Garnier Skin Products Finally In The U.S.

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Garnier Regenerating Eye Moisturizer

Garnier Purifying Wet Cleansing Cloths


I was wandering around Long’s yesterday and found that Garnier has some new skin products available for the face. I haven’t tried them yet, but I’m going to pick up the Regenerating Eye Moisturizer and the Purifying Wet Cleansing Cloths when my next paycheck comes in. I’m really excited that Garnier has finally released some skin products here. I went to England in 2005 and while I was in a Boot’s store I randomly purchased a bottle of Garnier’s Body Cocoon Lotion, which isn’t available in the US. I kid you not – it was possibly the best lotion I’ve ever tried . It smelled light, absorbed easily and provided excellent moisture. I hope that they roll out body products in the future. I’ve been jonesing for this lotion for two years!!!

Garnier’s Body Cocoon – Possibly The Most Awesome Lotion Ever


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  1. Mothe says:

    Garnier Bodycocoon is the best moisturizing lotion ever . I tried many kind of moisturizing lotions , but when i discovered this one i said that’s it , i finally found my body lotion . I used to use garnier bodycocon , extra dry skin . But in the US i can’t find , i’ve been looking for it in stores , pharmacy , online . Please help me find it , my skin ‘s suffering particularly with the winter . Desperately need it . It really heals dry skin , very soft , with a light perfum . Perfect

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Mothe,

    I can’t find it in the US either. I agree, it’s the best lotion, possibly ever. 🙂

  3. Mothe says:

    I just don’t understand why ; we can find garnier nutritionist , garnier hair care but why not this one . I just don’t believe it

  4. Shane says:

    Has anyone found a website that we can order the Body Cocoon lotion from yet? I’m still looking! 🙁


  5. I am looking for a product called anti wrinkle deep set wrinkles but I did not see who the manufacturer was. Could it be garnier?

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