How Many Kisses Does It Take to Get to the Center of an Estée Lauder Pure Colour Sensuous Rouge?

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Estée Lauder Pure Colour Sensuous Rouge…


A sensuous rouge? Is that like Zorro or Robin Hood?

Wait — oh, rooozh. I thought I read something else. 🙂 I pictured a handsome roguish blush pan whispering into my ear (it had an accent like Antonio Banderas), “Hello, señorita. May I come over tonight, so I can make sweet love to your cheeks?”

Okay…chances are that’s not what Estée Lauder was going for when they developed this new line of 12 moisturizing lipsticks ($28 each). It doesn’t arrive on makeup counters till fall, but the colors are available for pre-sale online now.

See the dot in the middle of these two bullets? That’s what makes these lipsticks special. At the center of each tube, surrounded by lipstick, is a core of EL’s hydrating “lip elixir.”

Orchid Surrender (left) and Wistful Wisteria (right)

The idea with these, and I’ve been wearing two of the shades this week — rosy brown Orchid Surrender and pinkish berry Wistful Wisteria — is that you’re not just getting a lip color, but you’re also getting the benefits of a balm.

Swatches of Orchid Surrender (left) and Wistful Wisteria (right)

Wistful Wisteria on lips

Orchid Surrender on lips

In terms of how I think the colors look on my lips and of their overall presentation, these remind me of the Chanel Rouge Coco Shines. They’re certainly priced like Chanel, but I think these have a finish with a quieter, softer sheen.

I like their sheer-to-medium coverage and how light and smooth they feel. On top of that, they’re moisturizing as all heck! — probably due to their nifty core of lip balm.

They also have a subtle vanilla flavor and scent that doesn’t offend my schnoz. Actually, the scent brings back memories of the sugar cookies my Auntie Maggie used to make.

My lips get awfully dry and uncomfortable every fall and winter, so I can always use another moisturizing lip product…

But $28?

Ouch! That’s a lot.

Estée Lauder’s lippies typically cost from $21-$24, and charging a 20% premium for a little extra lip balm seems like a lot (it’s enough to bring out my inner grumpy goat).

Even for a moisturizing lipstick with a lovely, soft sheen, that $28 price tag is tough to overlook.

PRICE: $28 each
AVAILABILITY: Coming soon to Estée Lauder counters and also online

This girl loves The Band Perry!

I like every tune on The Band Perry’s self-titled album. What a pleasant surprise! 🙂 They all have such catchy melodies, but I love their lyrics the most (some are very poetic).

Here are two of my favorites…


Something slow

And something you can dance to!

Hope you’re having a great afternoon. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Christina says:

    Woot! I’m having a great afternoon! I’ve been comparing these sheer lip colors and I’ve definitely taken a liking to the Dior Addict Lipsticks. My gal pal and I have a lunch date tomorrow so we may hit up a Macy’s to see their lovely cosmetics (unfortunately there are no nearby Nordstrom’s in Chula Vista XP).

    • Karen says:

      Hi Christina,

      That’s so good to hear! So glad that you had a nice afternoon. 🙂

      Have fun tomorrow on your lunch date. Where are you guys going to eat? Let me know if you end up getting anything!

  2. Emily says:

    28$ IS a lot for a lippie. How are Estee Lauders other lipsticks? I love The Band Perry. 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Emily,

      I’ve worn them before (the ones in the gold cases) and really like them. They have good coverage, feel smooth on the lips and the case feels so elegant!

  3. Heidi says:

    Ouch on the price tag but Orchid Surrender looks sooo pretty!

    The Band Perry is wonderful. Great music, and the members are just so darned adorable! This week I’m on a Jason Mraz kick. Playing his tunes constantly in the car. His sound makes me happy1

    • Karen says:

      Hi Heidi,

      It’s really gorgeous on the lips… just so pricey!

      I’m not really into concerts, but I think seeing The Band Perry live would be fun.

