Getting to Know the Phase 1 Skin Care Set by Glossier

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Glossier Phase 1 Set

Oh, Super Emily, I had a feeling good things were in the works for you.


The new Glossier skin care line is the brainchild of Into the Gloss founder Emily Weiss, aka the gal from The Hills who will always and forever be etched into my memory as “Super Emily,” or just “SuperEm,” because remember that episode at the Teen Vogue dinner when scary Lisa Love says that there are too many flower arrangements on the table??

Anywho…Glossier, SuperEm’s latest venture, is a streamlined skin care brand with a minimalist chic aesthetic. They launched late last year with a handful of products and the belief that skin should be celebrated, not covered up.

Glossier Phase 1 Set

The $80 four-piece Glossier Phase 1 Set

The $80 four-piece Phase 1 Set contains the basics for low-key, casual skin — a hydrating mist, a face moisturizer that doubles as a makeup primer, a rich salve for your lips (and/or any other dry bits) and a tinted moisturizer with a satin finish.

I like to start by misting all over my face with the Soothing Face Mist Rosewater Spray, followed by the Priming Moisturizer on my face and neck. Then I’ll dab Balm Dotcom on my lips, and finish by blending the Perfecting Skin Tint in Medium all over my face (I’ll use about a dozen drops).

Glossier Soothing Face Mist

Soothing Face Mist from the Glossier Phase 1 Set

Glossier Priming Moisturizer

Priming Moisturizer

Glossier balmdotcom

Balm Dotcom

Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint

Perfecting Skin Tint

The results are fresh, super casual-looking skin that still looks like skin (as opposed to vinyl, or plastic wrap). Overall, my skin tone looks satiny and slightly more even, but I can still see the red areas around my nose, as well as some of my freckles. Essentially, it’s bare skin 2.0. Perfect for the morning after a booty call, early Sunday brunch, or an afternoon with the kittehs at a cat cafe.

Glossier Stickers

And it comes with stickers!

Yeah, you better believe I have plans for this set. I think it’s just low-key enough to interest my friend Cindy, aka the girl who will bolt if you even wave a lipgloss wand at her.

The day she calls me up and asks me to do her makeup for a date with her future husband (of course, she’ll threaten me with bodily harm if Sephora looks like it exploded on her face), I’ll know what to bring.


This set.

Look for the Phase 1 set online now at The skin tint comes in Light, Medium and Dark (I wear Medium, and I’m an NC42 in MAC-speak for reference).

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day. 🙂


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  1. Tatiana says:

    Is the color sheer enough in the skin tint that it doesn’t need to be a perfect match? Been wanting to try this, but afraid that even the lightest shade will be too dark, or the undertones will be off.

    • Adrienne says:

      I’m pretty light (like an NC 15) and the lightest shade looks maybe a teensy bit dark in the bottle, but it gets paler as you rub it in, like the reverse of those weird color change foundations. Its definitely pale enough for pale skins, but it IS pretty sheer so you wouldn’t have to be all that close honestly/

    • It’s SUPER sheer so you can get away with wearing one that’s possibly a bit too light or dark. I’m an NW20 in MAC speak right now and I can wear the Medium – the same shade as Karen. There’s lots of flexibility with the color range due to the sheerness of the formula. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Erin says:


    I’ve been a long time ITG reader and VIP, so I was surprised they didn’t send out samples. I’ve been curious about the whole shebang (they just came out with two masks as well and had a mini reader sesh q/a cleanser brainstorm thingy). The only thing that has stayed my hand is the reports of the facial mist stinging like a bastard. Nothing in it seems like a red flag but I’ve heard it from countless folks.

    The thing I am most interested in is the Priming Moisturizer. I hear it’s excellent and does in fact have primer qualities without all the goop. I’d love to get your take on it, with other foundations and not just the tint.

    I’m also hoping a priming moisturizer with spf 30 or above is in the works!

    I like the fact that these are no-nonsense daily use products and the price point is moderate. I’d love to see a before and after with the tint, if you’re up for it!
    Erin recently posted … Review: 14 Hands 2012 Merlot

    • Hey Erin! 🙂 I’ve been using the face mist for months and it’s never stung. My skin is pretty sensitive, too. It’s a really nice rosewater mist! The priming moisturizer does work really well under makeup or on it’s own.

  3. Fancie says:

    The moisturizing primer sounds really interesting. I’d love to try it
    Fancie recently posted … On Wednesdays We Wear Pink!

  4. Sylvia says:

    I’m dying to try out Glossier, now if only they would ship to Canada!
    Sylvia recently posted … Current Mascara Rotation

  5. Chelsea says:

    I was really curious, but my current skincare routine is working really well.

  6. It looks like skincare cum makeup products.. And that subdued dewy makeup look.. Ohh I am totally into it !!

    I want that primer and moisturizer for sure ..

    Hahha.. Doing friend’s makeup can be a tough task as she can kick u hard if u don’t go by what she wants 😉
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … 10 Night Creams for Normal/ Dry Skin

  7. Don’t we all have a friend/sister/whatever who calls and asks for her Makeup done, stating she wants to look exactly like before, just a little better?
    I certanly do.
    Such products are a life saver in these situations.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Inspired by … Lancome French Innocence Collection Spring 2015

  8. Lancy says:

    Interesting products! 🙂 I love makeup products that does justice to the skin care parts as well! Nice it comes in three shades! I guess I’d suit medium.
    Lancy recently posted … Red Saree OOTD : 5 Tips to Wear a Red Saree

  9. Adrienne says:

    I am in fricking LOVE with their products. Not the biggest fan of the skin tint bc if I’m going to cover my skin I want it to do something or I’ll just go bare, but the rest of it blows me away. Repurchased the moisturizer already (I’m combo sometimes a little oily and this is so simple and amazing I literally cannot put too much on) as well as the spray. I’ll say this about the spray – it burns if it gets in my eyes but that’s the only issue I’ve had so I just keep my eyes closed for a few seconds longer after I spray it.

    BUT THE MASKS. YOU GUYS. I was really on the fence bc I have SO many but I am in shock and awe at the fact that the textures are so unique! The clay mask is like a nourishing mask but with clay part way down the ingredient list – still dries like a clay but takes way longer, like 20 min and doesn’t leave you feeling tight. The moisturizing mask is like unicorn sneezes. I used to think moisturizing masks were a great way to resell people their own moisturizers but I am in. to. this. It’s jelly and bouncy but slippery and it kind of melts but not so watery that it slides off your face? Unreal. Take the plunge one product at a time if you’re curious, I seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed.

  10. Amber says:

    thanks for the details on this. I’m curious about the balm and primer mostly. The tint sounds nice, but not for someone with skin issues like I have. 🙂
    Amber recently posted … Tarte Miracles from the Amazon QVC TSV

  11. The Balm Dotcom is HEAVEN-SENT! That tube of magic has replaced every other balm I own and love! Any balm that can last on my lips overnight is a winner! The skin tint is nice but it’s super sheer. It’s definitely reserved for my best skin days only! I think it will be great in the summer when I have a little more color and some of the spots are camo’d by being a bit more tan. So glad you reviewed this set, Karen! The Moisturizing Moon Mask is AMAZING, too.

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