Get Red, Haute and Naughty: The Super Saturated Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer Red Hautes Collection Gets Nails Ready for Anything

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estee lauder pure red hautes

The Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer Pure Red Hautes Collection, available now at counters and

A valuable lesson learned from the Estée Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer Pure Red Hautes Collection and Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones: prepare, prepare, prepare.

Before Indy went looking for the Holy Grail, homeboy researched his cargo pants off! — filling his mind (and his man purse…so forward thinking!) with every bit of knowledge he needed for his quest.


You don’t just go running off, willy-nilly, looking for the Holy Grail based on the secondhand rumors of a friend of a friend of a friend, you know? You gotta prepare, and you gotta prepare the right way.

Proper preparation is also important when it comes to Estée Lauder’s Pure Red Hautes Collection, but not in the “let’s go chasing after ancient relics” sense. More in the “now I’ve got a perfect shade of red polish for every occasion, yay!” way.

Thanks to Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux, if you’re on the market for red tips and toes, the collection’s five $20 crimson polishes have you covered.

With each one, Tom tried to channel red’s sophisticated, romantic side, while coaxing out their propensity for naughtiness and play. 🙂

estee lauder pure red hautes

From the left: Beautiful Liar, Fallen Agnel, Le Smoking, Love Bite and Pure Red

estee lauder pure red hautes beautiful liar

Beautiful Liar

estee lauder pure red hautes fallen angel

Fallen Angel

estee lauder pure red hautes le smoking

Le Smoking

estee lauder pure red hautes love bite

Love Bite

estee lauder pure red hautes pure red

Pure Red

Super shiny, pigmented and smoother than a great chianti, the Red Hautes don’t even need two layers. I’m wearing two for these swatches, but that’s only out of habit. I think I easily could have gotten away with one.


I love the formula, high-shine finish and these colors, but the brush, I’m not too crazy about…

I like having a crisp edge at the base of my nails, but I find that difficult to get with this brush.

Running a fine-tipped paint brush dipped in nail polish remover along the edges cleans things up, but who always has time for that?

PRICE: $20 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now at Estée Lauder counters and

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. WOW! These are really pretty and I’m not a huge red polish fan! But Fallen Angel looks really nice!
    Tracy@Beauty Reflections recently posted … Deep Thoughts By Tracy-To Dye Or Not To Dye: That Is The Question

  2. Liz says:

    wow, I loooove every one of those colors!

  3. Melissa says:

    Le smoking!!! Aren’t these bottles so cute? They look like ice cubes filled with happiness!

  4. I have tried 1 of these and they are so pigmented. Most of the time you only need to apply 1 layer and you get really awesome color! Fast drying too!!!
    Gwen @ Makeup Toys recently posted … Work: AforArcade Campaign 2012

  5. gio says:

    Wow! These are all gorgeous!
    gio recently posted … 6 Simple, But Often Ignored, Skin Cleansing Tips

  6. EmmyJean says:

    Beautiful Liar and Love Bite are my faves of these; I love me some cool-toned reds for winter! 🙂
    EmmyJean recently posted … Silk Naturals Party Girl & Nice Nudes Wardrobe for Lips: Review & Swatches

  7. Marla says:

    I love, love Beautiful Liar.

  8. Gina says:

    Amazing reds! And just in time for xmas! Thanx for sharing! 🙂

    Gina recently posted … Stuff I want #2

  9. Jennifer says:

    Not a fan of red on hands but love Fallen Angel!
    Jennifer recently posted … Play with Jouer: The Bare Beauty Collection

  10. Nina says:

    Its very holiday-y!

  11. Beth says:

    “Aint nobody got time for that!” – Sweet Brown

  12. Kim says:

    Agreed! Who has time for that, indeed? I like the idea of one coat, though. Fallen Angel is definitely my fave of the bunch. Oh, and we named the DOG “Indiana”…. 😉

  13. Lulle says:

    Wow. I love each and every one of them… Red creme is just so beautiful!
    Lulle recently posted … Platinum has never been so cheap! Spoiled by Wet n Wild nail polish

  14. Barbara says:

    Love my NYX and Mally pallettes.

  15. Emma says:

    Love the formula, quality and bottle of Estee Lauder nail polishes, but stopped using them for a while, as the colours were a bit limited.

    Kept wishing for a maroon shade and Fallen Angel looks pretty perfect. 🙂

    Wish I’d seen these newer colours sooner…

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