I Have a Small Beef with NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss

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nars larger than life lip gloss

I wonder if NARS was trying to be ironic by making these new Larger Than Life Lip Gloss tubes ($26 each) smaller than their regular glosses. The new tubes, while they do appear larger, actually hold much less product (0.19 oz. versus 0.28 oz.).


And that’s not all. These new plumping glosses, available now exclusively at Sephora stores and also online, even have a smaller brush. It’s about half the size of the line’s regular doe-foot applicator. The smaller size is supposed to make it more precise for application.

I’ve been wearing shimmery blueish pink Coeur Sucré for a couple of days; it’s one of nine colors in the line.

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Coeur Sucré (top) next to NARS Lip Gloss in Oasis (bottom) for scale

NARS Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Coeur Sucré (left) and NARS Lip Gloss in Oasis (right)

nars larger than life lip gloss

nars larger than life lip gloss

nars larger than life lip gloss

A name like “Larger Than Life” creates certain expectations. I think in this case, it was meant to apply to the product’s lip plumping action. Maybe? — that it’s supposed to make lips larger than life? Unfortunately, I’m not really getting a whole lot of that. My lips don’t feel or appear much larger with it on.

As for how shiny they are? — THAT I detect. The shine is what I love most about this gloss. That, and the fact that NARS left out their telltale lip gloss scent (which to me smells a little like plastic).

Coeur Sucré feels considerably thicker and stickier than I expected (like a MAC Lipglass), which I like, and it lasts from 4-5 hours.

But the smaller amount of product it comes with and the miniaturized brush, which I find a little difficult to wield (great for getting into small corners and for defining my cupid’s bow, but using it requires about twice as much time as a regular doe-foot applicator), do make me question its value.

Coeur Sucré shines like a star, and I like it for that, but I’m a little let down by the packaging design. Hardcore NARS enthusiasts may still want to take a closer look.


PRICE: $26 for a 0.19-oz. tube
AVAILABILITY: Available now exclusively at Sephora stores and also online

Late start!

I got a late start this morning because I had a late night last night, thanks to True Blood and the joys of WiFi in bed. 🙂 I’m all caught up on the show now, and I’d sure love to dish (hit me up in the comments!).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. marisol says:

    I am so over Marnie. She is more annoying than Marianne.

    And while I like E & S together, wussy Eric needs to take a hike. I want Eric to be all kinds of RAWR! not all meow. Like how I did that?

    And Nelsan who plays Lafayette – so good!

    • Karen says:

      I’m over Marnie too, but for some reason I can tolerate her over Marianne.

      Dude, what’s up with Tara always being sucked into these things? First Marianne, now this. I need her to hurry up and open up her dress shop, already!

      Aww, I really like Amnesia Eric. He’s so sweet! I know it won’t last though, le sigh.

      This season has been REALLY great. So much better than last season, don’t you think?

  2. Sonya says:

    I’m digging that color! Looks a little duochrome-y? Maybe? 😀

    Anyway, I’ve never tried ANY NARSlipglosses – maybe I’ll start with one of the regular lipglosses?
    Sonya recently posted … Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil – Sweet Beige – Review, Swatches

    • Karen says:

      I like their regular glosses a lot, but you might want to give them a sniff first. They have a very distinct scent that’s kind of plasticy. I don’t really notice it anymore, but when I first started wearing them it took me a while to get used to it.

  3. Audrey says:

    Have you found any lip products that make your lips really look plumper? I haven’t for me!

  4. Jenn says:

    Hmm, I prefer doe-foot applicators more. This is a no go for me!
    Jenn recently posted … Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick: 587 Dior Kiss, 554 It Pink

  5. Nina says:

    ohhh im sad that it doesnt plump, and is sticky! i tolerate MAC’s lipglasses bec of the awesome color range, but im not looking to add another sticky gloss to my collection. :-/

    oh and hello tharrrr, Eric. i was kinda let down by last Sunday’s TB. the ep before it was awesome and last Sunday seemed meh. but Eric made it awesome. <3

    • Karen says:

      It was kind of a bootylicious episode, HELLO!

      How do you feel about Amnesia Eric? I love that he’s so sweet.