      Re: Jason Mraz. I’ve heard a couple of his songs on the radio and have liked them. Is there an album that you can recommend?

      • Heidi says:

        Yes, it’s the album We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. It contains I’m Yours, which is probably the song he’s most known for. What I love about he album is that it’s not just one sound or vibe repeated over and over again. If I wanted that I’d download one song and replay it repeatedly! Some songs have a reggae-ish vibe, some are real funky with major horns, and then there are some really nice ballads with moving lyrics. I got this a couple of years ago for my birthday and have played it constantly.

        • Karen says:

          Thanks! From the way you describe it, it sounds like good driving music, or maybe Sunday morning coffee and reading a paper music. I will look up the track list and listen to a few songs on youtube. I have a feeling that I’ll probably like it. 🙂

  4. Adrienne says:

    Maybe we’re not supposed to, but we have them on the Esteé counter at my Macy’s, I sold one yesterday lol! I haven’t tried them yet but the customer loved the moisturizing feel and the colors were pretty sheer. As a persistently dry or uncomfortable lipped person, I’m pretty excited to try these!

    • Karen says:

      Oh, I didn’t know you work for Esteé, Adrienne! How long have you been with them? What are your favorite products from the line?

      • Adrienne says:

        I don’t actually work for Estee, I work for a Macy’s as a “cosmetics floater”, which basically means I fill in open hours at all the counters who have them. I get pretty much full time, and I get to play with all the makeup 😛 When it comes to Estee, I really like some of the new eyeshadow palettes, and I’m addicted to the Idealist serum, really helps smooth out the texture of my skin, and is actually really handy for pesky in-grown hairs! I did try one of these new lipsticks and really liked the texture, awesomely smooth on dry lips!

  5. Appu says:

    I like Orchid Surrender a lot on you! 🙂
    Appu recently posted … NOTD – ZOYA Lexi

  6. bella says:

    Hi Karen,
    If i am not mistaken Revlon did this years ago and so did Revlon’s spin-off Moondrops.
    This is not new. I love that EL is realizing the brand, but $28 is ridiculous. They are not Chanel.

    • Freidra says:

      Nothing is ever new in beauty. Also, if I’m not mistaken, Estee used to be at that end of the spectrum – their image was elegant and sophisticated long before it became associated with “grandma”. Which, actually, is how I came to the brand.

      All the makeup pricing is a racket. I still pay it when I want to do so.

  7. bella says:

    Hi Karen,
    If i am not mistaken Revlon did this years ago and so did Revlon’s spin-off Moondrops.
    This is not new. I love that EL is revitalizing the brand, but $28 is ridiculous. They are not Chanel.

    • Karen says:

      Yeah, I think I remember something like that a few years ago.

    • Adrienne says:

      If you think about it, it’s only 4 more dollars than the Pure Color Lipsticks by Estee(and when you’re already spending $24, $4 ain’t so bad) and 1 dollar less than the Absolue Rouge lippies by Lancome , a company very similar in price to Estee. Though I agree that cosmetics companies charge outrageous prices, but compared to other Estee and Lancome prices, $28 doesn’t shock me too much.

  8. Jenn says:

    Yeah, not a fan of the price tag.
    Jenn recently posted … Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick: 587 Dior Kiss, 554 It Pink

  9. Karen B says:

    (it had an accent like Antonio Banderas)
    This made me chuckle. A lot.

    I love Estee Lauder lipsticks but I don’t know if I want to spend that much on these. Especially as I have a couple of the Pure Colour Crystal line and they feel like a balm anyways on my lips…

  10. Advah says:

    That Wistful Wisteria looks gorgeous on you! I’m quite tempted to give it a try, but with that price tag I’ll pass. I always have several glosses and lipsticks in my handbag, and to spend that much money on another product I need a really good reason (like when I splurged on that Chanel Rouge Coco because it’s the perfect red I’d always been looking for. Even though I wear it like once a year..)

