Gilded Glamour: The Best Estee Lauder Holiday 2007 Lipstick Picks

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The Golden Age, Part One

All month long I’ve been writing about the best makeup and beauty gifts to give your loved ones this holiday season. I know ’tis the season of giving and all that, but sometimes you gotta snag a lil’ something-something for yourself. Shhh — Don’t worry. I won’t tell Santa!


One big holiday theme many of the lines are using this year is gold product packaging. And I love, love, love it! If like me you’re a sucker for elegant packaging, then the one thing that you absolutely must pick up for yourself is a tube of Estee Lauder’s Signature Lipstick ($19.50).

Check out these beauties, along with Estee Lauder’s Limited Edition Platinum Illuminator Loose Shimmer Powder:


The gold fluted tube looks and feels rich and oh so glam. One cool thing that surprised me was the weight. The lipstick tubes are surprisingly heavy, which makes the packaging feel even more exclusive. Shoot, even El Hub was impressed (“Wow, that’s heavy and kinda pretty”) and he’s a dude that doesn’t know gloss from matte!

Blinding You with Lipstick Science

In addition to the amazing packaging, the lipstick formula is fantastic. It’s soft, light, long-wearing, doesn’t dry my lips out and is SUPER SHINY! I’m talking shinier than the light at the end of the tunnel, ya’ll. When I wear lipstick I usually top it off with gloss because I like a really shiny lip, but with the Signature Lipsticks I skip the gloss entirely because it’s shiny enough on its own.

To get this amazing finish, a lot of technology went into getting the formula just right.

All lipsticks are made from wax, oil and color, and most typically begin with a natural wax base and a yellowy-white baseline color, which is often hard, heavy, and has an inconsistent density and composition.

The Signature Lipsticks have a different texture and performance because of a synthetic wax base, which offers improved emolliency and brighter color.

It’s then combined with gelants for cushion and comfort, esters for slip and luster, and a special emollient paste, which is made up of a blend of oils (previously reserved only for lip glosses) that melts on the lips. This gives the lipstick its shiny finish. Finally, a film form binds these elements together, keeping the ingredients and pigments intact.

Did you know so much technology went into that lil’ tube? I sure didn’t.

Colors for All Ya’ll

There are 24 Signature Lipstick colors that are universally flattering. Here are six of my favorites:







And here are the color group breakdowns to make your lipstick selection easier:

Pink-Berry: Pink Champagne, Perfect Pink, Lush Rose, Rich Berry, Venetian Rose, Dune Rose, Tender Rose, Cocoa Rose, Woodland Berry
Mauve-Plum: Tender Mauve, Orchid Light, Soft Amethyst, Plum Frost, Rich Currant
Nude-Brown: Burnished Bronze, Toasted Walnut, Copper Glow, Mocha, Chestnut
Coral-Red: Spiced Coral, Apricot Sun, Copper Coral, Rich Red, Black Cherry

If you want to indulge but are on a one-lipstick kinda budget then check out either of my top faves: Rich Currant and Apricot Sun. The colors are so easy to wear and super pretty for both work or an evening out with the girls.

Random Lipstick Fun Facts

– 80% of women wear lipstick.
– Lipstick dates back 5000 years to when the earliest woman wooed the earliest man by staining her lips with red berries. Rock on, cave girl! Go and get your man!

Sparkle, Motion

So, when you hit the Estee Lauder counter to look at the Signature Lipsticks, don’t forget to check out the Limited Edition Platinum Illuminator Loose Shimmer Powder ($32.00). That’s it on the left hand side of the first pic. I tried to swatch it but, honestly, the picture does not do this powder justice. It’s so pretty in real life and for some reason I just can’t get the lighting right in my photo studio (aka my dining room/office) to capture the peachy-gold flecks correctly!

If you like MAC’s Loose Beauty Powders, then you might like this powder too. It’s a multi-tasking shimmer powder, very grown up and sophisticated – no cheesy club glitter here, ladies. You can use it as a highlighter on your face, or you can dust it on your shoulders and decollate for a festive glow. I’ve even mixed it with moisturizer and worn it to my legs! Oh, and the jar is GINORMOUS. There’s enough product to take you into the your next few lifetimes.