      • Nina says:

        it was totally bootylicjous… and how do you feel about the narnia-ish bit? 😀

        i love amnesia Eric – he is so vulnerable and sweet … *sighs*

        i also love how perfectly Alexander Skarsgard portrays amnesia Eric. <3

        • artemis says:

          i thought of narnia too, haha :)) it was cute when sookie was softly touching him :”> on the butt too :)) but what i loved about that scene is his smile <3 he was like a child lol

  6. Crystal says:

    I love the pink shade (looks amazing on you!) but the brush is kind of a downer! I never have any luck with those kind of wands.
    Every week I wish Bill would meet the sun! LOL! I just hate him. I am not a fan.
    Crystal recently posted … Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencils

  7. jen says:

    The brush sucks but I’ve gotten used to applying it more toward the base at a hard angle (imagine ur kid or hubby trying to apply gloss on you) and then perfecting with the brush. Is everyone calling their gloss plumping now? lol. You must try the Piree over top of the Montego Bay lipstick. Gorgeous! I’m seriously obsessed with the rosy pink combination…

    How the heck did they capture both Bill AND Eric?!?!

  8. Jessi says:

    I hate how companies try to trick you by using larger containers and using a smaller amount. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been a bit disappointed by NARS. I haven’t found anything from them that is really worth the price, besides Purple Rain nail polish, and I think even that has a cheaper dupe.
    Jessi recently posted … Lip Layering Swatch Spam!

  9. Karo says:

    I can´t buy NARS in Germany! I´m so sad!
    Oasis is so wonderful 🙂

  10. Karo says:

    I love NARS! 🙂

  11. Mary says:

    Hmm…maybe they meant that their PROFITS are larger than life. 🙁
    Mary recently posted … OPI It’s My Year Swatches & Review

  12. Hmmm… sneaky sneaky of Nars with their naming tactics. Though I’m sure the products are lovely, I’ll be leaving this one at the stores and not just because of the sneakiness. These babies are sold for $55 in Australia (equals to $58US), I could buy a car for that price…ok, maybe not a car but you know what I mean.
    Lilit – Makeup and Macaroons recently posted … This week’s INs and OUTs, BFF Link Love and the Winner of My Giveaway

  13. Nadya says:

    I too am done with wussy sappy Eric, I want badass Eric back. So far i’m in a happy tradeoff with the amount of naked in that last episode though, if he’s naked he can be wussy for a while longer. I still can’t wait for things to pick up a little though, and i’m wondering how close they will stick to the book.

  14. Kelly says:

    That’s a really pretty pink and now I am lusting for it, despite the smaller packaging and brush change!

    I want nasty Eric back also, he’s a little TOO sweet. I agree with Marisol about Alcide’s abs, let’s have MORE of them. Oh and I wanna see more of Pam and her badass leather spiked jackets 🙂
    Kelly recently posted … Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in El Dorado & Woodstock Swatches

  15. Julia says:

    It makes me so sad that they’re trying to trick you by making the package bigger. I always calculate how much food at the grocery store costs per ounce or ml or whatever in order to figure out the best deals, but I hadn’t ever thought to do that with my makeup. Why do makeup companies think that’s okay? I was watching a mascara commercial last week and at the end of the commercial noticed small print at the bottom of the screen that said the model was false eyelashes. That’s not fair. I love buying and playing with makeup, and I don’t want to stress over thinking the companies are trying to trick me.

  16. Chris25 says:

    I like the regular NARS lipgloss applicator. I don’t like the look of the LTL app. I have a hard enough time getting used to lipgloss. I don’t want to fight with the applicator.

  17. Emily says:

    I have never tried a Nars lip product, because of all of the bad reviews on the smell. Maybe this would be worth it for me to try though?

    TB- Amnesic Eric is so boring, it is sweet with him and Sook but as a character he is pretty stale. I miss the really strong, intelligent, out of place in certain situations (yahtzee) Eric.

    You are so right about Tara, Karen, how is this thing with Marnie going to go for her, not well methinks.

  18. Stacey says:

    Hmm I’m a big fan of NARS lip products but I think I might skip this one…I really like the new packaging but sucks that it holds so much lesser product!!

