I Spy a Sheer Finish and Plenty of Glitter in the New Lightweight and Moisturizing Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipsticks in Lou-Ling and Altoum

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Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick in Lou-Ling

Wearing the new Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine Lipstick in Lou-Ling

Three things I realized this morning while shuffling on the treadmill…

1. You know you’re watching too much late-night television when most of the products on your Christmas list have a red label with the words, “As Seen on TV,” on the packaging.


Bo and Hope2. You know you’re a cat lady when you’re watching Days of Our Lives (remember when Marlena was possessed?!), and you swear that instead of Bo calling Hope by her nickname, “Fancy Face,” you hear him say, “Fancy Feast.”

“I love you, Fancy Feast…”


3. You know you’ve seen too many spy films when the first thought you have after seeing the new $35 Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine Lipsticks in Lou-Ling and Altoum is, “Wow! These lipsticks could double as weapons…or remote controls for tricked-out cars that can fly.”


Both are from Guerlain’s new limited edition Liu holiday collection, and NOT the secret Q branch of MI6, despite appearances.

The Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shines are some of the most espionage-appropriate lipsticks around. Caught behind enemy lines without your travel makeup kit? Surrounded by covert agents closing in on your location? No problem. Just slide the little button up on the side of the gilded tube with you thumb, and the lipstick bullet pops up from the top.

BAM! — instant beauty switchblade.

Take that, forces of evil. 🙂

And these don’t just have practical, good-looking tubes. I also love how they look and feel on my perennially parched lips — sheer and shiny, with glitter to spare, and a featherweight, moisturizing formula.

Guerlain Liu Shine Automatique Lipstick

Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine Lipsticks in Lou-Ling (top) and Altoum (bottom)

Guerlain Liu Shine Automatique Lipstick

Swatches of Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipsticks in Altoum on the left and Lou-Ling on the right

Swatches of the Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine Lipsticks in Altoum on the left and Lou-Ling on the right

Guerlain Shine Automatique Lipstick in Altoum

Guerlain Shine Automatique Hydrating Lip Shine Lipstick in Altoum

They don’t, however, have tons of pigment, which may turn off some beauty lovers, especially considering the price ($35).

Be that as it may, if espionage and tricked-out, elegant packaging are big positives in your book, and you like sheer, shiny, moisturizing lipsticks, take a closer look at Lou-Ling (a sheer berry red with golden glitter) and Altoum (a sheer gold with golden glitter).

Both have a very faint rose flavor and scent, and they last on my lips a surprisingly long time. I get about 2-3 hours of wear time from them, but because of the lightweight formula, I actually expected 1-2.

The wear time, finish, texture and moisture, I like. But I think I’d love these if they packed a little more pigment.

Still, I think the gorgeous packaging would make them a great gift and a good conversation starter. Maybe for the high-end makeup lover who has everything?

PRICE: $35 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Guerlain counters (I haven’t spotted them yet online)

The Magic of Belle Isle

Got another movie rec for ya. (Really, I should start calling this site the Makeup and Beauty and Movie Blog, LOL!).

The Magic of Belle Isle. I watched it last night on Netflix and really, really enjoyed it.

It stars Morgan Freeman as a wheelchair-bound, once-famous author of Western novels. He’s at a low point in his career, though, and has taken to drinking entirely too much.

He moves to a rural town where he strikes up an unexpected friendship with the family next door, a single mom and her three daughters.

Rob Reiner directed it, so it does have some cheese…but it’s really good cheese. Like a nice smoked Gouda or fresh Parmigiano, haha!


I just felt great after watching it. It’s not violent or complicated. Just very entertaining and sweet. Good one to fire up when the family comes over for Thanksgiving.

Oh, and if you can think of a way I can get Morgan Freeman to come over and read my grocery list out loud, that would be great. Because I’m pretty sure he could make almost anything sound poetic.

Picture it, Morgan Freeman saying, “Two boxes of Trader Joe’s Hearty Vegetable Stock and Vanilla Almond Milk.”

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jennifer says:

    I love that Altoum… Maybe I like the name. It feels so french!
    Jennifer recently posted … Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Plumping Lip Gloss in Faint by Booty Parlor

  2. Christal says:

    Those shades are so beautiful! I love Lou-Ling

  3. How have we not discussed Days before? I just can’t quit it.

    • Karen says:

      Oh gosh…so I started watching it my freshman year in college (aka back in the stone ages, LOL!). Back then there wasn’t Tivo, so my roommates and I would try to schedule our classes around Days. Haha! I stopped watching in the late ’90s, but every once in a while I’ll catch an episode if I’m having a late lunch at home. Funny thing is, it seems like you can go for years without watching the show and still not miss a beat!

      How long have you been a fan?

  4. gio says:

    Lou-Ling looks very pretty!
    gio recently posted … Product Review: Near Your Body Deo Roll-On Neutro

  5. Marla says:

    I have several of these lipsticks- they go on like silk. Beautiful!

  6. Kim says:

    I hope you’re sitting down. I got my Sephora order yesterday plus my 500 pt gift of Nars goodies. Today, I’m wearing bronzer for the first time, Front of the Line in black (I know, you’re stunned) AND a NARS velvet lip pencil in New Lover. Not really my color but it’s long-wearing and very moisturizing. So, bronzer, liquid liner and a lip product. In one day. It’s blowing my mind, too. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?

      I am bursting with pride!

      You did it, boo. 😀

      • Kim says:

        Thanks! And I forgot to mention that I am REALLY liking Nars Pro Prime (eyes). It is working so much better for me than UD Eden has. I’ll let you know if I actually try the face primer. The world will probably explode if I do. HAHA!

        • Karen says:

          I’m glad you like it. It’s seriously the best eye primer out there right now, IMHO. I keep trying other things to see if they can top it, but nothing seems to touch it (like the MC Hammer song!).

          You can TOTALLY do the face primer. I believe in you!

          Next up…some crazy bright matte lips.

  7. Dominique says:

    I think the Guerlain Shine formula is good ( medium coverage but still pigments, the Chanel Coco Shine is lovely but no coverage at all ). I dont’ need those 2 new LE shades but I have ” Jardins de Bagatelle ” and ” Pour Troubler “. Subtle lip makeup, but of course the Rouge Automatique formula is much more pigmented and beautiful, I have 4 of them, L’Heure Bleue or Champs-Elysées for example, both very pretty and good texture.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Dominique,

      Thanks for these recommendations! I’ll check them out next time I go to the counter.

      Hope your week is going well so far. Thinking happy thoughts for you!

  8. Nina says:

    Pretty lipsticks, but might not be for me. 🙂

  9. Melissa says:

    The packaging is so gorgeous <3 Looks great on you!
    Melissa recently posted … Review: Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Palette

  10. Your eye makeup is STUNNING–so soft and luminous! 🙂
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … Sephora VIB Haul!

  11. Marina says:

    I love my Lou-Ling, it’s such a great lipstick. I also love your makeup, the “gold” one looks great on you.
    PS.Do you watch New Girl?

  12. Megan says:

    I cannot believe I just read the fancy feast comment! My family always used to joke about that!

  13. ashley says:

    The gold looks amazing on ya!

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