How Extreme Is Bobbi Brown’s Extreme Party Mascara?

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bobbi brown extreme party mascara review

Why is everything so “extreme” these days? The word brings out my inner grammar grumpasaurus, 🙁 especially when it’s thrown in front of things like pizza. “Extreme sports,” I can fathom; “extreme pizza,” not so much.


bobbi brown extreme party mascara review 2

And then I heard about Bobbi Brown’s new Extreme Party Mascara ($22). “Party Mascara” I would’ve been okay with, but “Extreme Party Mascara”?

Seriously, what makes it so extreme? Are there flames and zombies involved? 🙂

bobbi brown extreme party mascara review brush

But, as usual, curiosity got the better of me, and I had to give it a try. I read that Bobbi created Extreme Party Mascara to mimic the look of false lashes. Her site even calls it her Boldest. Mascara. Ever.

Eh, what the hey, right? I’m always down for dramatic lashes!


Right off the bat I noticed the rich black and how smoothly the formula applies — no clumping, not even after four coats (!).

And, WOW! Length almost like false lashes.

bobbi brown extreme party mascara review brush no mascara

bobbi brown extreme party mascara review brush one layer
One layer

bobbi brown extreme party mascara review brush two layers
Two layers

I’d say thickening, separation and curl hold are all above average, but then there’s the issue of durability. After a full day’s wear, Extreme Party leaves light smudges and a sprinkling of flakes beneath my eyes.

Are they deal-breakers?

Maybe… I haven’t tried many Bobbi mascaras, so I can’t vouch for whether or not it’s her boldest one yet. It is bold and has a few things going for it, but is it extreme? THAT’s the question. 🙂

Overall, I feel it’s a good lengthening mascara, but for $22, I’d like a *little* more, ya know? Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating: C+/B-

Sweatin’ it



How’s your Monday coming along? No major glitches (knock on wood) I hope.

I’m excited because I should be getting some goodies I ordered from Amazon — Audrey Niffenegger’s new book, Her Fearful Symmetry, and an exercise DVD. On the menu for tonight: 1) working off a few of those Halloween Snickers and 2) some relaxing reading.

How was your day?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Citrine says:

    Haha, I like the tube…Does it last through a whole party anyway?

  2. Rae says:

    I’m sorry, but I just CANNOT get over the fact that Bobbi somehow convinced herself that naming something the “Extreme Party Mascara” was a good idea. Really, Bobbi? Really?! 😛

    (Also, I am so excited for Her Fearful Symmetry! Can’t wait until I have time to read it.)
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… Monday morning and the coffee’s on the brill… =-.

  3. marisa says:

    i just read her fearful symmetry…..starts out slow but the second half is better…’s definitely a little creepy!

  4. Kelly says:

    Yeah that name is very bizarre…I happen to love Extreme Pizza’s pizza, but the name not so much!

    You know I can’t believe I never read The Time Traveler’s Wife! I normally read almost everything on the bestseller list, but somehow that slipped through my fingers. Gotta try it. I just finished The Help, which was great and going to start The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 🙂
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… Fonts, Fonts and More Fonts =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I heard that book was good! It’s on my list.

      You gotta pick up Time Traveler’s Wife. The beginning is challenging, but stick with it. It’s very original storytelling and the writing is tops.

  5. Cupcake says:

    Hello! I would expect more drama and impact… Have you tried Eyeko mascara? I read a lot a reviews and it seems to be the best! For now i like the benefit bad gal waterproof! 🙂

  6. Yvette says:

    I was just watching a home shopping network holiday beauty gift show before bed and now I want new makeup and beauty goodies NOW…must get thee to Sephora asap! Has anyone ever tried Philosophy Snowman? I am quite curious about the scent. Or should I say I am Extremelly curious? Ha, my fav. mascara is still by Maybelline, always Great Lash.

  7. Babybubblz says:

    That’s a very very black mascara =)

  8. Cupcake says:

    Karen, i didn’t notice the daily beauty!! But what i read is that eyeko big eyes it’s better. I see you have both so it would be great if you did a comparison post!! check this brazilian review!!

    P.S Love your blog 🙂

  9. Emma says:

    are any of her other ones good?

  10. Catherine says:

    LOL at “Extreme Party.” It looks like a decent mascara… but I wouldn’t really say it lives up to it’s name hehe.
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… NOTW & Zoya Order 3 Swatches =-.

  11. amy says:

    I like how your eyelashes always sticks straight up and look so wispy no matter what mascara you showcase on your site. With your lashes, I almost like this mascara with one layer of this mascara.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Shimmery Purple MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Devil May Care, MAC Greasepaint Sticks V and Black =-.

  12. Sonja says:

    I gave up trying new mascara and just decided to stick to my DiorShow Iconic. Yes, it has it’s flaws but it’s as good as it gets.