The Platinum Illuminator Loose Shimmer Powder is just one part of Estee Lauder’s Holiday 2007 Into The Night color collection, which is all about sheer, luminous, wearable metallic hues. The look is modern with a mix of classic elegance and cosmopolitan glamour: think tailored suiting, pencil skirts, with sophisticated shades of gold, copper and bronze with hints of rich metallic red.


This color line reminds me of elegant, sophisticated glamour, and makes me want to throw on a scarf, a string of pearls and a pair of black patent high heels. What do you think? Are you feeling this?

T-minus Eight Days ‘Till Turkey Day

Sometimes I’m amazed how fast time flies. It seems to be moving quicker as I get older, too, which seems TOTALLY UNFAIR because now I’ve got exponentially more stuff to do.

Thanksgiving is next week, can you believe it? I love any holiday that is food focused. I like turkey, but I’m all about the side dishes and dessert: corn, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, pumpkin pie! The only downside to this is all the extra time spent at the gym working on my fitness (lol, don’t lie, I know you love that “Fergalicious” song.) El Hub and I will be heading out to the East Bay to hang with my family. What are your plans?

Anyway, ya’ll have a wonderful Wednesday! Keep on keepin’ on ….

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Glosslizard says:

    Wow! The Rich Currant is fabulous! I like the sound of Cocoa Rose too!

  2. Karen says:

    That’s what I’m wearing now! Well, that what I was wearing before I ate this sandwich (complete with TJ’s red wine salami and swiss cheese slices).

    OMG, this blog has turned into a veritable TJ-O-RAMA!

    BTW, thanks for the dojo recs! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Megan says:

    Okay Karen… I have to admit that I’m not really sure what to think. My grandmother wears Estee Lauder and has forever…and for years I would get the sample lipstick tubes etc. in my stocking at Christmas (after she tried them and determined she didn’t like the color…what can I say, she’s a little eccentric). I don’t know if I can get down with Estee Lauder…just thinking about it is making me feel old-ladyish. The colors do look really pretty though…

    The other day I had an idea for a column for you. I ran into Ulta to buy some cologne for a friend on my way to a birthday party and next to the register was a display of Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray. It’s supposed to set your makeup and make it last longer. I don’t wear foundation, just a tinted illuminating moisturizer…so on ocassion I do find that my makeup is gone before half the say is. I use and LOVE LOVE LOVE Skindinavia’s shave gel and after spray…and I was tempted to buy the finishing spray, but I tried something before (a while back…and I don’t remember what it was) and it didn’t work. Do you know of any products that do work? If not someone should test them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Laurie T says:

    I want rich currant and I want it right now! Mwahahaha!

  5. nilla cookie says:

    OMG – only 8 more days until Turkey Day??? I’ll be spending it here in SF with my boyfriend’s family. I can’t wait to make all the food – turkey, homemade stuffing, and I haven’t decided on sides yet. What do you guys think about twice baked potatoes? Corn is a must, roasted asparagus.. mmmmmm. And definitely pumpkin pie!! YES! Only 8 more days to go!!

    PS – Rich Currant looks fab!

  6. Karen says:

    OH Megan! Thank you for thinking of me at Ulta. I will def. check that out and see what magic I can work. The nearest Ulta is across a bridge, through a big city and down a highway from me but I think I’ll be headed down that way this weekend so I’ll try to remember to look for that.

    You know, I had the same feelings as you regarding Estee Lauder a few years ago. It totally made me think of moms and aunts (cuz my grandma is a “Revlon Orange Flip” kinda chick, ha!)

    I was actually initially drawn to the line because of Pleasures Perfume! Then I started trying different lippies, etc. and got into it after that. I guess it can be seen as a more “mature” line (um, although admittingly I’m far from mature because I watch copious amounts of bad MTV).

    As for finishing sprays, I was using MAC Fix+ for a while. I can’t say if it helps to keep your makeup on longer. I tried it and didn’t really notice a big diff. I use it now to wet my 182 brush before I brush my foundation on. I am not really sold on the idea of makeup fixers because I think they just “mellow out” your powder/foundation/etc. to make it look less set.

    BTW, what cologne did you end up buying for your friend?

  7. Karen says:

    Laurie T! I’m sure you do! While we’re at it, I’d like some Chanel perfume and a big ole slice of pepperoni pizza. I hate to quote Rachel Ray (b*tch!) but YUM O!

