I Can See Right Through the Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Kit (And I Like What I See)

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too faced leopard love palette review

I swear, this is just the coolest thing ever. As people, we get a lot of great makeup released specifically for us, so it’s refreshing to finally see a major cosmetics company like Too Faced release a palette designed specifically for cats! — BIG cats no less.


Okay, not really. To clarify, you do not have to be a leopard or even a cat lady who loves leopards to love the Too Faced Leopard Love Complexion Perfection Palette ($30). You do, however, probably have to be a girl who likes super sheer color.

Too Faced released it a while back with some other goodies for fall, but I only recently started wearing it out.

It comes with three different powder products — a bronzer, a blush and a brightener — and one of them’s already a star. The brightener, which goes by the name Pink Leopard, happens to be a big bestseller from the brand as a member of the permanent line, but the other two products are new — otherwise known as “previously undiscovered species of cats.”

Pink Leopard: a shimmery golden brown with the faintest hint of pink
Candy Leopard: a shimmery pink
Peach Leopard: a semi-matte peachy brown

The palette’s designed to be a one-stop color/contouring/highlighting shop for girl cats of all skin tones.

too faced leopard love palette review back

too faced leopard love palette review box

too faced leopard love palette review ingredients

I gotta commend Too Faced for developing Leopard Love with the full double rainbow of skin tones in mind, but here’s the thing — on anything but the lightest skin, these colors are almost too sheer. On me, we’re talking three or four layers to reach a level of pigment I like.

If you’re lighter than I am, you’re in luck! But if you’re darker, you might have to swap your brush for a shovel to really pack these on.

Candy Leopard (wouldn’t that be a great name for a drag queen?) packs the most pigment of the three, with a color that reminds me of MAC Nymphette Lipglass, and you know how obsessed I am with Nymphette. As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to try the two of them together when I get a chance…

too faced leopard love palette review all

too faced leopard love palette review peach leopard

too faced leopard love palette review candy leopard

too faced leopard love palette review pink leopard

too faced leopard love palette swatches
Swatches from left on NC35 skin: Peach Leopard Bronzer, Candy Leopard Blush, Pink Leopard Brightener

karen from makeup and beauty blog wearing too faced leopard love palette
Candy Leopard Blush on my cheeks; Pink Leopard Brightener on the bridge of my nose, chin and upper cheekbones; and Peach Leopard Bronzer across my forehead and along the contours beneath the apples of my cheeks

One thing about these textures: they’re harder than I expected them to be, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It makes them less messy than those softer powders that erupt into a puffy cloud — POOF! — at the slightest touch. On the other hand, it also means that brushes take a little more time to load (several strokes across the pans).

Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: If you’re cool with sheer color and don’t mind hard packed pans, you might fall in love lovewith this Leopard. The palette’s designed for all skin tones, but lighter lovelies make these shades really POP! Tabs would also like to point out that Too Faced wisely didn’t test these products on cats (they’re cruelty free). That would NOT have been cool. Available at Sephora and online at toofaced.com. Grade: B+

Too Faced Holiday 2010 Starts…NOW!

Thanks, Nina, for the 4-1-1! It looks like some new Too Faced holiday goodies just popped up like fairies and pixies on sephora.com. What do you think of the mythical vibe?


Sephora lists four new kits:

  1. Glamour To Go Fairy Edition ($20): A palette with eight shadows, a gloss, a bronzer and a blush in slim packaging
  2. Pixie Perfect ($45): A five-piece kit with an eyeshadow quad, a blush and bronzer duo, a lipgloss, a mascara and an eye primer
  3. Pixie Pin-Ups ($32): A pop-up box with six eyeshadows, an eye primer, a mascara and one liner
  4. Enchanged Glamourland ($49): A MEGA-set with 15 shadows, an eye primer, gloss, blush, bronzer and some much-appreciated instruction cards

What do ya think? I dig the whole fantastical idea, but if you’re going to go that route, why not go all the way? I mean where’s the unicorns? πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Kayann says:

    OOOHH!! I saw that at Sephora! I wanted to play with it but it was too pretty! πŸ™‚

  2. Ashley says:

    I saw the Too Faced holiday collection at Sephora yesterday and it’s all so pretty… And pretty pricey for us Canadian folk. Glamourland is $62 here, urgh!

  3. Danielle F. says:

    Oh I have this!!!!… but haven’t used it a ton because you are right when you say it is sheer. It is really unique though and I will gladly swipe extra for the cuteness factor. When you tweeted that photo earlier today I was wondering what was making your cheeks glow–imagine my delight that it’s something I already have! Gorgeous!

    I just ordered the Enchanted Glamourland palette from Sephora, cannot wait for it to arrive.

  4. Martha says:

    I might still want this, though I am fair skinned. More importantly- what is on your lips?? I love the bright pink.
    Martha recently posted … Envy FOTD

  5. Tracy says:

    Bahaha! I thought the same thing when I saw the Enchanted Glamourland palette-where’e the pop-up unicorn? Pegasus? Totally would have bought if there was either one!
    Tracy recently posted … MAC Venomous Villains

  6. What color is the lippie??
    House of Accessories recently posted … Pale Pink to Dark Raspberry Pink All Fringe Fashion Scarf

  7. Sarah B. says:

    I love those colors!! I think I see another trip to Sephora in my future… πŸ˜€

  8. Lisa S. says:

    I remember trying Too Faced stuff years ago and not being impressed. But it seems in the years since than they have really stepped up the quality of their makeup. I already use the Too Faced shadow Insurance and love, love, love the The Nakeds eye palette. Not really thinking about the Leopard Love stuff, but the new holiday stuff is calling to my credit card! I’m just drooling over the Pixie Perfect and the Enchanted Glamourland sets. And I have to say that the instruction cards they include with some of the sets is pure genius.

