For Chic Burgundy Cheeks, Try the New NARS 413 BLKR Multiple

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NARS 413 BLKR Multiple

That’s the new $38 NARS 413 BLKR Multiple on my cheeks (but not on my lips…I’m wearing the 413BLKR Velvet Matte Lip Pencil); it’s available now at two of the brand’s flagship stores — 413 Bleecker Street in New York and 8412 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles — and also online at

The question is, would I wear the new sheer burgundy cream stick Mutiple in NARS 413 BLKR on my eyes?

Hmm… Probably not, unless I were planning to attend an apocalypse party or wanted to celebrate the mid-season return of The Walking Dead this Sunday night with an undead chic look.


Burgundy eyeshadow plus Karen’s eyelids equals zombie time! But if burgundy’s your jam, you could wear it on your eyes, because NARS designed their (The?) Multiples to work pretty much everywhere — eyes, cheeks, lips, and even your bod, where you could use it to contour.

Dark, imposing and almost Medieval in stick form, 413 BLKR manifests into a much more approachable sheer matte burgundy on cheeks, where it gives a tint like I just spent an hour outside on a sunny hillside, looking up at the clouds and daydreaming…

NARS 413 BLKR Multiple


NARS 413 BLKR Multiple packaging

NARS 413 BLKR Multiple

Wearing the 413 BLKR Multiple on my cheeks and 413BLKR Velvet Matte Lip Pencil on my lips

When I wear it on my cheeks, which is really the only way I wear this shade, it fades evenly over the course of about six hours. To keep the color fresh, I dab the stick once or twice on each cheek every few hours, and blend out the edges with my fingers. I find that it works well on bare skin, BB creams, foundations and even on top of powder!

If you do plan to wear it as a lip color, you might want to keep a lip balm handy, as I find that it isn’t moisturizing enough for my dry winter lips this time of year (at least not without a little extra help).

PRICE: $38
AVAILABILITY: Available now at the NARS 413 Bleecker Street store in New York and the 8412 Melrose Avenue store in Los Angeles, as well as online at

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  1. Kim says:

    I really do like the color but I don’t think it would be my jam for eyes or lips, either. 🙂

    Good news! Netflix has finally shipped my Homeland discs. I’ve had them in my queue for months, listed as “long wait”. The wait has been long, indeed, but it’s finally over. Yay!

  2. Sarah says:

    My oh my! Super sexy!
    Love your eyeliner.


  3. melanie says:

    You look gorgeous in those pics! Love the lip color and eyeliner especially

  4. I love this shade! You look extremely CHIC. You are right about eyes though… it might be hard to pull off but on cheeks, LOVE IT!

  5. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sexy lady! 🙂 Pretty Karen style.

  6. Rose says:

    You look gorgeous! Thanks for doing this look. I have been wanting to see this on someone!

  7. I love this color so much, and six hours is really longwearing for a cream blush, at least for me – I usually only get 4 hours or so from (but longer from a stain). I’m so tempted by this!

    And I still need to check out the LA flagship store.
    Emi at Project Swatch recently posted … Senna Haute Nudes Mystic Eye & Cheek Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

  8. Love this on the cheek. And I love your winged out liner.
    Angela @ The Unprofessional Beauty Blog recently posted … Chinese New Year Makeup Tutorial Part 2 – An Elegant Look That Brings Good Fortune All Year Long

  9. LOVE love love this look from top to bottom. It’s gorgeous! 😀
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: NEW Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 76 Frivole Review & Swatches

  10. mini says:

    You look very pretty!

  11. LOVE this one! Love that it’s matte especially-I find Multiples too shimmery but this one is great!
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  12. Steph says:

    That looks hot with the winged liner!
    Steph recently posted … Life in Pictures vol. 01

  13. Iris says:

    You look gorgeous and the colour really suits you.

    This is now on my “to buy” list. I’ll be using it as a lip colour or a cheek colour.

  14. This looks so nice and natural on you! I find that sticks tend to look awful over powders (which I wear), so it’s nice to hear that it works with them. Even though it looks like a nice product I’ll probably pass on it – I’m not much of a stick-blush user and don’t think I’d remember to touch it up throughout the day. Womp womp.
    Jay @ Wayfaring Beauty recently posted … The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin-Care

  15. Kasey says:

    I love this look on you! So pretty & chic!

  16. Meghan says:

    It’s such a pretty color! It would look perfect paired with a burgundy lip too! :]
    Meghan recently posted … My interview with the Queen.

  17. Alice Ann says:

    I really like Nars multiples, I will have to check this one out. Your eye makeup looks awesome, and the lipcolor is great, too.

  18. Christy says:

    Amazing look you put together.. Now it is on my must have list .. We have the same complexion so I have purchased so many of your Nars favorites and now they are mine favorites as well thank you for all you do.. It means so much to a busy mom to have someone out there on there side with amazing taste..

  19. Michelle says:

    Is this shimmery? I love Nars’ matte multiples but find the normal multiples far too glittery for daytime wear.

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