  8. Karen says:

    OHHH Nilla I so love the twice baked. Unfortch I like it when it’s extra bad for you, like, when it’s laden with heaps of cheddar cheese and sour cream. Are you the one making all the food, holy moly!

    I think all I’m making this year is dessert – a really delish blueberry and peach cobbler.

    God I’m hungry.

  9. nilla cookie says:

    I love twice baked too! With butter, sour cream, and you can’t forget the bacon bits!! Yes, I think that’s going on the menu this year ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes, I’m normally in charge of all the food, but the bf helps out too, we love to cook together.

    Blueberry and peach cobbler sounds divine! I’m going to try a pumpkin and red wine-poached pear pie. I’m hungry too!

  10. Glosslizard says:

    I’m more than happy to share dojos! Hope you find one you like!

    I’m making pies for two family deals; pear & sour cherry mince, maple pumpkin and apple cranberry! And really, what’s a baked potato (once baked or twice baked) without all the fattening fixin’s? That’s what it’s all about! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Megan says:

    Karen you should totally check out the Skindinavia line if you make it to Ulta because I don’t know about the rest of their line, but their shave gel and after spray rocks my world. I just checked their website and I am thinking I may have to go buy some of their other products this weekend… hmmmm… They sound pretty convincing. Their head Chemist was the 2006 Young Cosmetic Chemist of the Year…for what that’s worth.

    As for the present I went with Versace Man Eau Fraรƒยฎche which I really liked. The description – This fresh, sexy interpretation of the Versace Man fragrance is a softer, more subtly sexy version of the original. Smooth fruits spiced with green leaves and warm notes of musk, amber, and sycamore wood, make this a scent for today’s more introspective man.
    White Lemon, Rosewood, Carambola, Tarragon, Cedar Leaves, Clary Sage, Musk, Amber, Sycamore Wood.
    Elegant. Seductive. Charismatic.

  12. Megan says:

    Another mention from the quick trip to Ulta – I smelled Marc Jacob’s new fragrance Daisy…and although when I first saw the cute bottle with the plastic daisies…I thought…okay so this is aimed at a younger crowd…I really really liked it. :-)It has a crispness to it instead of being too fruity and in your face like some fragrances aimed at the younger crowd. It was surprisingly nice. Anyway if you check out the website there is a link to request a free sample…which I just did…I will have to evaluate it again and see what I think.

    LOL…okay so maybe I should check out the estee lauder line since I just sounded really old there…

  13. Tootsie says:

    I love the Pink Champagne color! All of them are fab, actually.

    I’ll be cooking the whole sha-bang for Thanksgiving. I usually do. I loathe cooking on a daily basis. Just one more chore to do, really. But I LOVE cooking for a group and we have extra family coming in this year, so should be fun! My sisters are in charge of dessert this year.

  14. Jane says:

    I’ve never been one for Estee Lauder (always associated it with my aunts, hence old-women-makeup) but your review of the lipstick texture sounds tempting! I’m looking for a brick red or fire engine red shade because the one I bought at Shu Uemura is kinda drying.

    Thanks for the review! I think I’ll head over to the Estee Lauder counter tomorrow after my doctor’s appointment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Karen says:

    Nilla, that’s so cute that you and the BF cook together. It’s always fun to share hobbies with your S.O. How long have you guys been dating?

    My boy and I work out together but there is nothing of the cooking sort happening on our end. Our idea of cooking together is going to the burrito joint and ordering burritos, ha!

  16. Karen says:

    Glosslizzard, um yum! I want the recipe to that maple pumpkin pie, girl.

    BTW, El Hub and I went to TJ’s last night to buy some goodies for a care package we’re sending to Hawaii! I bought that big ole box of chocolate stars! I haven’t busted into it yet but can’t wait. I gotta do it on a day when I do some cardio, boo ๐Ÿ™

    Oh, and I got the frozen TJ’s MAC & CHEESE and had half of it for dinner last night. It is no joke. I almost passed out from a cheese-gasm. SO GOOD! I don’t know whether to curse you or hug you for introducing that into my life.

  17. Karen says:

    Thanks Megan for hooking that free sample link up. I smelled Daisy recently and liked it too. I’d buy it except I think Marc Jacobs has lost his mind! Have you seen him lately?

