Fans of Frost and Bright Color Will Break Hearts Wearing the LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in Heartbreaker

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lorac alter ego heartbreaker

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette: Heartbreaker ($24)

HeartbreakerI wonder if Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s not-so-secret alter ego/identity) would like LORAC’s new Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette in Heartbreaker ($24).

I’m guessing she would…and it wouldn’t surprise me to also find out that she insists that every item in her makeup bag have the exact same hot pink packaging.


Heck, that’s what I’d do if I were Sasha! 🙂

This limited edition summer season palette of 10 powder shadows is available now exclusively from Ulta.

Within the hot pink packaging (LOVE IT) you’ll find a surprising number of colorful eyeshadows…

  • A satiny tan
  • A satiny peach
  • A shimmery reddish plum
  • A shimmery bronze
  • A satiny warm beige
  • A shimmery bright blue
  • A frosty gray
  • A frosty light blue
  • A shimmery deep purplish brown
  • A frosty light blue

I’d probably wear one or two of the colorful shades together, and then ground them by working in a combination of the tan, peach, beige and/or bronze.

I think you could totally incorporate more than two of these colorful shades in the same look, of course, but for me, between the shimmer and the frost, and with the intensity of the pigments, it could easily turn into a whole lotta look, you know? If you like wearing a lot of color on your eyes and you’re completely comfortable with high-shine frosts and shimmers, you could do it up with this palette and go shimmer/color crazy!

Considering the amount of shine here, the shadows are easy to work with, and they range from moderately to highly pigmented. I haven’t noticed any problems with fallout, either.

lorac alter ego heartbreaker

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette: Heartbreaker

lorac alter ego heartbreaker

LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette: Heartbreaker

I think this one’s a pretty good deal for $24, particularly if you’re a big fan of frosts and down with brights.

lorac alter ego heartbreaker

Swatches of LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette: Heartbreaker

lorac alter ego heartbreaker

Swatches of LORAC Alter Ego Eye Shadow Palette: Heartbreaker

PRICE: $24
AVAILABILITY: Limited edition, available exclusively at Ulta

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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  1. Lulle says:

    I know I’m probably the only one, but I’m really not into that pink packaging. It kind of reminds me of the children’s makeup palette I had when I was a kid, all pink, some with a Barbie logo, with terrible powder and cream shadows (but that was perfect for doing my dolls makeup!). It says cheap to me and it puts me off. 🙁
    Lulle recently posted … #FrenchFriday: Lancôme Shine Lover Vibrant Shine Lipstick in Corail Lover (140)

  2. Erin says:

    I love the deep blue color but I agree that the packaging looks a little cheap!

  3. Vijaya says:

    Packaging is really important to me, now that I have all my basics covered. This one’s a pass for me.
    Vijaya recently posted … A Look Back on Springtime in New York City!

  4. Karen says:

    I guess I’m the only one who likes the packaging, LOL! Hot pink 4 eva!!

    • Vijaya says:

      I feel like now that I’m 22, I want to only buy things that look super fancy to like… overcompensate for how much younger I am than everyone in the office. Like stuff I can whip out that makes someone go, ‘Wow, that person is definitely a grown up woman!’ Like the Guerlain lipsticks with the mirrors built in. The packaging is clunky and wasteful, yes, but how ADULT do I look pulling this out of my bag?!?!
      Vijaya recently posted … A Look Back on Springtime in New York City!

  5. April says:

    No, you are not alone. I like the pink. It’s so fun, and it looks way to sleek to be anything I had has a kid. However, I’m a big kid at heart, so that wouldn’t really turn me off. I’m not big on frosty looks, so I would love to see you do a look with this palette.
    I just found your blog two days, and I LOVE it. Make-up and cats, mixed with style and some travel, makes me very happy. Thanks, Karen! I’m wanting to go to New Orleans now. Well, more like in a few months when it gets cooler.

  6. Lauren says:

    Adorable!!! I don’t know of i could pull of the blue colors tho…I have blue eyes and was told by a makeup artist that I should only wear neatrals/browns…this was many heats ago, but I had purple shadow on and was sooo embarrassed!! I will check this out tho!!

    • Rachel R. says:

      The MUA was full of it (and perhaps trying to sell you some earth toned eyeshadows?). Wear whatever color makes you feel good. Blue eyes look gorgeous in a variety of colors. Browns will look great, and are very on trend this season, but don’t limit yourself. If you love purple eyeshadow, wear the heck out of it.

  7. This one has “Agata” written all over it.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … On my plate – Red lentil soup with fennel

  8. Fancie says:

    This is an incredibly shimmery palette but I love the colors. They have a very fun, summery vibe
    Fancie recently posted … MAC The Matte Lip Haul & Swatches

  9. Allison C says:

    I’m a big fan of Lorac palettes, but I’m rather relieved that I don’t need to own this one. The colors are very pretty but a little too shimmery for me with shades I don’t usually wear. So now I can buy something else! Or just use the Lorac palettes I already own 🙂
    Allison C recently posted … Friday Find: Signature Fragrances London

  10. Rachel R. says:

    I have this and the Dream Girl palette, and I love the packaging on both (Dream Girl is coral). I also love the shadows. I think they’re perfect for summer.

  11. Zovesta says:

    So gorgeous! I do love brights and frosts. The pink packaging does look a little cheap to me, but I do love how much it screams girly-girly, so it balances out for me. =P While this isn’t a gotta-have for me, I will say: that dark brown tho.
    Zovesta recently posted … FOTD: Something old…

  12. Kwmechelle says:

    This one’s a pass for me but I think the blue is beautiful. It’s my fave color ever 🙂

  13. Genevieve says:

    The colours are lovely, but a few of them look quite similar to each other and therefore could have been more pigmented.
    But it’s great that Lorac is doing colours… love that blue.
    The packaging does look cheap in that all pink packaging and it would put me off because I am not a fan of anything pink…. the packaging is way too little girlish.

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