Eye Wanna! Eye Gotta! Have Benefit’s Two New Annie and Maggie Collection Kits for Fall

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Benefit’s two new fall eye palettes aren’t just relying on good looks. They’re also travel-sized and perfect for your purse.


Remember those Annie and Maggie Sunday Funday and Scene Queen kits Benefit released last fall? These two new limited edition Eye Wanna! and Eye Gotta! kits ($36 each) have that same kind of convenience in mind, except this time around, the kits keep everything focused on the eyes.

Each one comes with three Benefit Velvet Eyeshadows and two Creaseless Creams, and all of the colors are new to the line.

If you’re in the mood for cool colors or perhaps a bold look, take a peek at the cool-toned blues, taupes and pinks in the Eye Wanna! kit; if, however, you prefer warmer greens, browns and plums for everyday wear, the Eye Gotta! kit might be more your style.

The Eye Wanna! kit includes…

  • Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Static — A frosty silvery taupe
  • Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Airbrush — A cool light pink with a sheen finish
  • Velvet Eyeshadow in Skyline — A cool cornflower blue with a sheen finish
  • Velvet Eyeshadow in Inked — A dark sapphire blue with blacked undertones and a sheen finish
  • Velvet Eyeshadow in Deco — A matte plum with a hint of red

The Eye Gotta! kit includes…

  • Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Flash — A frosty golden peach (kinda like a cream version of MAC Ricepaper)
  • Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Foiled — A frosty taupe with a touch of plum
  • Velvet Eyeshadow in Spiced — A shimmery, warm golden bronzy brown (really reminds me of Deeper from the new Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Palette)
  • Velvet Eyeshadow in Purple Haze — A warm plum with tiny flecks of golden glitter
  • Velvet Eyeshadow in Canopy — A golden khaki with a subtle sheen (my favorite!)

A couple of the Creaseless Creams have a high-shine, frosty finish that borders on loud, but layering the other shadows on top of ’em is one way to tone them down.

As for the powder eyeshadows, they’re my favorite things about these kits. Smoother and softer than Marshmallow Fluff. 🙂 Ah… They practically melt into my skin.

Eye Gotta! kit

Eye Wanna! kit

Eye Gotta! swatches from the left with the flash: Foiled, Flash, Spiced, Purple Haze and Canopy

Eye Wanna! swatches from the left with the flash: Static, Airbrush, Skyline, Inked and Deco

Eye Gotta! swatches without the flash

Eye Wanna! swatches without the flash

Wearing Eye Wanna! on eyes

Benefit always has such stylish packaging, and they gave these girls great outfits, too. So cute! I love the graphic artwork. It’s by a Barcelona-based illustrator named Pietari Posti. I love the look, but I wish the insides weren’t quite as flimsy as they are (the dividers are a light cardboard).

With such wearable, interesting shades packed in such portable, adorable packaging, I think Benefit has two more winners on its hands.

PRICE: $36 each
AVAILABILITY: Available now exclusively at Sephora stores and also online


Aside from these new Benefit kits and a particularly feisty 15 minutes playing with Edward Scissorpaws (yup, guess who got scratched up today), my Tuesday’s been uneventful so far.

I’m just glad it’s warming up again. It was a downright perfect 79 degrees today without a cloud in the sky… I wish we were all playing hooky together somewhere fun.

Watcha up to tonight?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Rae says:

    Ooh, I love the look of Eye Gotta! The bronzey shadow in particular 🙂
    Rae recently posted … A lipstick I could almost love | Lancome The New Pink

  2. Tracy says:

    They are both so gorgeous! How can I choose just one? 😉
    Tracy recently posted … NARS Laguna Body Illuminator

    • Karen says:

      It’s tough. 🙂 Well, what kind of look are you going for? Do you want something more dramatic, or colors for a more everyday kinda look?

  3. graphology says:

    I want the first palette 🙂

  4. Marina says:

    Just when I’ve added these to my wish list, I saw your review.
    I really hope these will be available here later, too. I would really love both sets 🙂
    Marina recently posted … Want It: Benefit Eye Gotta! and Eye Wanna! Sets

  5. Marina says:

    Just after I’ve added these to my wish list I saw your review. Really hope these will be available here as well.
    Marina recently posted … Want It: Benefit Eye Gotta! and Eye Wanna! Sets

  6. Chris25 says:

    Eye Gotta! looks great! I managed to get R.S.V.P a couple of months ago and I’m really liking it. I look forward to trying out more shades.

  7. Paris B says:

    I think they look quite nice, but I’m not into the packaging. Since the pots can be removed, it might have been better had Benefit put the powder shadows in a removable palette too 🙂
    Paris B recently posted … Could 2 be better than 1? We check out The Body Shop Duo Body Butter

    • Karen says:

      Hi Paris,

      I hear ya. I’m looking at the shadows now… they’re nestled in a pan that’s surrounded by cardboard. I’m thinking that if you really want to you could probably easily remove the cardboard and pop these in an empty palette (like one of the MAC 15’s with the inner pan part removed). It kind of defeats the purpose of the cute packaging, but I suppose you could use the boxes to store other things like rings or whatnot. Anywho, just a thought.

  8. Vijaya says:

    Oooh. I’m lemming both, now.
    Vijaya recently posted … Disney Inspired Look: Rafiki

  9. Ruchita says:

    Gorgeous colors! I especially like the Eye Gotta kit.

    I hear ya about the feisty cat – I’ve gotten scratched by mine as well before. It’s like he’s got some tiger blood in him! 🙂

    • Karen says:

      I think Tabs is convinced he’s a panther trapped in a 20-lb house cat body. 🙂

      Mingus is your boy kitty, right?

