24. Dawn says:

    so i just found your blog by accident and I am glad I did! I love all of the beauty tips and I was glad to see someone else was sad to see clinique Long Pretty Lashes Mascara be discontinued. Keep up the good work!

  25. Katherine says:

    I really dislike lip color that doesn’t stay put. I have a bad habit of licking lipstick off to begin with so according to your description this would probably last about 30 seconds for me!
    .-= Katherine’s last blog post… Review – Express Colossal Mascara by Maybelline =-.

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