Happy Birthday, Bare Minerals! I Wish You Love & Happiness

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bareminerals love happiness

I thought it was April showers that brought May flowers, but yet it rained today. What’s up with that? I was getting a little down about it, too, until I saw the colors in the new bareMinerals Love & Happiness Collection ($35). There they were, like a break in the clouds, these shimmery pastels and brights.


The collection is, more accurately, a kit released to commemorate the company’s 35th birthday (happy b-day, BM!). I’ve played with a few other bareMinerals kits before but was never really moved. In some cases, it just seemed like there was either something missing or off about those colors. These, however, look like a garden party (complete with knee-length dresses, fine china and cucumber sandwiches) in a pretty pink box.

“Did someone say party?!”

bareminerals love happiness collection box

The six-piece kit includes eye, lip and cheek products, and a cheesy (but cute!) keepsake charm.

  • Prime Time Brightening Sunlight Eyelid primer — This shimmery peach eyelid primer is designed to lock powder shadows in place, but it can also stand alone.
  • Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor — This light buttercup shadow has a subtle sheen, like MAC Ricepaper in loose powder form.
  • Big & Bright Eyeliner in Oz — A smooth, glowy emerald green eyeliner that makes me want to smile with my eyes.
  • Love Radiance All-Over Face Color — GORGEOUS! This shimmery apricot pink reminds me of the quieter version of NARS Orgasm I always wanted. It’s flexible, too, as bareMinerals says it’s safe for use on eyes and lips.
  • Best Friend Lip Balm — My lips love this sheer raspberry’s shine, especially with a little Love Radiance Powder on top (for extra shine).
  • XOX Charm — It’s a little cornball, but I like the sentiment. Yes, please, I’ll have some cheese. πŸ™‚

bareminerals love happiness collection products

bareminerals love happiness collection products open
Clockwise from the beige jar on the lower left: Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor, XOX Charm, Love Radiance All-Over Face Color, Best Friend Lip Balm and Big & Bright Eyeliner in Oz

bareminerals love happiness collection products
Prime Time Brightening Sunlight Eyelid Primer

bareminerals love happiness collection love radiance closeup
Love Radiance All-Over Face Color

bareminerals love happiness collection queen phyllis closeup
Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor

bareminerals love happiness collection best friend lip balm
Best Friend Lip Balm

bareminerals love happiness collection oz closeup
Big & Bright Eyeliner in Oz

bareminerals love happiness collection charm
XOX Charm

bareminerals love happiness collection box closeup with paws

bareminerals love happiness collection

bareminerals love happiness collection

bareminerals love happiness collection swatches
Swatches from the left: Big & Bright Eyeliner in Oz, Best Friend Lip Balm, Love Radiance All-Over Face Color and Queen Phyllis Matte Eyecolor

bareminerals love happiness collection swatches
Swatch of Prime Time Brightening Sunlight Eyelid Primer

bareminerals love happiness

As much as I dig the colors, the fact that the eyeshadow and face powder both come in jars is a huge drawback for me. I always, always end up spilling something. πŸ™ If you’re not as clumsy as I am, though, then you just might find both love and happiness with this flattering, feminine kit.

PRICE: $35
AVAILABILITY: Coming June 3 exclusively to Bare Escentuals Boutiques and online at BareEscentuals.com

Shopping makes me tired…


Remind me to come back in my next life as a cat — ideally, a spoiled, gravy-addicted, husky tabby cat. Or, perhaps one of the cute kitties featured in this roundup of 10 Bodega Cats.

I wouldn’t mind shopping and sleeping all day. I mean, how hard could it really be? πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Vijaya says:

    I’ve started using indie MMU this year, and while jars used to be a drawback for me, they’re now pretty much par for the course. =D
    Vijaya recently posted … Christina Marie Mineral Cosmetics- Overview Details and Things

  2. Ashley says:

    Oh my gosh, I love those cat pictures!
    Ashley recently posted … Wordless Wednesday

  3. happy birthday, bare minerals!

    LOVE the eyeliner! what a gorgeous colour πŸ™‚
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Monthly Favourites – May 2011

  4. Heidi says:

    The primer, liner, and lip balm look great, but yeah, loose powders in jars are so NOT a good idea for me!

    Adorable cats!

  5. gio says:

    The eyeliner is gorgeous! Those cats are so cute too.
    gio recently posted … Product Review- Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lipcolor in Energetic

  6. Radhika says:

    Haaaaaaaaa…is happy birthday Bare Minerals and Happy Birthday to me toooo πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  7. Vicki says:

    My, what big fangs you have Tabs!

  8. Chris25 says:

    Awww, I love you, Tabs! I think I have a sample of BM eyelid primer, which I should really try out!