    As for TB, I love amnesia Eric!! Bill can go away now…

  19. Christine says:

    Your eyeshadow is so gorgeous in these photos! What were you wearing??

  20. Jen W says:

    Love the colour on you Karen, but I agree about the tiny applicator- WHY NARS WHY?! I have precious little time in the mornings and dealing with a baby sized applicator would annoy me like anything.

  21. Nalina says:

    The fact that there is less product is really disappointing. I had also expected that with its name it would also come in a larger size (product wise, and not just packaging). I still want to get a tube to check it out, but my local Sephora didn’t have them in stock about a week ago when I went in. Another stop may be in order!
    Nalina recently posted … NARS Blush Extravaganza

  22. Aleksis says:

    That really stinks about how much less product there is….What’s up with that?!

  23. Soos says:

    With all of the rest, it’s still a very flattering color on you!
    Soos recently posted … Small Celebration

  24. Karen, you look SO pretty on the second photo!!!
    As for TB, gosh, it was such a great episode, Skarsgård is hot as per usual but too sweet, I want a Viking Eric back And loved Pam, of course.
    Marina (Makeup4all) recently posted … Max Factor Elexir Boutique Range for Fall 2011

  25. Kim says:

    I do like sweet Eric but I’m looking forward to him strutting in with his smirk, slicked back hair and fitted leather pants (which I assume will be in the season finale). I find myself really missing cool, suave, b*stard Eric. 🙂

    I know this is mean but I was really hoping Pam would drain Tara. Which was the second week in a row (at least) that I was thinking that. On a brighter note, I have to say that I really like the more “kingly” Bill this season. It was funny to see Tommy as Maxine, too. With her hair everywhere and saying “F*ck!” every six seconds, it was fun to watch.

    Of course, Alcide is always a pleasure to watch, but would he really be dumb enough to promise Crazy Debbie to stay away from Sookie and then go RIGHT to her house after? I guess it’s hard to have drama without bone-head moves. 🙂

  26. Maggie says:

    I love that Amnesia Eric’s hair is subtly different from normal Eric’s hair. I do miss sarcastic bastard Eric, but Amnesia Eric is pretty hilarious.

    Marnie is SO annoying, but I agree with you that I find her inexplicably more tolerable than Marianne.

    I was really annoyed that Bill didn’t let Pam kill Tara (I’m sooooo freaking sick of her) but I did really like Pam’s response of “This is SO. LAME.” Pam always says what I’m thinking, LOL.

    Also, WTF is with Lafayette’s hair and general fashion sense this season? Has being in a relationship totally sapped his pizzaz? They need to give him back his buzzed head, do-rags and gold eyeshadow ASAP.

    Aaand on a makeup related note, I’ve been loving this gloss in Place Vandôme. SUCH a pretty color, and I really like the texture/wear/extreme shininess.

  27. Freidra says:

    I *think* that the Nars lipgloss stank comes from not having enough masking fragrances in it. I flat refuse to use their pot gloss for the lamb-y stench of lanolin it emits. Maybe they got clever with the masking fragrances? I don’t try on gloss in the store; ew, community lip germs that cannot be alcoholed out.

  28. Carissa says:

    Personally I think we need more air time with Alcide shirtless. That boy is all kinds of hot! And those filler scenes with Eric and Sookie in Narnia? Those need to go, they are sooooo chessy!

  29. Marie says:

    Less product for more $? Boooo.
    I am obsessed with TB! Ever since Eric’s haircut in season 2, he has been the hottest dude on TV. I really want Sookie and Eric to hook up when he has his memories back. I am very worried that he’ll forget everything that happened between them, though.
    I actually like the Marnie storyline. I hope she doesn’t die…

  30. April says:

    I just need more naked Alcide – or at least shirtless Alcide.

  31. Aleca Hardy says:

    Hi Karen, first time I post a coment on a blog 🙂 But you’ve just answer a question that was bugging me. I bought a 3 NARS lip liners for the first time and When I out them on I thought they smelt off but they went on very nice. I really like them but the smell when you put them on it’s not that great 🙁 Now thanks to your postbI now know this is how they smell. Love your blog, you make me laugh 🙂
    Fellow mini blogger, Aleca x

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