  9. HanaBerlin says:

    I’m not a fan of Too Faced.

  10. Tiffany says:

    What’s on your lips?! You look hawt, girl!

    I kinda want the leopard set and the pixie perfect set!

  11. Nina says:

    i collect the glamour to go palettes so that fairy palette is in my sephora cart at the moment. im just waiting for the right time to check out (friends and family, FTW) … πŸ˜€

  12. Liz! says:

    Ok, I LOVE that you referenced the full double rainbow in this post! It made me lol, for reals! Also, the Leopard Love palette looks so nice! I haven’t used much from Too Faced, so all of these palettes/kits look like nice intros to the brand.

    • Karen says:

      Can I just say I LOOOOVE the double rainbow dude? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen the video (and the auto-tuned remix) and it still makes me laugh! πŸ˜€

  13. I’m sad these blushes aren’t very pigmented or soft πŸ™ The leopard pattern is so cute! But I’m really excited for Too Faced’s holiday collection–that Enchanted Glamourland palette looks so pretty.
    Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex recently posted … Its my birthdayyyyy 25 things in the past year that shaped me

  14. you look gorge in that pic hon. I have to stop coming here. I always want everything. lol
    beautylogicblog recently posted … Breast Cancer Awareness Month A Personal Story

  15. Natalie says:

    LOVE the colors for the holidays…Pixie Pin ups?! SO cute!
    Natalie recently posted … Decisions- decisions

  16. amy says:

    These look lovely, but they are too sheer and light for my skin tone, as i am just a little lighter than you are. Anyway, I love the matte hot pink lips! What colour is it?
    amy recently posted … Cuckoo for Zulu NOTD NARS Vintage 2010 Nail Lacquer in Zulu

  17. Lee says:

    Hey Karen πŸ™‚

    I really like the peach leopard bronzer especially the actual peachy shade in it looks so pretty πŸ™‚ Im a light medium skintone so i think it might suit me!

    On a different topic ( i do that alot in comments hey lol ) I start the certificate course with Napoleon Cosmetics in 2 wks and im SOOO excited!!! Its the shorter course that only goes for 9 wks but its still more than enough 2 get you in2 the makeup artist industry which im hoping for πŸ™‚ and its a heck of alot cheaper than the higher course lol the only difference is my course doesnt teach any of the special effects stuff or hair styling, which is cool anyway cos i dont like that area of makeup! They reccommend the certificate to anyone who wants 2 do fashion, runway and tv makeup stuff like that which i would looovvveee 2 do πŸ™‚

  18. Solangel says:

    Pink leopard looks purty :3Those lips are stealing the show, though! What color is that?

  19. snoopysteph says:

    Super cute kit! I’ve always loved their Beach Bunny bronzer so I might have to give this a try. I happen to be very light skinned so hopefully I won’t have too much problem getting the colors to show up.

  20. Amee says:

    Pretty Pretty Pretty!!! all the shades are very beautiful…
    but for me the packaging is not so attractive πŸ™
    Amee recently posted … My Nail Art 4

  21. Roseline says:

    Love how the palette looks on you! I really wanna get it now LOL! But what brushes did you use to apply them? Thank-you!

  22. knownever says:

    It might take work but those powders look really great on you. Leopard Love is just now with winter coming on getting attention on the blogs but it strikes me as able to create more of a summer look.

  23. kali says:

    Thanks for the review! I was going to get this when I first saw it online but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m not darker than you but I’m around there so I could see this NOT being too pigmented on me. =( Nice shades though..
    kali recently posted … Milani Minerals Blush in Mai-Tai Review &amp Swatches

  24. Stephanie! says:

    I totally love the ‘urban decay-esk’ idea behind the pallets! I would totally rock it if the colours are opaque!
    And to be honest; what self proclaiming make-up loving gal could resist such sugary fairytale sweetness? πŸ˜‰

  25. Kim says:

    Those are cool – and I like the handy instructional pic they included, too.

    As for the fairies, I’m going to have to say no (for me). The True Blood version this season has made me roll my eyes at any mention of fairies. At least in the short term. πŸ™‚

  26. Hazel says:

    i really wanna get these! i only have 2 blushes in my small collection. we’re almost the same skin color and i love the way they look!

  27. Vonvon says:

    Glamour To Go Fairy Edition and Enchanted Glamourland would be my picks as they would serve as a good introduction for me to Too Faced! Besides I think these palettes are good value for money
    Vonvon recently posted … Reviews- Aqualabel Whitening Range – White Up Lotion- White Up Emulsion &amp Aqua Enhancer WT

  28. Jess says:

    That blush looks lovely on you Karen! I love Too Faced palettes. So handy and pretty!!
    Jess recently posted … Hello YouTube Giveaway!!

  29. likeramona says:

    The colors look great on you! There’s no chance at all for this brown skinned girl =(

  30. Chrissie says:

    These shades look gorgeous on you! I love your lip color what brand are you wearing?

  31. Chrissie says:

    These shades look gorgeous on you! I love your lip color what brand are you wearing?

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