    I need a good shave gel for my pits so hopefully I’ll finally take that ULTA freeway exit and make it there. I checked out the link to the skindanavia products and they look pretty cool!

    And I will have to give Versace cologne a sniff! I so need to break my brother of wearing tacky “AXE” body sprays, yuck, so I’m thinking of getting him something more refined for Chrismtas.

  18. Karen says:

    Hey Tootsie,

    I hate cooking on a daily basis too. (I’m guilty of eating cereal for dinner, I can’t lie.) I wish I had a chef like Kimora Lee Simmons. Sigh!

    And dang, girl! Rock on with your Thanksgiving cooking self. I wanna go to your house and eat turkey (J/K). I’ve never cooked a turkey in my life and was randomly perusing turkey recipes the other day and learned about brining. Do you brine your turkey? The experts claim that it takes the bird to the next level, LOL.

  19. Karen says:

    Hi Jane,

    Have you tried MAC’s Dubonnet Lipstick? It’s a fantastic (and pretty moisturizing) red!

  20. nilla cookie says:

    Oh goodness, the BF and I are about to celebrate our 5 year anniversary in a couple of weeks! And there is nothing wrong with goin’ to the local burrito joint.. sometimes when we “cook” we go to Taco Bell and “make” nachos – LOL!

    Also, if you and Megan are looking for a reason to get Marc Jacobs’ Daisy perfume, you must check this out:;jsessionid=G4NT4YNGPXUFXLAUCJ4BXCQ?id=P197121&categoryId=C7010

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great day!

  21. Karen says:

    WOW, girl! Congrats on your upcoming anniversary. That boy better get you something special (an engagement ring?!?!)

  22. Megan says:

    LOL Karen – seriously…did you see the picture of MJ in a tutu and tennis shoes??? LOL I seriously LMAO at it…he has kinda lost it. In case you missed it…

    And thanks Nilla…I’m going to wait until I try the free sample first though.

  23. Karen says:

    OMG! What the hell happened to him?

    I remember seeing him on Oprah a few months ago. He still had his long hair, wore those clear-framed plastic glasses, and seemed really nerdy, humble and cute.

    Then a few weeks ago I saw him on E! and he was like 50 pounds lighter, totally cut, and doing a shirtless downward dog on the lawn of a rehab center!

    I remember thinking, BOY DONE LOST HIS MIND! You don’t do half nekkid sun salutations on national TV unless you are teaching a yoga class for the masses OR you think you are all that and a bag of Cheetoes. Seriously, it was really weird.

  24. Tootsie says:

    I haven’t tried brining yet. Mr. Tootsie wanted to last year and I told him if he wanted it brined HE could do it. So there ya go. LOL! I try to stick with what I know and not experiment on holidays.

  25. kia says:

    all of the colors from the EL collection look great!

  26. Karen says:

    Hi Kia!

    Yeah, the texture is pretty amazing, too. It’s worth a try, and is a nice indulgence for the holidays. I love pulling out the gold tube from my purse! It just feels so elegant and special.

  27. Karen says:

    LOL, Tootsie! The day my hub brines a turkey I swear … that will be a true holiday miracle for the ages.

  28. Glosslizard says:

    LOL! Sorry about that! On the bright side, as you found out, half a box makes a pretty good meal (especially with a little bowl of TJ’s soup on the side)!

    Sad story, I went down to my local MAC store for my finery fix and I still have to wait another week! Boo! I want hot plum lips now!

  29. Glosslizard says:

    Oh, and here’s a URL for the maple pumpkin pie!

    I got it from a Gourmet magazine many years ago and it has become a yearly staple for me! Of course you can get the grade B maple syrup it calls for at TJ’s! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Karen says:

    BOO! You gotta get those plum lips ASAP!

    And thanks for that recipe…I think I’m gonna try it. I think I’ve made one pie in my entire baking lifetime but we’ll keep fingers crossed and hope that it turns out okay!

    Everytime I chat with you I get hungry, ha ha ha! ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Hannah says:

    Hi Karen! Rich currant is my favorite lipstick ever. I accidently melted mine by leaving it in the car. ๐Ÿ™ I tried to buy another and now it appears to be discontinued!! ๐Ÿ™ Any ideas for a clone? Have you tried anything else similar? Thanks!

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