Face Stardom (or a Holiday Office Party) With This Sonia Kashuk Palette

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Sonia Kashuk Facing Stardom Face Palette on Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog

The limited edition Sonia Kashuk Facing Stardom Face Palette ($19.99) is like a spontaneous red carpet moment. One second I’m sitting at my desk in black stretchy pants (you know, the ones with the hole in the butt?), but the second that first swipe of smokey eye and rosy cheek/lip makeup dances onto my face, BAM! I’m strutting my stuff at a Hollywood premiere, waiting for Ryan Reynolds to introduce me as “his close friend, confidante and shoulder to cry on” to the paparazzi.


Looking like a star with this 12-piece holiday palette, which includes two powder eyeliners, six eyeshadows, two lipglosses and two cream blushes, doesn’t require an actual acting career. All you need are brushes and your imagination. πŸ™‚

Sonia Kashuk Facing Stardom Face Palette small
Eyeliners (upper left), lipglosses (lower left), eyeshadows (center) and cream blushes (right)

Eyeliners: The matte powder eyeliners can be worn wet or dry along the lash and/or waterlines. They have a little fallout when applied dry, so I keep makeup wipes on standby just in case I need to clean up.

Eyeshadows: Cool-toned and smokey is the name of the game. The glitter shadows (a glittery gray, taupe and purplish taupe) are more pigmented than the ones in the What Glitters Glows Palette, which is a big plus. The three mattes (a gray, purplish taupe and taupe) apply sheer and blend with ease.

Cream Blushes: A creamy rose and a pink designed to be worn on bare skin or on top of foundation. The texture’s very thin, slick and slippery, so I dust a blush or translucent face powder on top to help set the color.

Lipglosses: I’m not sure why S.K. calls the rosy shade on the left a gloss because it sure as heck feels and looks like a lipstick, but semantics, schemantics. I think both the unflavored and unscented lip products add the perfect amount of natural-looking color to my pucker.

Sonia Kashuk Facing Stardom Face Palette swatches
Swatches, top from from left: dark brown eyeliner, light brown eyeliner, gray glitter eyeshadow, purplish taupe glitter eyeshadow, taupe glitter eyeshadow, gray matte eyeshadow, purplish taupe matte eyeshadow and taupe matte eyeshadow; bottom row, from left: rose cream blush, pink cream blush, rose lipgloss and peachy pink lipgloss

Sonia Kashuk Facing Stardom Face Palette on Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog eye closeup

Sonia Kashuk Facing Stardom Face Palette on Karen of Makeup and Beauty Blog 2

If you showed me this palette without telling me the name of the brand I would swear up and down that it was a $65 Bobbi Brown creation. Not to sound all late-night-infomercial, but would you believe it’s just $19.99? That breaks down to about $1.66 per item.


Sonia put together a near-perfect mix of colors and the textures are pretty easy to work with, and if it weren’t for the minor issue of the eyeliner fallout, Facing Stardom would be epic.

PRICE: $19.99
AVAILABILITY: At Target and target.com

Don’t cry, Ry-Ry!

Can we talk for a sec about Ryan Reynolds’ recent return to the single world? I was really hoping he and ScarJo would make it (they would’ve made some seriously pretty babies, yeah?), but I’m not gonna lie — if homeboy needs a friend to help him pick up the pieces, I would not hesitate to ask him out for a chai latte.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. I’m getting it just because of this review and girl you looking gorgeous You betta werq!!!!
    beautylogicblog recently posted … BeautyLogic Holiday Gift Guide

  2. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful FOTD! I really need to check out Sonia’s line. BTW hands off Ryan, he’s mine πŸ˜‰ jk i’ll share my man candy with you.
    Lindsay recently posted … MAC Peacocky Spring 2011 with pictures!

  3. Kristen says:

    I need to get this! Plus Target has a temp price cut so its $16.99, good deal
    Kristen recently posted … Guest Blogger – Favorites Series

  4. Ashley says:

    Ok I’m really interested in this SK Palette but let’s talk about Ryan Reynolds first..
    How did this happen? I mean I wish Ryan had married me instead of Scarlett but they look so good together! They’d make Hollywood’s bestest lookin’ babies!
    I’d love to share Ryan with you all but no, the man is mine! Oh how I wish he really was…
    Another Ryan note: Green Lantern! I’m not diggin’ the green spandex body suit but you can see his abs shine through ever so brightly.
    Ashley recently posted … Update Numero Dos

  5. ooh, that looks gorgeous! especially the blush you used, it looks fantastic on you.

    in other news, i have the exact same necklace! it’s from F21, right?
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Winter Staples- Bath &amp Body Works – Cucumber Melon Body Cream

  6. Rae says:

    Oh my gosh, you’re totally right about the Bobbi “feel” of the pallette, Karen! I’m really liking the look of the cream blusher in particular — even if the texture’s kinda sticky, your cheeks look AMAZING.

  7. Jeannine says:

    The eyeshadows look very promising, but I’m always bugged by glosses right next to powders as they always tend to migrate and I get a gloss/eyeshadow frankenstein mess!
    Jeannine recently posted … Would you- could you- on your lips

  8. Kerry says:

    I hear Ryan says he left his marriage like he entered it…with love and kindness.
    Aww! I’ll volunteer to be his shoulder to cry on! (I’ll share, of course)

    And HELLO. That palette is calling my name. Can you hear it? “Kerry…come to Target…I need you…nay, you need me!”

  9. Bisbee says:

    You look gorgeous! I will get this palette!!

  10. Paris B says:

    The palette is an’t quite catching my eye, but gosh! You look amazing! πŸ˜€
    Paris B recently posted … Its a bird! Its a plane! No its Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Correcting Serum!

  11. Tracy says:

    Karen you look gorgeous!
    Tracy recently posted … Christmas Nail Bling!

  12. loving the glittery goodness on your smokey eye look! very pretty

  13. Shannon says:

    Gorge on you! One of my favorite looks to date. I want, want, want this, but I agree with @Jeannine about shadows next to gloss. My other Sonia Kashuk palette turned all gunky because the shadow gunked up the concealer and lip gloss. Sigh…

  14. badmakeupgirl says:

    Really beautiful job with this palette. I wish I lived in the states so I could buy it! In other news, as soon as I heard about Ryan Reynolds’ Divorce I was like “I have to check out MBB! Karen is going to be PSYCHED!” haha.

  15. Advah says:

    Hmmm liking those glittery eyeshadows (love me some glitter), and that eye look is beauutiful. The liner is oddly subtle yet noticeable and very, veeery pretty.

  16. Kim says:

    Your FOTD is beautiful, as usual. I especially like the lip color in your first pic. That’s too bad about Ryan and Scarlet. It’s hard enough for regular people to make marriages work; I feel sorry for famous people because they have so many more obstacles. It sounds like they’re handling it as well as they can, though.

  17. Nina says:

    that is lovely and i <3 the FOTD you made w/ it! SK never disappoints!

  18. JACKIE says:

    Karen, you are absolutely lovely!

  19. Alice says:

    Ooooooh your cheeks are glowing! What are you wearing! It really suits you!!!

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