Flowerchild, You’ll Look Like a Fly Damsel in the New Becca Halcyon Days Mineral Blush

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The more time I spend with the Becca Halcyon Days collection, the more I fall in love love. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite summer releases so far and OOH! — do you hear that? It sings sonnets — no, more like an epic volumes! — to my peach/coral/pink/gold-lovin’ heart.


If your skin turns a toasty brown over summer, or you’re just fond of the way you look in warm pinks, peaches and corals, don’t be surprised if you catch yourself making grabby motions in the air the first time you see the Halcyon Days Mineral Blushes ($32 each) up close, or when you open the sturdy compacts, with, what is that on the outside? A rubberized texture? How cool is that!? It keeps them from slipping out of my grubby little hands.

Flowerchild (a golden peachy pink) and Damselfly (a golden coral) deliver serious, hard-to-ignore pigmentation. One swirl around the pan from my powder blush brush grabs just enough color for one cheek — no layering necessary, unless I want a brighter look.

And talk about flawless application! The powder grains are so tiny that they even make grains of sand seem huge. They might even be finer than the powders at T. LeClerc, an uber-luxury line that some consider one of the best in the beauty biz.

The finely milled powder might be the reason why it spreads like sunlight with nary a streak. And blending? Forget about it. I barely have to flick a wrist to smooth out the edges, which are hardly even there.

The resulting luminous, flushed cheek look is pure Becca all the way — fresh-faced, beachy, feminine, effortless and true to the line.

I’m thinking it would also make a fantastic starter blush for beginners, too, because of how easy it is to use and how natural it looks. If you’re curious about blush but worried about looking like a circus clown, I think either of these would be a great place to start.

becca halcyon days damselfly

Becca Halcyon Days Collection Flowerchild Mineral Blush

Swatches of Damselfly (left) and Flowerchild (right)

becca halcyon days mineral blush damselfly
Damselfly on cheeks

becca halcyon days mineral blush flowerchild
Flowerchild on cheeks

becca halcyon days mineral blush flowerchild
Don’t hurt me, Edward Scissorpaws!

becca halcyon days mineral blush

becca halcyon days mineral blush

Mad props to Becca for including some excellent ingredients, too (shoot, she better, since she charges an arm and a leg!). The blush comes infused with anti-oxidants (Vitamin A, E and C) and a natural mineral complex with mica (hence the name, Mineral Blush), but doesn’t contain parabens, oils, talc or fillers.

Ingredients: Mica, Squalane, Zinc Stearate, Lauroyl Lysine, Silica, Glyceryl Caprylate, Glycerin, Tocopheryl Acetate, Ascorbyl Palmitate Retinyl Palmitate, Terpineol, Water (Aqua), p-Anisic Acid, Sodium Levulinate, Levulinic Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Carmine (CI 75470). May contain: Iron Oxides (Cl 774 91, Cl 774 92, Cl 774 99), Titanium Dioxide (Cl 77891) , Red 30 Lake (Cl7 3360), Red 7 Lake (Cl 15850:1), Yellow 5 Lake (Cl 19140:1)

Rarely do I make room for a blush in my everyday rotation as quickly as I did for these. It usually takes me a few months to clear a spot in my heart next to tried-and-true favorites like MAC Blushbaby, but both of these shades are going right in — do not pass go, just have a seat there next to Blushbaby, thank you very much. ๐Ÿ™‚

PRICE: $32
AVAILABILITY: At Becca counters and also online
MAKEUP AND BEAUTY BLOG RATING: A+ (in spite of the price)

Another reason to love the juniors section…

Less expensive versions of designer dresses! — like this $48 Lush Ruffled Strapless Dress from the Nordie’s juniors section online. It bears a striking resemblance to the $194 Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress I’ve been coveting for weeks!


Lush Ruffled Dress (left) and Amanda Uprichard Joan Dress (right)

Sure, the Lush one’s made out of polyester instead of silk, but that’s a helluva savings, am I right? I’m beginning to feel better about dressing like a teenager, LOL!