  9. Nina says:

    the kitteehhsss — so adorable, i die from the cutez!

    there are 3 bare minerals products that i absolutely love:

    well rested – to set my under eye concealer and help me look like i slept 12 hours

    bone eyeshadow – long discontinued but i was able to hoard 2 jars — lovely all over lid color. paired with a bright liner, this is sometimes all i need for my peepers.

    rebel eyeshadow – again long gone and discontinued, but its like an amped up version of mac’s club! πŸ™‚

    i have 2 other eyeshadows that i havent even used sitting on my vanity. i got them for my birthday last year from my sister. iono — loose shadows are sometimes a chore to work with.

    • Karen says:

      I’m now majorly lemming Well Rested because of you. Right now I’m using a MAC Studio Careblend but I’m always up for trying something new, especially if it has the “I slept 12 hours” thing going on!

      How nice of your sis to give you makeup for your bday! πŸ™‚

      • Nina says:

        i give her makeup for her bday too!

        this oct, im going to treat her to a brow session @ the beneift brow bar and a mac makeover (she can use the $75 to buy stuff she falls in love with).

  10. Sarah says:

    the charm on tabs paw – you’re killing me. so cute. my cat would punch me in the face if I tried to do that to him.

    • Karen says:

      I was lucky because he was in the mood to model yesterday. When he’s not in the mood, well, he makes sure I know it!

      How old is your kitty, Willy? He sounds like quite a character.

  11. BettyS says:

    My first loose mineral experience was BE. I love their stuff, but it turns out I’m yet another person allergic to bismuth oxychloride so I can’t use it on a regular basis. So it’s Ocean Mist for me in the loose mineral foundation dept. I really love the BE eyeshadow colors, but loose is so messy. πŸ™

    • Karen says:

      I feel that pain, Betty. I always end up spilling it! πŸ™

    • Brooke :) says:

      Betty you should give BareMinerals’ Matte Foundation a shot, it’s free of bismuth and has extra skin-renewing benefits (thanks to the RareMinerals active soil complex) it’s so amazing <3 check it out!

  12. Essy says:

    That primer color and the Oz Big&Bright liner are my making my wallet itch.
    Essy recently posted … Buzzworthy Kit

  13. Alka says:

    So very pretty. I really dig the liner – of course the BE Big and Brights are my faves! I will probably pick up this kit if I see it. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Me too! I think it looks great on brown eyes. Do you live near a BE Boutique? These are going to be exclusive to their stores and the website.

  14. Iram says:

    aww those pictures of your cat are so cute πŸ™‚
    Iram recently posted … Getting The Spooks

  15. S says:

    Love love love your scarf! Can you tell us where you got it?

  16. Instant Karma says:

    The lip balm looks pretty, but I can’t deal with jars, either. I try to avoid loose powder products whenever possible; I’m way too klutzy. I love all of Tabs’ modeling shots! The bodega cats are super cute. I, too, want to be a cat. Eat, sleep in a sunbeam, chase after bugs, hop in a box, bat at a hair tie (Gizmo has adopted a few of mine), repeat. It’s a pretty cushy life!

    Speaking of animals, the Gorilla Foundation (of Koko and kitten fame) has taken what it has learned about teaching gorillas how to use sign language/read/author books and has applied it to dogs. People were able to teach two puppies what various notecards stood for, and the dogs now use the cards to communicate what they want to do, or even how they’re feeling. They also arrange the cards to leave notes!

    If there’s ever a method for cats, you could give Tabs a direct line to ask you for gravy :D. I think Gizmo would repeatedly ask for her laser pointer, and then throw in the occasional “FETCH ME A BIRD, HUMAN.” Tigger’s notes would be mostly “I love you, Lauren,” and the rest would have requests for poultry, fish, and various food items that are never associated with cats (on top of his salad obsession, he ate some of my naan last night). πŸ™‚

  17. Julie says:

    I’m getting this kit!

    I love sleeping pets. I love when they snore.

  18. Olivia T. says:

    Hey karen,
    I really fell in love with this set but I cant find it online anywhere!

  19. Kimberly says:

    has bare minerals really been around for 35 years???

  20. Lorraine ER says:

    Cute Kittehs and pretty makeup- it doesn’t get better than that! ;D
    I’ve been catching up on your week’s posts and I’ve seen at least three things that I *need*! Soo bad, lol. This kit looks especially nice because it’s packed with products I’ve been wanting to try. The only one in the kit I’ve used before is the Big and Bright liner, just in different shades. I really like them but they don’t do well on my waterline in (Louisiana) humidity. When I use them sparingly it works, but going over the line more than once causes smudges under my eyes. It’s mostly noticeable if I’m outside for more than a few minutes. The good news is they were great in the cooler weather, in my experience.
    Lorraine ER recently posted … Still In Trasition

  21. S says:

    I am in search of the XOX charm that was included in the Bare Escentuals Love and Happiness collection from 2011 – any idea on where I could find it? I have contacted Bare Escentuals directly but they do not have any available. Please help!

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