    Now, the geek in me has to ask, is that that new Apple mouse, it looks amazing!! And the bookworm in me says have fun with the book, I totally forgot that this book is coming out, must hunt it down immediately !

  13. Michaela says:

    To Amy: Um…*ouch*. I politely but vehemently disagree.

  14. gio says:

    It looks good on you but I was expecting something more extreme considering the name and the price. I like the tube though.
    .-= gio’s last blog post… QOTW: What eyeshadow color won’t you wear? =-.

  15. CC says:

    “Grumpasaurus” -heehee! I’m glad it wasn’t a total disapointment because I like Bobbi Brown makeup! It was the first beauty line I found that actually matched my skin tone (unlike a ton of drugstore brands and Clinique, back in the day).

  16. Christina says:

    Maybe you would’ve felt like you were getting more for your money if the zombies had been included… 😉
    .-= Christina’s last blog post… I Don’t Swagger =-.

  17. Two coats of this baby made your lashes look spider-legy. I will stick to my Lancome and MAC for mascara.
    .-= Kajal Couture’s last blog post… Primed and Perfectly Tan – Laura Geller Spackle® Tinted Under Make-up Primer Review =-.

  18. Diva Style says:

    I love Bobbi, for she is an ardent supporter of Dress for Success!!…However, naming a mascara “Extreme Party Mascara” = FAIL. LOL. Terrible!
    .-= Diva Style’s last blog post… Miscellaneous Monday~ =-.

  19. amy says:


    I have no idea what you are referring to but I was complementing Karen’s eyelashes and that I like how they look. In no way was their an insult in there.
    .-= amy’s last blog post… FOTD Shimmery Purple MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow Devil May Care, MAC Greasepaint Sticks V and Black =-.

  20. smeegal9 says:

    I hate flakes, they are a dealbreaker for me!
    Which exercise video did you get??? I need to drag out my Jillian Michaels to work off all my halloween tricks! LOL

  21. leslie says:

    I’ve tried some of her mascaras and they are ok. Being a mascara junkie, i ended up trying the new YSL Singulier mascara.I’m in LOVE:))I went to the counter but they only had a tester brush that looked like the Diorshow brush, and my lashes looked AWESOME!BIG ,THICK and LOOONG!So i ended up buying it even though the actual mascara brush is different.I cant believe i spent $32 w/tax BUT My lashes look HOTTTTT!!

  22. Kristen says:

    I am seriously lovin’ this mascara…not as much as Armani Eyes to Kill, but it’s a close second. Karen, hope the flaking/smudging isn’t too much of a dealbreaker for you, cause it looks fab on you.
    .-= Kristen’s last blog post… The Web’s Best Beauty How-To Guides =-.

  23. Judy says:

    Nice try Bobby. However, I don’t think the mascara makes it to the “Extreme”. I prefer anything by Dior or Bad Gal Mascara or False Lashes by Prescriptives (think that is the name). Any mascara with a fatty wide brush does the “dramatic mascara look” for me. Thanks for showing us the end result of using Bobby Brown’s product.

  24. Christy says:

    I like how it turned out in pics, but its too bad that it smudges and flakes.
    .-= Christy’s last blog post… Urban Decay Hall Of Fame Review =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Amy and Michaela,

      No worries, guys! I know it’s sometimes hard to tell in print the meaning behind certain phrases because we can’t use inflection or our faces to convey the message.

      We’re all friends here … big hugs to the both of yous. 🙂

  25. Tavia says:

    Hi Karen! Well I have to say that I totaly hate that durability part. When I put on mascara I’m expecting to last all day without problems so I don’t think I will be friends with this one 🙂
    .-= Tavia’s last blog post… Jimmy Choo for H&M =-.

  26. I actually think it separates really well but it isn’t as dramatic as I expected it to be:)
    .-= Blovet Beauty’s last blog post… Mini Birthday Haul & Part 2 Blovet’s Lipstick Collection =-.

  27. Well I will say that the 2nd coat you put on was def more “extreme” than the first, which is promising. BUT, for $22, I don’t think it’s “extreme” enough to be leaving flakies behind. No thanks! I’ll take my LashBlast instead!! 😉
    .-= Khalia Bentson’s last blog post… =-.

  28. penelopee says:

    my monday was bad…i found out my grandpa dies…:(

  29. Sarah says:

    It gives great length
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… Amazingly Strange Handmade Dolls, Puppets & Sculpture =-.

  30. Michaela says:

    Hey, Amy

    You’re right, I completely misinterpreted your comment. Rereading it now, I feel kind of like a fool. I remember thinking at the time that it sounded like an insult, but I think I just wasn’t paying close enough attention. And Karen pointed out that a lot of expression gets lost when its just text.

    So I’m sorry! I wasn’t trying to pick a fight or anything, and I hope you weren’t too annoyed…


  31. alhan says:

    does any one know if this mascara is removable easily or it stick to the eye lashes and its hard to remove it?

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