Which reminds me — have you found any good dupes lately, either fashion, makeup or otherwise? Clothes, bags, jewelry, furniture, polish, makeup? I’m always hungry for bargains, so please share any recent finds in the comments.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jen W says:


    I love peachy coral blushes, and if these are as silky and finely milled as you say, I’m SOLD!
    Jen W recently posted … Ellis Faas loves your lips- L101 and L307 review and swatches

  2. Heidi says:

    Those blushes are gorgeous but I do love finding a great bargain. My latest fave (this actually could have gone under the last heading, too) is the $3 tinted moisturizer from e.l.f. that I picked up at Kmart recently. It’s got really nice coverage, spf 20, and doesn’t get shiny on me midday. And of course, the 8-pan Wet n Wild shadow palettes are in constant rotation in my collection. $4.99 for 8 colors? Yes, please!

  3. Kate & Zena says:

    Hm, but I’d save up for the silk one, especially when I have one of my dreaded super sensitive skin hell days (also known as Days Where I Dread My Closet); I can’t wear anything but silk on those days. Do you know how many clothes I have in silk? Uh, one cami and three scarves. Yep, I need to expand my sometimes expensive wardrobe.

    Did you know that silk is recommended for rash-prone and sensitive skin because it seems to soothe skin? Silk is a protein fiber and I guess the protein soothes skin or something. It’s “hypoallergenic” so to speak. It’s the only fiber in the world that doesn’t irritate skin. ๐Ÿ™‚ Cotton is also recommended (which is why I have so darn much of it), but silk is the only one that doesn’t feel like a thousand scalpels per square inch when my skin flares!

    Flowerchild is a beautiful color. It looks like the flesh of a cut watermelon sort of.

  4. i LOVE flowerchild! i quite like becca’s packaging, too!
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Collection Spotlight- J Mendel – Spring 2011

  5. natalie says:

    so pretty! does damselfly go well all over your face or is it too peachy?

    p.s. the dress i made looks like a mix of the color of damselfly and flowerchild!

  6. gio says:

    Flowerchild is gorgeous! If only it wasn’t so expensive…
    gio recently posted … QOTW- Do you wear makeup when your skin is acting up

  7. Karen I demand you stop being so gorgeous, you’re making us all look bad! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. nidhi says:

    love the packaging ..pechy coral blush are always a safer option for me to try
    nidhi recently posted … Every day look with Boozy shop warm Palette

  9. mill says:

    does the name Halcyon remind anyone else of the Tales of the City books?

  10. Kim says:

    Becca has some beautiful, wearable stuff. I think I’ve liked everything you’ve swatched from the Halcyon line so far. Very natural and pretty. I’ve successfully resisted my Givenchy blush but now I’m eyeing these! Btw, I was laughing at your picture with Tabs (Damselfly on cheeks, Flowerchild on cheeks, Tabs on cheeks…). It looks like you’re getting some sunny weather so I hope this means Edward Scissorpaws will be on his best behavior! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Issa says:

    I love the Damselfly! it really looks natural!

  12. Tracy says:

    Flowerchild is so pretty! I need to find these!
    Tracy recently posted … Get Bronzed With Beautisol Need I Glow More Self-Tanner For Face

  13. Michelle says:

    You are absolutely glowing in these pics! These colors are gorgeous. Are they both LE?

  14. Holly says:

    Though this isn’t a dupe situation, it’s worth spreading the news.

    I was in Bed, Bath & Beyond last night (in NC) and they had a bunch of Essie polishes on sale for $5.74 each. I vaguely remember seeing the nail polish there over Christmas, but they must not be selling well. They had the French Affair collection. I bought Chubby Cheeks.

  15. Fieran says:

    These blushes are gorgeous. Now if I can just convince the bf to find them on his next business trip. Hmm..