      • Ruchita says:

        Yep, Minugs (aka Mingy) is my boy. His markings are similar to Tabs especially in the face. Ella is my girl – she’s got some stripes and white markings. And the girl loves to eat – she’s rather “fluffy” to put it nicely. 🙂

  10. Nina says:

    have i ever told you that im bothered by eyeshadows that touch each other in the pan? 😀

    i kinda am. oh wait, who am i kidding? i totally am. :/

    this might be a pass for me. which is sad because the colors are LOVELY! 🙂

    our feisty cat is LOL. he probly had to be, since he was stray/outdoor for a long time.

    • Karen says:

      I have makeup friends who are the same way, so you’re not alone. I don’t mind it so much just as long as the colors make sense.

      I kindasorta love that your cat is named “LOL.” He’s the stray kitty from your last place, right?

  11. Alex says:

    Which palette do you prefer, Karen? I’m really loving the second one, with the blues!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alex,

      I really like both of them; it really depends on what kind of look you’re going for. If you like a more dramatic eye look, then the blue kit might be a better fit.

  12. Sonya says:

    Eye Gotta looks pretty neat, but what draws me in most is the cool packaging design!
    Sonya recently posted … Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Mascara Review + Swatches

  13. KPrice says:

    I have the Eye Gotta kit and I love it. Well, except for the packaging. The colors of the powder shadows are great. I’ve been wanting to see swatches of Eye Wanna – they look great too. Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Have you had the chance to play with your kit yet, KPrice? What’s your favorite way to wear it?

      • KPrice says:

        Unfortunately the cream eyeshadows do not look good on me. I have other cream eyeshadows from Benefit that I love and wear all the time, but these will go to a friend. I love Spice with Canopy as a liner. Canopy is my favorite color too!

  14. Kim says:

    I Gotta is really pretty – especially purple haze and canopy together. Such a nice combination!

    Edward Scissorpaws is on the loose again! I hope you weren’t scratched too badly and he’s been forgiven. 🙂 79 does sound beautiful. It’s been in the 90s here, which is kind of draining the life out of everyone. There’s not much “happy medium” weather in this neck of the woods!

  15. Liz! says:

    I want these sooooooo bad! Especially Eye Wanna….because I don’t have enough neutral eyeshadows 😀

  16. Maribeth says:

    I really like “Eye Gotta”- I’ve never tried their creaseless creams but love Benefit’s velvet eyeshadows. I’m headed to Sephora this weekend and will pick this up-lovely colors – love the purple and green! I see Tabb’s “batman” ears in the background. So cute how he just hangs out with you while you work!

  17. AK says:

    How bizarre. My best friend’s name is Maggie, and I’m Annie! Wish I could get this for her.

  18. Kelly says:

    Wow, I’m loving this! I really like them both, especially Eye Gotta!
    Kelly recently posted … My Favourite Scents Of The Summer!

  19. Shannon says:

    oh MAN do I want Eye Gotta! I’m in love with that purple, and I always fall irrationally for greens. 🙂

    sooo going on my wishlist.

  20. Josie says:

    Thanks so much for swatching these! I’ve been going nuts trying to find more pics and reviews! I really just want the creaseless eyeshadows! Would it be bad to buy the sets just for those LOL? Maybe i’ll be able to find someone just getting rid of those!

  21. Josie says:

    Also forgot to ask…..how compact are these? The kit looks so big!

    p.s. I got a nice long cat scratch on my arm from one of cats Bella!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Josie,

      I just updated the post with a pic of one of the palettes in my hand. It should give you a better idea of the size. 🙂

      Maybe all the cats are in cahoots? It must be national scratch the living crap out of your owner week or something.

  22. Caroline says:

    Love it! I bought so many eye shadows these few weeks and haven’t even dabbled on UD’s 15th anniversary palette. You’re killing, Karen! (btw, it looks like to me you are wearing Eye Gotta, not Wanna. I could be wrong due the coloring from my computer. Both look fab though.)

  23. vonnie says:

    I wanna Eye Wanna!!!!!
    vonnie recently posted … Beauty AND Brains: Valley of the Dolls Book Review

  24. lexi says:

    I missed last Fall’s offering so I’ll be on the lookout for this. I am leaning toward the Eye Gotta collecion, no surprise there!
    lexi recently posted … Chanel Illusion D’Ombre

  25. Heidi says:

    Both kits look amazing! Benefit does it again for fall!

  26. Crystal says:

    Hey Karen,
    just wondering if you had any info on the art work thats on the palette. I’m diggin’ the direction of these illustrations – did they say anything about that? If not then it’s probably just dont by their inHouse team.
    anyway, just wondering if you had any info

  27. BettyS says:

    When I saw the packaging, I thought, “Patrick Nagel is undead!” I like Flash from Eye Gotta.

  28. Essy says:

    Holy canoli. Eye must have these!

  29. Alka says:

    Eye gotta seems like the perfect fall palette for me. I have really been loving my new creaseless cream RSVP for a quick summer look so I may have to check out this palette the next time I am at Sephora.

    Not sure what has gotten into these felines of ours but Mr. McKittenBritches (Wally) miscalculated his landing on approach to my lap and left me with a 4″ scratch on my inner thigh….just in time for my vacay at the beach this weekend. Nice. Not.

    • Karen says:

      RSVP is great. Please tell me you also have Birthday Suit… it’s my fave. 🙂

      Damn those kitties and their love marks. I have a set of two-inch scars above my left knee from Edward Scissorpaws. I think he and Wally are in cahoots.

  30. Gauri says:

    They look so pretty: as if I need another collection kit. But I’ll take it!!
    Gauri recently posted … Treat Yourself: 5 Fun & Relaxing Spa Ideas

  31. Aimey says:

    love the play on names!

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