  11. Kim says:

    Wistful looks fab on you – and it looks like Lloyd is totally coming into his own! My lips get dry in the winter, too. You’ll have to let us know how these fare as a balm during the challenging lip season. 🙂

    I’ll have to listen to The Band Perry! One of my boys has been singing Pumped Up Kicks for days (part of the chorus). It’s a catchy, little tune but I’d never really listened to the lyrics. The Hubs clued me in last night. Of course, the boys didn’t know them either. Their reaction was “that’s weird… it’s such a fun song to sing, but the words aren’t very nice”. Um, no. Not for an 8 year old, anyway.

    • Kat says:

      Hey sweetie, just letting you know that The Band Perry has a song called If I Die Young. The song Pumped Up Kicks is actually by a lovely band called Foster The People. And I’d have to agree with your sons comment lol.

      • Kim says:

        Hi Kat! Yes, sorry! I knew it was Foster but I can see how all my thoughts ran together in that sentence and made it sound like I thought it was by The Band Perry. I really need to proof! It was really nice of you to point it out, though. Thanks! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Speaking of Lloyd, right now I’m wearing an elastic headband, kinda boho style, but not for the purpose of being fashionable — it seems to help tame the bangs into place! I’m pretty sure it looks 100% awful, but whatever. It’s just me and the cat and he already hates my style.

      It’s weird to hear kids sing certain songs, isn’t it? I was at the grocery store a few years ago when I overheard an 8 year old singing “Blame It on the Alcohol” in the produce section. It really freaked me out.

      Also, true story: my friend has a son in grade school, and once when he picked him up from class he heard the kids singing Akon’s “I Wanna Love You” (“I see you winding and grinding, up on that pole…”). He said that was pretty traumatizing.

      It’s funny, though, I remember being that age and singing songs that I probably shouldn’t have been singing. In fourth grade all the neighborhood kids got together to do a lip synch dance to Apollonia 6’s “Sex Shooter,” HAHA! Talk about highly inappropriate.

      • EmmaRZ says:

        We used to do aerobics at school when I was about 8 or 9 to ‘Gimmie, Gimmie a Man After Midnight’. The teacher used to yell ‘Teddy’ when the word man was sug and for years I though it was Teddy at Midnight! Lol… It’s amazing what inappropirate things kids are taught!

        • Karen says:

          That’s hilarious, Emma! From now on whenever I hear that song I’m gonna hear “Gimme, gimme teddy after midnight.”

        • Kim says:

          HAHA! The headband is definitely working. My aunt still uses scotch tape on hers so tell Tabs he should consider your look to be high fashion! 🙂

          I hear you on the music. My boys asked me what S&M meant a few months ago (thanks Rihanna!). 🙂

          Emma, I usually do the loud COUGH through the words I don’t want them to hear. The kids were very quick to pick it up and say “that must have been a bad word, right Mommy?” which probably makes them listen harder to that part on the radio when I’m not around! At least they didn’t think I had TB. 🙂

          And I totally agree with both of you; I think we all listened to our share of “inappropriate” when we were young. I remember it being a scandal to listen to Prince’s Darling Nikki (and I was in HS at the time!).

          • Emily says:

            My little sister kept singing Tik Tok constantly, lol. My mom literally put a ban on it. Then she heard What the Hell on tv and started singing that, but without the swears. Also, the other day we were in in some store and she started singing Don’t Stop Believin’ really loudly with the dance moves we learned in theatre camp, lol.

  12. Kaitlin says:

    Orchid Surrender looks amazing! But I can’t pay that much for a lippie – bummer!

  13. Nina says:

    why oh why are you so expensive, gorgeous lipstick? :-/

  14. elana says:

    Estee Lauder makes the Tom Ford Private Reserve Lipsticks…at $45 USD, they are not a bargain. But, as I have four if them, I have to say I think the colors, formulation, and packaging are worth it.

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