Holiday Gifts for Less than $60.00: Lancome Miracle Forever Eau De Parfum Spray

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The scenario: Hello, stress. You’re meeting your significant other’s family for the first time, and you’ve got to get a gift for his/her mom, OY!

The solution: Score mega mom points with Lancome Miracle Forever, a sophisticated scent. It’s not a cheap, cheesy body splash or a scratch ‘n sniff sticker.


“I want you to meet my mom.”

So, your significant other finally utters the words that simultaneously excite and terrify women all over the globe.

Ohhh, girl, don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll love you! I hope you realize, though, that she’ll probably be the most important arse you’ll be kissing this holiday season, so while I’m positive your smile and sparkling personality will win her over, it never hurts to come to the homestead bearing a little somethin’-somethin’ to grease the wheels a bit.

Hey, I have no shame when it comes to pre-emptive mom bribery! Every bit helps, especially if there’s a chance she’ll make your life heaven or hell should you ever become legally bound to her via marriage.

To earn some sweet mom points, bring her a bouquet of her favorite flowers along with a fantastic gift, like Lancome’s Miracle Forever perfume ($52.00)!

A Universal Scent for All Women

Miracle Forever is one of those universal scents every woman will love, with notes of black currant, star anis (a fruit grown in southern China, who knew?) and almond cream. It’s definitely not stuffy, too “old lady” or too in your face, and will appeal to lots of different fragrance personalities.

The best thing about this perfume is how the notes mix in such a subtle way. I sometimes find food-based perfumes overly sweet, especially when fruit scents are involved, but Miracle Forever mingles the fruit and cream well; one scent never dominates the others. You get just a touch of black currant, not a whole basket up in your grill. The result is warm and chic.


On my skin I get mostly cream notes with just a suggestion of black currant. The perfume has a lot of staying power, too, and as I sniff my wrist throughout the day I really like smelling how the scent evolves. It’s complex enough that it doesn’t smell the same throughout the day.

The single 1.7 fl oz bottle of Miracle Forever pictured above is $52.00, but for the holidays you might want to spend two bucks extra for the Miracle Forever Necessities Set, which includes body lotion and shower gel along with a 1.7 oz bottle for $54.00.

Do you remember your first time meeting your significant other’s mom? What was it like?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. TUPRNUT says:

    It’s pretty unusual to have a product like that with staying power. I usually end up spraying myself all throughout the day and still feel like the product I use loses its sent after an hour or so. Pretty freakin’ frustrating when you’re spending like $40/oz.

    Ahh… memories… the first time I met my now mother-in-law was Christmas. My stomach was all tangled up and I spent weeks trying to figure out a present to bring over. I ended up buying her several beautiful glass ornaments and was really excited when I went over to their house to give them to her. When I got there, I noticed that most of her ornaments were as old as her kids and pretty much all of them were made by the kiddos when they were like 5. So, then she opens my gift and puts these ornate glass ornaments on the tree… they looked pretty out of place. Oh well.

    But not only was I nervous that first meeting… it’s now 5+ years later, and I still kinda freak out when we get together. Argh.

  2. NBLACK says:

    You definitely don’t want to give anybodies mom Larry Flynt’s own personal stripper mist, because that could be irrecoverable.

    I feel that I too never put the right amount of scent on. I am always afraid being that guy that you smell coming towards you like half a block away and the wind should be blowing the scent away. I think that my nose gets use to the smell so then I can’t tell if I need more or if I’m burning your nasal passage ways.



  3. Tootsie says:

    I love that you suggested a bouquet of flowers too! My very first Thanksgiving with my then future mother in law, I presented her at the door with the biggest bouquet of flowers my arms could carry. We’ve been together a total of 13 years now (her son and I that is) and she still mentions it. Mega points!

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Tuprnut,

    Have you tried any of the Chanel fragrances? Coco Madmoiselle and Allure Sensual have *amazing* staying power throughout the day.

    That was very thoughtful of you to bring those ornaments. I’m sure she loved them! It’s really hard to get stuff for moms, I know. And most guys have no clue, sigh, so they can’t help either.

    The first time I met El Hub’s mom I brought her five specialty candles that were made locally. The downside was that they were all encased in heavy frosted glass holders and that I had to haul them in my luggage from California to Hawaii. LOL, I’m so lame! I should’ve brought her something light and portable.

  5. Karen says:

    Hey NBLACK,

    I hear ya. So many guys are victims of overzealous cologne usage. Just spray two spritzes in the air and then walk into the mist (don’t forget to close your eyes). That’s a pretty conservative amount of spray that’s just enough to get you through the day. And trust me, I’d let you know if you reeked of cologne.

  6. Karen says:

    Ohhh Tootsie, that’s SMOOOOTH! SUPER MEGA POINTS for you!

    I forgot to mention that offers to do dishes and help clean up after the meal always earns mega points, too, LOL.

  7. TUPRNUT says:

    Chanel… Man, you have no idea how badly I want to try their products. (Chanel = $$$$$$$, TUPRNUT = $) Sadness. You always speak so highly of their cosmetics and I’ve heard great things about their fragrances.. I may have to stop by the department store for a sniff… Maybe just in time for Christmas!

  8. Karen says:


    You can’t go wrong with Chanel…everything on my Christmas list if Chanel-ed OUT! My fam and my hub refuse to buy me any makeup though, sucks! They claim that they don’t need to fuel the obsession.

    You gotta get at least one sparkly Glossimer for Christmas! I know you’ve been good. 🙂

  9. Sandy says:

    hi karen. the dior addict ultra reflect gloss isn’t as sticky as mac’s. it lasts long tho =) have you smelled marc jacob’s daisy perfume? it’s really beautiful.

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Sandy! Thanks for the info. I think I want to try the dior someday, just because I like the packaging.

    I like the Daisy perfume, too! My new favorite these days though, is Coco Madmoiselle. Yummy!

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