  16. Beatrice says:

    the packaging reminds me of flying saucers for some reason lol but love love love LOVE flowerchild! It looks so pretty on!
    Beatrice recently posted … Green Face of the Day My Glow-y Face Routine

  17. Anna says:

    You look so beautiful with those blushes on, Karen! I especially like Flowerchild. Are these blushes LE, do you think if I wait until the Black Friday online sale that I could snag them for 25% off…? If I can wait that long! haha.

    That dress, tres cute!! I do like the peachy color better though… <3 Nordstrom.

  18. Faye says:

    Hi Karen!

    I have my usual question, if you have a chance to answer — would Flowerchild work on super-pale (cool-toned) skin? Thanks!

    • Kate & Zena says:

      I’m super pale and cool-toned and Flowerchild would most definitely work, I think. Here’s a heads up for you: any coral will generally work on warm-toned skin (as it has warm undertone); any pink will generally work on cool-tone skin (as pink–believe it or not–has a COOL undertone). Blues, most purples, greens and pinks (EXCLUDING FOUNDATION) generally fall into the cool-toned category. Yellow (EXCLUDING FOUNDATION), reds, peaches, corals, some purples, and most browns fall into the warm-toned category. Neutral-skinned gals can do any color.

      In foundation, however, yellow and blue are cool-toned, pink and red are warm-toned. In concealers, green concealers cancel out redness, orange/yellow concealers cancel out blue/purple, lavender is generally used to brighten an area, and your skintone is used to cover up the weird colors you used. This is using color theory to cover imperfections.

      Hope that helps!

  19. amymirandamakeup says:

    I never said this to anyone, but I am addicted now to your website, to your articles and adore your photography.. I loved your tip on how to remove the mascara which took u as you said, only 22 years to discover this tip. Lol..

  20. Chris25 says:

    Damsel looks so pretty (and it looks like MAC Sunbasque). Tabs is too scrumptious, I could eat him up!

  21. Denise says:

    I love checking out the teens sections for clothes too! Sometimes, the have the nicer styles ๐Ÿ™‚ Awesome blush! You look soooo amazing with them on. Becca should get you as a model!
    Denise recently posted … Manic Monday at the Post Office

  22. Vijaya says:

    I adore that on you. You look lovely!
    Vijaya recently posted … Final Fantasy Inspired Look- Leblanc

  23. Joan says:

    Karen, makeup aside, and the fact that you look so beautiful, I’m just so glad to see you take so many pictures outside. Those of us in the NorthEast are finally getting a taste of warm weather and seeing your pictures is like getting a dose of vitamin D!

  24. Melissa says:

    Adorbs as usual Karen! I particularly like Flowerchild on you. What lippie are you wearing in these pics? (wonders if I own something similar, as it looks so nice on you…)

  25. Bridget says:

    You look gorgeous, those blushes were MADE for you! Do you happen to know of any dupes for each of them?

  26. BeckBeck says:

    I have now got a serious WANT for both of those blushes… but I have a Becca blush (Sylph) and it’s straight up sparkly. I’m leery of them now.

  27. These colors are beautiful! I love Becca’s products! I just started using their shimmering skin perfector!
    productdoctor recently posted … Giorgio Armani Gloss dArmani

  28. jen. says:

    Aww, looks like you and Tabs are getting along better again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Nina says:

    yay for you and tabs lurvin it up again. i think kitteehhs esp tabbies get super excited when theyre petted. napoleon (aka LolCat) has swiped me on the nose once. it left a scratch but not a scar — thanks to the power of vit e oil!

    those blushes — love! omg i want them!

  30. Coral is my Kryptonite and I adore BECCA so these are a must have for me!
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Prime Beauty Buzz 5-22-11

  31. cloudburst says:

    That’s a lovely photo of you and Tabs. He looks like such an affectionate kitty. Blushes are gorgeous too!

  32. Alka says:

    Days after your post…I still can’t stop thinking about these blushes. I think I am going to have to order Damselfly. Sending some scritches for Tabs! Glad to see you are getting along again.

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