The new Giorgio Armani Face & Eye Palette in Scarabeo for a Colorful Pink and Green Update to Your Makeup Bag

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Giorgio Armani Scarabeo

Wearing Giorgio Armani’s Eye and Face Palette in Scarabeo ($88)

I don’t follow any hard-and-fast rules about wearing colorful eyeshadow during the day, but if I do have many errands to run or expect to interact with lots of different people like I did today — the teller at the bank, the chatty checker at Tar-ghay, other personal assistants at Petco — then I like to keep whatever colors I’m feeling fairly close to my lash lines. That way I can get my color fix on without feeling like I’m wearing a ton of disco makeup on my eyes. Plus, it’s easy (and you know I like that).

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo eyeshadows

The eyeshadows

Today I was in the mood for green and grabbed the pricey new $88 (!) Giorgio Armani Face & Eye Palette in Scarabeo, one of two new Giorgio Armani palettes released for fall.

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo eyeshadows closeup

A closeup of the eyeshadows

I know. That price is insane! You kind of have to be a big Armani fan to even consider it.

With really expensive palettes like this two-tier one from Armani (the shadows are on a level beneath the blush), I usually prefer neutrals, because at least that way you can wear them daily to try to get your money’s worth.

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo blush

The shimmery light pink blush

Scarabeo, with its shimmery sheer pink blush and three shimmery eyeshadows (a dark olive green, jade green and a sea foam green), is definitely flashy and not exactly neutral, but I think its colors are still flexible enough for everyday wear (or maybe a few times a week, doing something like I’ve got going on here).

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo Swatches

Swatches from the left: shimmery pink blush, olive green eyeshadow, jade green eyeshadow and sea green eyeshadow

I layered the olive green shadow beneath the jade green, then swept a golden brown matte eyeshadow (you could also use your bronzer or blush for this step) into the crease. Coupled with black liner on the water lines and a couple coats of mascara, and you’ve got a colorful daytime look that isn’t too “out there.”

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo

You could also wear any one of these greens by itself, just as easily as layering a combination of them together.

Giorgio Armani Scarabeo

Armani is expensive, even their makeup, but they do not skimp on quality — zero fallout (not even with the darkest shade), smooth textures, and color that lasts all day.

As for the blush? Interesting… On my tan skin, I get a wash of pink and soft luminescence from the shimmer. Even when I accidentally overdo it and pack too much on, my pores are never like, “OH, HAI!”

Armani’s great like that. 🙂

While undeniably, unfathomably expensive, these products are fab, especially if you adore greens, and/or have brown eyes (the greens look great with ’em).


PRICE: $88
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Armani counters and also online
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: B+ (beautiful and pretty useful, but dayum! — so expensive)

And as usual…

I’m packing at the last minute!

I leave for Kauai first thing tomorrow morning. Right now I’m filling lots of tiny little sample jars with different skincare and bath products. Seriously, those things save my butt every time I travel.

How’s it going over there? I hope you had a good day.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Dovey says:

    Hi Karen,

    The Scarabeo palette looks gorgeous on you! I love how the three very different greens are paired together for some seriously verdant drama 🙂

    Hope you have a great time in Kauai!

  2. Ningning says:

    I love palettes like this, two tiered and all (you get to carry half of my “face”), I had a chance to buy a GA palette from summer 2013 REALLY STINKING CHEAP, but I passed on it, the eyeshadow color is AMAZING, but I seriously do not get the color of the blush, why is it so pale and even if it gives a lovely hint of color (I’m tanned, bronzed etc), it just looks powdery and unnatural? I know it’s finely milled and all but still…if they could only release the palettes with a FACE powder (haha yeah right!) or a blush that works naturally with deeper coloring I would get several of them!

  3. Anwesha says:

    The shades looks lovely on you Karen. But I doubt I would shell out $88 on a palette even if I could afford to 🙂
    Anwesha recently posted … The Liebster Award


    I love the eye shadows but not that blush. That would give me no color and really make me look pale.

  5. Oh wow, the colours are drop dead gorgeous!
    Marina(Makeup4all) recently posted … Clarins Water Comfort One-Step Cleanser with Peach Essential Water Review

  6. Sunny says:

    Such a gorgeous palette! I haven’t been too into the previous ones, but this one is something I honestly want to add to my collection. It looks faaaab on you, Karen!
    Sunny recently posted … Taking on the Summer Heat & Humidity with Estee Lauder Double Wear Light

  7. Gowthami says:

    Super gorgeous shades !!

  8. Kim says:

    You’re probably on your way to catch your flight already – I hope you have a great trip! 🙂

  9. Sasha says:

    Quite an interesting colour combination but the price… Ouch! That being said, you do look beautiful! Have a lovely trip! 🙂

  10. Kate says:

    When I’m thinking about the price, I try to remember that buying three high end shadows and a blush would actually cost me more than $95 (which is what it costs in Canada)… makes it easier to swallow (a bit).

    Those shades look beautiful and I quite like the blush- I’m a pale girl so I think it would suit me. Their entire Fall collection has me drooling, though.
    Kate recently posted … mental health mondays :: turmeric tuesday?

  11. Danielle says:

    Karen, those shadow colors look great on you!!
    Danielle recently posted … Ipsy August 2013

  12. I love the concept of a two-tiered compact with eye/cheek products – so handy for travel! Not digging the blush so much (too pale for me) but I love the eye shadows!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Lakme’s Ticket to Fashion : Win a Sabyasachi Sari and attend Lakme Fashion Week!

  13. Jennifer says:

    I love Kauai. Have a wonderful trip and watch out for the chickens!!!

  14. I used to work for Armani and he is just the king of class… great looking makeup!

  15. Hanna says:

    These colors are fantastic.
    Hanna recently posted … Freshman Year Has Matured Me

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